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A message from God. The exam has started. The book was opened, the Temple was built

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The book „A message from God. The exam has started. The book was opened, the Temple was built” is a work of apocalyptic spiritual literature. The opening chapters were written in the form of a message to humanity. The author’s name is Aslan Uarziaty. He describes himself as the one who ”opened the book on behalf of God”. The book has been reprinted several times. The first edition was published in 2019 under the title “Nine – the Queen of Numbers”. The book has already been translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Ukrainian, Serbian, Bulgarian and Slovak.

References to the Scriptures[edit]

„Then I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne a scroll with writing on both sides and sealed with seven seals.“ copper engraving 1630
And I saw a mighty angel proclaiming in a loud voice, “Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll?" (Rev. 5:2)

In the first chapter of the book reference is made to the fifth chapter of the “Revelation of John” [1] and specifically to the book which John the Baptist saw in the right hand of God seated on the throne. Based on a quote from Revelation, the Book with Seven Seals opens “a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain, standing at the center of the throne, encircled by the four living creatures and the elders. The Lamb had seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven spirits of God sent out into all the earth.” (Rev. 5:6). Interpreters of “Revelation” associate this image with the image of Jesus (the Lamb of God, but Jesus wasn’t slain according to the canonical text of the New Testament. Jesus was crucified. Slain (i.e. decapitated) was his Precursor, John the Baptist, whose head was brought as a dish to the table like a head of a slain lamb by Herod’s command [2]. The narration of the book “A message from God…” was written in the name of the returned Precursor of the Messiah or Messenger of God. It’s said that the revelation of the book marks the end of the apprenticeship and the beginning of the exam time for each soul and the whole world which occurs at the end of a complete cycle of a civilisation [3]. Here reference is not only made to the prophecies in the Bible, but also to those of other religions. The scriptures list a series of events that will take place just before the end of the world or the Day of Judgment.

The message of the book[edit]

The readers of the book are offered to accept the “Gift of God” from the opened book. For what is meant by the expression “Gift of God”, see the section “Systematic (base) Tables and Magic Squares”. It is proposed to unite all peoples to prevent the occurrence of the events described in Revelation (such as the appearance of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, natural disasters, world wars and the impending pole shift of the Earth, i.e., a global cataclysm). According to the author, some events have already happened. For example, the First Horsemen of the Apocalypse appeared in 2020/2021: the “crowned” (virus with crown) “archer” (vaccination) [A 1], the Arabian desert turned green [A 2] etc. The apocalyptic doomsday scenario in which the old world will be completely destroyed as a result of a natural catastrophe (pole shift of the Earth) can be avoided if the world manages to unite in sufficient majority in time and to prepare for the Second Coming of the Messenger of God. This time he doesn’t come to teach, but to judge the world and the soul of everyone according to their level. The period of the opening of the book to the Judgment Day is referred to in the book as “exam time”. During this time, each soul must decide for itself whether to side with the light or with the darkness. The “side of darkness” in the book means indifference to the environment and fellow human beings, carrying out the orders of authority figures without attempting to make an independent analysis of what is happening, the inability to think for yourself and make decisions with your own reason and conscience as well as the disunity and inaction. The “side of the light” in turn means the love of the family and fellow human beings, the union of all people despite different political views, creeds, nationalities and other differences of opinion as well as the active participation in fulfilling the first will of God to free the world from the influence of the darkness.

The content of the book[edit]

Systematic (base) Tables and Magic Squares[edit]

The main part of the book contains a description of system tables (in the terminology of the author: base tables) that have the property to be converted in a magic square. According to the author, these seven sacred tables were the content of the Book with Seven Seals, from that no one “in heaven or on earth or under the earth” (Rev. 5:3) could know, until the book was opened by the “slain Lamb” (according to the text of Revelation). The tables were symbolically represented in ancient engravings as golden lampstands together with a book in the hands of God. The basic rules for creating systematic tables are explained in a separate chapter. The author repeatedly emphasizes that the rules, as well as the knowledge of the properties of the number keys, with the help of which these tables are formed, were given to him from Above (and through him to our world). The requirements for the creation of systematic tables include the following rules formulated in the book:

  • All horizontal and vertical (in the magic square also the diagonal) rows of numbers in the table should add up to the same sum.
  • There must be no zeros in the numbers of the table. All numbers should have the same number of digits and the table should not contain numbers with the same set of digits (i.e., if there is the number 52, then the number 25 must not appear in the table).
  • A table is considered complete if it contains all non-repeating set of digits. There are 36 such sets among two-digit and seven-digit numbers and 81 sets of three-, four-, five- and six-digit numbers. Among eight-digit numbers, there are a total of 9 sets.
  • There must be no identical digits in the vertical rows of digits.
  • The table must be formed in strict order according to the number keys. There are 30 three-digit and 3 six-digit number keys. It doesn´t matter which one order the digits are arranged in the keys.
  • The three main keys are: 1-4-7, 2-5-8, 3-6-9. The remaining 27 three-digit number keys are divided into three groups of nine keys each.
  • The main keys and their combinations (14258, 147369, 258369) must not appear in the table cells. However, they are required for the systematic creation of the table.
  • The digital roots[A 3] of the numbers in the table indicate the three main keys.

The first table has been known to our world for several thousand years from a Chinese legend about a tortoise with a magic square of nine digits depicted on its shell. The remaining seven tables are squares from the second to the eighth level of difficulty. Every table contains three base sides.

The following figures show as an example the first side of Table no. 5 with part of its inner structure:

The following figures show three magic squares of two-digit numbers and one magic square of three- digit numbers. Each of these squares was created using the three main keys.

According to the author, the entire world of numbers is in the sphere of the Divine Nine. The numbers in the tables reflect the frequencies of everything that exists in the Universe. The Nine symbolises the Universe that belongs to the sphere of the TRINITY – (198: 1 – The Almighty, 9 – The Universe, 8 – The Eternity). In the book it is reported that an indestructible Temple was built from the seven sacred tables, which is also mentioned in the Bible [A 4]. This Temple represents the matrix of the new world.

The Temple

The ancient calendars[edit]

In the ancient calendars of the Maya, Slavs, Chinese, Persians etc., the secret of the number keys as well as the special system to create the seven sacred tables were kept for thousands of years. Each complete cycle of a calendar shows the three main keys when looking at the digital roots of the dates. This is the proof that all calendars were created at the same time with the same sources. This statement about the calendars is proved by some examples in the book.

Crop circles in fields[edit]

A few years ago, crop circles have appeared in the fields at different places on Earth, the origin of which has not yet been clearly clarified [A 5]. According to statements of the author, these were created by another civilization and contain encrypted messages to our world. Using the example of a crop circle, which appeared in 2006 on a field in England, the author has explained the deciphering of this crop cercle in his book. It represents an open book of numbers and gives a reference to the revelation of the seven sacred tables and thus to the beginning of the exam time.

Crop circle, England, 2006


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