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Air Defense Force of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Air Defense Force of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Қазақстан Республикасының әуе қорғанысы күштері
Roundel of Kazakhstan.svg
Roundel of Kazakhstan
ActiveJune 1, 1998
CountryKazakhstan Kazakhstan
BranchArmed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Air Defense
  • Aviation Support
Anniversaries1 June (Day of the Air Defense Force)

Air Defense Force of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakh: Әуе қорғанысы күштері) — is one of the branches of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was formed on June 1, 1998.

It's main task is:

  • Provide protection to the air space of Kazakhstan. 
  • Air defense of state, administrative and military facilities. 
  • Performance of combat missions for aviation support of other types and arms of the armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Soviet legacy[edit]

By the time of the collapse of the USSR, aviation units and formations of the 73rd Air Army of the KTURKV, the Eastern Frontier District of the Border Forces of the KGB of the USSR and the 14th Independent Air Defense Army were based in the territory of the Kazakh SSR.

Formation of the Air Force[edit]

From the 73rd Air Army KTurkVO:

Aircraft connections

  • 11th Guards Dnipropetrovsk Red Banner Order Bogdan Khmelnitsky mixed aviation division (until 1989 - the 24th ibad) 
  • The 129th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment (military unit 21751) - on the MiG-27. Taldy-Kurgan of Taldy-Kurgan region 
  • The 134th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment (military unit 47007) - on the MiG-27. N. Zhangiztebe of the Semipalatinsk region 
  • The 149th Guards Bomber Aviation Regiment (military unit 65229) is on the Su-24. N. Nikolaevka, Almaty region  
  • The 905th Fighter Aviation Regiment (military unit 64049) - on the MiG-23. Taldy-Kurgan

Separate aviation regiments and squadrons

  • The 27th Guards Vyborg Red Banner Fighter Aviation Regiment (military unit 55748) - on the MiG-21 and MiG-23. Nakhodka village of Taldy-Kurgan region. 
  • The 39th separate reconnaissance Nikopol Regiment of Alexander Nevsky Aviation Regiment (military unit 53898) - on the MiG-25RB and Yak-28R. Balkhash of the Karaganda region 
  • 715th training aviation regiment (military unit 64207) - on the MiG-29, L-39. Lugovaya village of the Zhambyl region 457th separate mixed aviation regiment - on An-12, An-26 and Mi-8T. Alma-Ata 
  • The 157th separate transport and combat helicopter regiment (military unit 14157) - on the Mi-6, Mi-26 and Mi-8. Taraz. Disbanded in 2004. Helicopters were transferred to the 603rd airbase (military unit 53975) in Almaty 
  • The 486th helicopter regiment (military unit 01852) - on the Mi-8 and Mi-24. Nakhodka village of Taldy-Kurgan region. 
  • The 281st separate mixed air squadron (military unit 53975) - Mi-8 and Mi-6. Alma-Ata.

Formation of air defense[edit]

From the 14th separate air defense army:

  • 356th Fighter Aviation Regiment (military unit 54835) - Semipalatinsk, MiG-31. In 2001, it was relocated to the Karaganda airfield (military unit 50185).

The Formation of the PV of the KGB of the USSR[edit]

From the aviation units of the Eastern Frontier District of the Border Troops of the KGB of the USSR:

  • The 10th separate border aviation regiment (military unit 2177) - An-2, An-72, Mi-8 and An-26. N. Burundai of the Almaty region. 
  •  The 22nd separate border air squadron (military unit 9807) - on the Mi-8 and Mi-24. Nakhodka village of Taldy-Kurgan region.


Air Force[edit]

Flag of the Air Force of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Aviation - the main fire maneuvering force of the Air Defense Forces, designed to cover important areas, areas and objects from air strikes.

The Air Force of Kazakhstan is among the best in terms of training among the CIS countries. The average time spent by air force pilots in the air exceeds 100 hours, and in the 604th and 600th airbases the average raid per one pilot is about 150 hours, this is a good indicator in the CIS and comparable to the air raids of NATO member countries, even if do not assume that the conditions and quality of the clock are slightly different.

Air Defense Troops[edit]

Air Defense Missile Forces (SAM) are designed to carry out anti-aircraft missile defense and cover the objects of state and military control.

Radio technical troops (RTV)[edit]

Radio technical troops (RTV) are designed to conduct radar reconnaissance of the air enemy, to issue warning information about the beginning of his attack, combat information to anti-aircraft missile forces and aviation of the air defense command and control over compliance with the order of using the airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Air Force of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the second largest in the post-Soviet space after the Russian Air Force.

