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29 February (TV series)

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29 February
229 明天见
Written byLau Ching Poon 刘清盆
Directed byMa Jiajun 马家俊
Su Miaofang 苏妙芳
StarringMain Casts:
Thomas Ong 王沺裁
Elsie Yeh 叶全真
Aloysius Pang 冯伟衷
Hong Ling 洪凌
Supporting Casts:
Nick Teo 张钧淯
Cheryl Chou 周智慧
Rayson Tan 陈泰铭
Kenneth Chung 钟坤华
Yan Bingliang 严丙量
Rao Zijie 饶梓杰
Zhu Xiufeng 朱秀凤
Opening theme困 by Huang longhui 黄龙辉 (男声版)
Ending theme困 by Huang yutong 王瑜彤
Country of originSingapore
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes20
Executive producer(s)Chong Liung Man 张龙敏
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes (excluding advertisements)
Original networkMediacorp Channel 8
Original release3 September –
28 September 2018
Preceded bySay Cheese
Followed byBlessings 2

29 February (Chinese: 229 明天见) is a Chinese television drama that airs on the Singaporean television channel Mediacorp Channel 8 on weeknights. The show aired at 9pm on weekdays and had a repeat telecast at 8am the following day. It stars Thomas Ong , Elsie Yeh, Aloysius Pang, Hong Ling, Nick Teo and Cheryl Chou as the main casts of this series.


A man finds a series of tragic incidents replaying on February 29, a day he cannot seem to get out of.


Main cast[edit]

Cast Character Description Episodes Appeared
Thomas Ong
Ye Zhengfang
  • blood type AB
  • Wang Shujun's husband
  • Ye Zhixin's father without blood relationship
  • Ye Zhihui's father
  • Luo Tienyou's best friend
  • Alex's Subordinate
  • Zheng Yuanhua's Boss
  • Zhao huajian's Primary School friend
  • Was trapped in the first episode on February 29
  • In Episode 4, he knew that the person who framed his affair was Moon.
  • In Episode 15, he admit to Mr. Luo that he is the person who can't save and killed Tienyou's life.
  • In Episode 16, he successfully got out of February 29th but three months after. The date is May 20th.
  • In Episode 17, he knew that Ye Zhixin is not his own son.
  • In Episode 18, he tried to use Zhu Youguang method to go back to February 29th but failed.
  • In Episode 19, he successfully returned to February 29th and reunited with Huang Shujun.
  • In Episode 19, he successfully stopped Zhao Huajian to attack concert scene.
  • He successfully subdued the terrorists in Episode 20, but still could not stop the bomb.
  • In Episode 20, the time bomb was discovered. Because it was too late to evacuate the crowd, he sacrificed himself to take the time bomb to leave the crowd. All the trapped people succeeded to March 1 (the method of getting out of sleep after 12 o'clock was broken. It was blown up by a bomb and was broken on March 1)
Elsie Yeh
Huang Shujun
  • Ye Zhengfang's wife
  • Ye Zhixing, Ye Zhihui's Mother
  • Luo Tienyou's ex-wife
  • She felt guilty to Tienyou and use his frozen seminal fluid to pregnant and gave birth to Zhixin.
  • In the first episode, She died of a heart attack. Later, because Ye Zhengfang was trapped on February 29 and died after a daily resurrection. She must witness someone death and will not get heart attack.
  • In Episode 6, She knew that Ye Zhengfang and Ye Zhixin were trapped on February 29 and she also knew she will die in the evening.
  • In Episode 7, She was trapped on February 29th because She believed in Ye Zhengfang and Ye Zhixin.
  • For the first time in episode 9, no death due to a heart attack, but still trapped on February 29.
  • In Episode 14, Huang shujun and her family knew the method of getting out of February 29 from Lao Luo.
  • In Episode 15, She admit to Lao Luo that she already beat off Tien you's child.
  • In Episode 15, She gave out opportunity to get out of 29 February and did not say the deepest secret in her heart.
  • In Episode 18, She told shuangying the method to get out of 29 February.
  • In Episode 19, She told Zhengfang that Zhixin is not his child, but is Tienyou's child.
  • In Episode 20, She finally got out of 29 February and arrived on March 1.
1-15, 18-20
Hong Ling
Ye Zhihui
  • Ye Zhengfang, Huang Shujun's Daugther.
  • Ye Zhixing's sister.
  • Leon's girlfriend, Broke up.
  • Wu Weixiong's Secret lover, being girlfriend.
  • In the first episode, on the way to the concert, the truck that was driven by Zhao Hua crashed into a coma for the mobile phone, and was later resurrected because Ye Zhengfang was trapped on February 29.
  • In Episode 7, She was trapped on February 29th because She believes Ye Zhixin talk.
1-16, 20
Aloysius Pang
Ye Zhixin
  • Blood Type O-
  • Luo Tienyou and Huang Shujun's son
  • Ye Zhengfang's Son without blood relationship
  • Ye Zhihui's brother
  • Wu Weixiong's best friend
  • Lao Luo, Qiu Er's Grandson
  • Shujun use Tienyou's frozen seminal fluid to pregnant and gave birth to Zhixin.
  • Pursue Shuangying, Now boyfriend.
  • Kelvin's rival in love.

Luo's Family[edit]

Cast Character Description Episodes Appeared
Yan Bingliang
Lao Luo
Mr. Luo (罗叔/ 阿罗), Rojak
  • Qiu Er's Husband
  • Ye Zhixin's grandfather
  • Shuangying's Adoptive father
  • Was trapped on February 29th and knew how to get out of this day, but because he wants to take care of Qiu Er and chose to stay on February 29th.
  • In Episode 13, he knew that Ye Zhixin was trapped on February 29th.
  • In Episode 14, he told the Ye family how to get out of February 29th.
  • In Episode 15, Qiu Er forgave the ye family and also told Qiu Er the secret of abandoning Qiu’s mother’s indirect death in a car accident 20 years ago.
  • In Episode 16, he successfully get out of 29th February.
  • In Episode 20, he returned to March 1.
13-16, 20
Xie zhixuan
Qiu Er
  • Lao Luo's Wife
  • Luo Tienyou's Mother
  • Ye Zhixin's Grandmother
  • Shuangying's Adoptive Mother
  • In Episode 15, She forgive Ye Zhengfang.
  • She died between February 29th and May 20th.
  • In Episode 20, returned to March 1 and revived.
15, 20
Chen Yixi
Luo Tienyou
  • born August 3rd, 1966
  • Lao Luo, Qiu Er's Son
  • Ye Zhengfang's Best Friend
  • Shujun's first husband
  • He drown in the water in March 1992, Ye Zhengfang is the person who can't save and killed his life.
Cheryl Chou
Tang Shuangying
  • Ye Zhixin and Kelvin's Love Interest.
  • Lao Luo and Qiu Er's Adoptive Daugther.
  • Wu Weixiong's neighbor, and was introduced to Ye Zhixin to buy insurance.
  • Children School staff.
  • In Episode 2, She met Ye Zhixin and she was misunderstood by Ye Zhixin for cutting the queue.
  • In Episode 8, She was pursued by Ye Zhixin.
  • In Episode 11, She mistakenly believe that Ye Zhixin is not good.
  • In Episode 15, She was trapped on February 29th for believing in Ye Zhixin’s words.
  • In Episode 18, She knew about the way to get out of 29th February from Huang Shujun, but she don't want to get out of 29th February.
  • In Episode 19, She told Ye Zhixin that her 12-year-old indirectly caused his mother-in-law car accident to die.
  • In Episode 20, She returned to March 1.
2-8, 11, 15, 18-20


Cast Character Description Episodes Appeared
Lu Guanyao
  • Big Boss
  • Ye Zhengfang, Xie Guangming and Zheng yuanhuas's boss.
1-4, 16, 19
Rayson Tan
Xie Guangming
Villian but rependent
  • Qiu Lian's son, In the 10th episode, Ye Zhengfang reconciled.
  • Divorced 10 years ago.
  • Ye Zhengfang's pass boss, and he not satisfied with him.
  • Reported by Ye Zhengfang for receiving bribes.
  • In Episode 9 and 11, he jumping from the building and committing suicide. But then revived in a repeated time.
  • In Episode 10, he knew that Ye Zhengfang did not report it, and reconciled with it, and then recovered the dissatisfaction due to repeated time.
  • In Episode 16, he framed Ye Zhengfang for receiving bribes and Zheng fang being fired.
  • In Episode 19, he fired by Alex for receiving bribes and promise to not call the police.
1-4, 9-10, 16, 19
Kenneth Chung
Zheng Yuanhua
Main Villian
  • Blood Type O
  • Ye Zhengfang's subordinate
  • Moon's lover
  • Because of the dissatisfaction with Ye Zhengfang’s low score on the evaluation report, he was unable to get the bonus and instructed Moon to destroy Ye Zhengfang and Huang Shujun's relationship.
  • In Episode 6, was founded by Ye Zhengfang that he is the one who instructed Moon to destroy Ye Zhengfang and Huang Shujun's relationship.
  • In Episode 16, he became a subordinate of Xie Guangming, and he was framed by Ye Zhengfang and was pranked by the party.
  • In Episode 17, he was knocked down by a scooter and was unconscious.
  • In Episode 19, he was replaced by Zhongyong.
1-4, 6, 16, 17, 19
Lin Wenqiang
Zhong Yong
  • Ye Zhengfang's Subordinate
  • Replaced Zheng Yuanhua as an assistant in the 19th episode.
Xue Suli
  • Alex, Ye Zhengfang's Worker