Dislocation of airbases (approximate data):[edit]

  • 602th air base (Shymkent) - 12 MiG-29, 2 MiG-29UB, 2 Su-25SM, 2 Su-25UBM, 4 Mi-35M, 4 Mi-171Sh 
  • The 604th airbase (Taldykorgan) - 12 MiG-27M, 3 MiG-23UB, 16 Su-27 / Su-27BM2, 3 Su-27UB / UBM2, 8 Su-30SM 
  • 605th Air Base (Aktau) - 4 Su-27, 2 Mi-17 
  • 607th Air Base (Usharal) - 17 Mi-171Sh 
  • 609th Air Base (Balkhash) - 17 L-39 
  • 610th airbase (Karaganda) - 25 MiG-31 / MiG-31B 
  • 612th Air Base (Taraz) - 4 UAV Wing Long 
  • 620th regiment (Astana) - for transportation of high-ranking officials. 
  • 218th transport squadron (Almaty) - 1 transport An-12, 8 CASA C-295, 4 AN-26 / AN-26B, aircraft and helicopters for transportation of VIPs.

Training aircraft MiG-29 and L-39 of the Military Institute of the Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, named twice for T.Ya. Begeldinov, are based at the Aktobe airport and at the training ground airport Khlebodarovka in the Martuk district of the Aktyubinsk region (50 ° 32'35 " 56 ° 51'23 "E. 60 km north-west of Aktobe, near the railway crossing No. 37). The Institute was founded in 1996 on the basis of the former Aktobe Higher Flight School of Civil Aviation (AVLUGA).

At the airport, Aktobe also hosts 10 Yak-42 aircraft, Mi-17 helicopters.

Machinery and armament[edit]

In 2007, a contract was signed with Belarus to modernize the Su-27 and Su-27UB fighters to the Su-27M2 and Su-27UBM2 versions. The cars that were modernized were part of the squadron "Jetisu Barysy" of the 604th airbase in Taldykorgan.

A type Photo Производство Назначение Количество 2017 год Примечания
Боевые и тренировочные самолёты
Су-30СМ Kazakh Sukhoi Su-30SM.jpg  Россия многоцелевой истребитель  8[1] Ожидается поставка ешё 16-ти многоцелевых истребителей.


Pair of Kazakh Sukhoi Su-27P at Dyagilevo.jpg




многоцелевой истребитель 
20[2] 8 Су-27 модернизированы с 2007 по 2010 годы, в ОАО «558-й Авиационный ремонтный завод» (Барановичи, Беларусь), в модификацию Су-27М2.


Pair of Kazakh Sukhoi Su-27P at Dyagilevo.jpg  СССР/



учебно-боевой истребитель 3 2 Су-27УБ модернизированы с 2007 года по 2010 годы, в ОАО «558-й Авиационный ремонтный завод» (Барановичи, Беларусь), в модификацию Су-27УБМ2.


Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31 "37 Blue" Russia Air Force.jpg  СССР истребитель-перехватчик 25


 СССР/ Россия многоцелевой истребитель

учебно-боевой истребитель



МиГ-27 Mig-27 (7491744314).jpg  СССР
МиГ-23УБ МиГ-23УБ.JPG  СССР учебно-боевой самолёт 2


Kazakhstan Air Force Sukhoi Su-25 Pichugin-1.jpg  СССР штурмовик 12


Проходят модернизацию, в ОАО «558-й Авиационный ремонтный завод» (Барановичи, Беларусь), в модификации Су-25СМ/Су-25УБМ.
Aero L-39 Albatros Aero L-39 Albatros-001.jpg  Чехословакия
учебно-боевой самолёт
Транспортные самолёты
Антонов Ан-30 0810, Санкт-Петербург - Левашово RP38193.jpg
 СССР самолет воздушного наблюдения и аэрофотосъёмки 1
Ан-12 Antonov AN-12 (6126385631).jpg  СССР военно-транспортный самолёт 1 В 2011 году модернизирован в ОАО "Авиационный ремонтный завод 325" (Таганрог, Россия)
Ан-26/Ан-26Б Kazakhstan Air Force Antonov An-26 Karpezo-1.jpg  СССР военно-транспортный самолёт 4
Ан-72 Antonov An-72 of Kazakh Air Force  СССР транспортный самолёт 2
Ту-154M File:Ту-154 ВМФ в АП Ейск.jpg  СССР административный 1
Ту-134A-3 RA-65680 Tupolev Tu.134A-3 (7382088162).jpg  СССР административный 2
CASA C-295 CASA C-295M Kazakhstan Air Force 093.jpg  Испания военно-транспортный самолёт 8[4][5]
Ил-76МД-90А IL-76MD-90A - MAKS2013firstpix11.jpg  Россия военно-транспортный самолёт 0 (2) Заказано 2 самолета.
Shaanxi Y-9 Shaanxi Y-9 at 2014 Zhuhai Air Show.jpg  КНР военно-транспортный самолёт 0 (3) Заказано 3 самолета.
Mi-35M (1).jpg
 Россия транспортно-боевой вертолёт 4[6]