Other Characters[edit]

Cast Character Description Episodes Appeared
Nick Teo
Wu Weixiong
Koala (无尾熊)
  • Ye Zhixin's Best friend
  • Shuangying's Neighbor
  • Ye Zhihui's Secret lover, then boyfriend
  • In Episode 6, Ye Zhixin requested his protection of Ye Zhihui.
  • In Episode 7, He was knocked down by a truck and fell into a coma for the rescue of Ye Zhihui. He was revived after repeated reincarnation on February 29.
  • In Episode 11, He lost his waiter's job because he protected zhihui and revived the job because of repeated time in February 29.
  • In Episode 12, He saved Ye Zhihui, and almost knocked down by a truck.
  • In Episode 15, He was once again knocked down by a truck for the rescue of Ye Zhihui, which indirectly caused the brain stem to cause sequelae.
  • In Episode 16, He posted a post to find someone during the past three months, and on May 20, he meet Zhihui's family again.
6-7, 11-15, 16, 19, 20
Cahsen Goh
Zhao Huajian
  • Meifen's Husband
  • Zhao Wanli's Father
  • Ye Zhengfang's Primary School Student
  • The Driver who crashed Ye Zhihui
  • Use Zhao Wanli's school fund
  • Attack the concert scene in February 29th and used by terrorists
  • In Episode 1, he met Ye Zhengfang and need to borrow some money from Ye
  • He stole the women purse in episode 1 and witnessed by Huang Shujun
  • In Episode 15, he crashed Wu Weixiong and was killed by the police
  • In Episode 19, Ye Zhengfang and Zhixin stopped their terrorist attacks.
1-3, 15, 19
Lim Shi
  • Zheng Yuan Hua's Lover
  • Was Instructed by Yuanhua to destroy the relationship between Ye Zhengfang and Huang Shujun
1, 4, 6
Yan Zhiheng
Leon Villian
Lion King
  • May's Ex boyfriend
  • In the seventh episode, Ye Zhihui discovered the lame
  • Breaking up with Ye Zhihui in Episode 8
1, 7, 8
Zhu Xiefeng
Qiu Lian
  • Xie GuangMing's Mother
  • Because of gambling, she became a cleaner
1, 4
Lin Liting
Mei fen
  • Zhao Huajian's Wife
  • Zhao wanli's mother
1-4 , 16, 17
Su Yifei
Zhao Wanli
  • Zhao Hua jian and Mei fen's Daugther
1-4, 16, 17
Chen Zhiqiang
Uncle Tay
  • Hawker
Zhang Cuiying
Auntie Sue
  • Yi hui's Adoptive mother
  • Hawker
  • Forgive Zhixin in Episode 15
1, 15
Patricia Seow
Han Meilin
Miss Han (韩小姐)
  • Head of Long Gao Investment
  • In the first episode, She was dissatisfied with Ye Zhengfang’s externality and performance.
  • She was satisfied in episode 4
1-4, 19
Joel Choo
Ah Q
  • Q&A Celebrity Band
Rao Zijie
Kelvin Villian
  • Tang Shuangying's love interest
  • Ye Zhixin's Rival in love

Original Sound Tracks[edit]

No. Song Performers
1) 困 (男声版) Huang Longhui 黄龙辉
2) 困 (女声版) Wang Yutong 王瑜彤
3) 从心 Joel Choo 朱哲伟

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