Mil Mi-17-V5 (Mi-8MTV-5), Russia - Air Force AN1577050.jpg  Россия многоцелевой вертолёт 20
Ми-26ТЗ Russian Air Force Mi-26 on lift off  СССР транспортный вертолёт 2 В 1992 году, от 157 вертолётного полка (612-я авиабаза) Казахстану осталось 24 вертолёта, из них 20 машин в нелётном состоянии и сняты с вооружения. 4 машины было восстановлено на российских авиаремонтных заводах.

Из них в частях СВО РК - 2 единицы (бортовые номера №91 и №92)[7][8].
А ещё 2 единицы переданы в отряд КазАвиаСпас МЧС РК[9].

Bell-205 UH-1 Iroquois 23d Flying Training Squadron UH-1.jpg  США многоцелевой вертолёт 6
Eurocopter EC145 A US Army UH-72 landing at The Pentagon in Washington DC  Европейский союз/ Казахстан транспортный вертолёт 8 Собираются в Казахстане[10]
Беспилотные летательные аппараты
Wing Loong Wing Loong (3).jpg  КНР разведывательно-ударный беспилотный летательный аппарат 4[11]
Формирования ПВО
Зенитный ракетный комплекс
 СССР/ Россия зенитно-ракетный комплекс (ЗРК) 25[13] дивизионов[14] 1 дивизион установлен на полуприцепы грузовиков КрАЗ-6446[15]
 СССР зенитно-ракетный комплекс (ЗРК) н/д
С-125-1Т/С-125МК/Печора-2Т[16] С-125  СССР зенитно-ракетный комплекс (ЗРК) несколько десятков С-125[17] 18-24 ЗРК модернизированы до «Печора-2Т».
С-75М  СССР зенитно-ракетный комплекс (ЗРК) н/д
Куб Sa6 1.jpg  СССР зенитно-ракетный комплекс (ЗРК) н/д
Круг ZRK Krug 2016 G1.jpg  СССР зенитно-ракетный комплекс (ЗРК) н/д
Стрела-10 9A34 Strela-10 - 4th Separate Tank Brigade (5).jpg  СССР зенитно-ракетный комплекс (ЗРК) н/д

At the time of the collapse of the USSR, the Strategic Forces in the Republic of Kazakhstan retained strategic weapons - 13 Tu-95MS-16 aircraft, 27 Tu-95MS-6 aircraft and 370 cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.

In 1992 Kazakhstan renounced nuclear weapons and it was decided to withdraw strategic weapons to Russia. In February 1994, all missiles with nuclear warheads and Tu-95MS bombers were redeployed to Russia.

On March 23, 1995, the International Expert Commission in the hangar of the Chagan airfield found 7 dismantled and non-repairable Tu-95 aircraft. Head of the inspection group James M. Fowler (James M. Fowler) noted the finding of these aircraft in the territory of Kazakhstan as a violation. Later all 7 bombers were dismantled.

Thus, 33 bombers were forwarded to Russia, and 7 destroyed.

Prospects air defense forces of Kazakhstan[edit]

To renew the fleet of transport aviation, in late February 2012, a contract was signed for the purchase of two light turboprops CASA C-295 transport aircraft that were delivered in early 2013 and participated in the Battle Parade on May 7, 2013 at the test site in Otar.

The air defense forces of Kazakhstan in 2008-2010 were supplemented by ten divisions of the S-300PMU-2 SAM, in all, about 20 S-300 divisions, and about 30 S-125 and S-200 divisions. Taking into account this, Kazakhstan intends to purchase about 30-50 S-400 Triumph SAM systems from 2015, about 100-120 units for the land forces of the Tor-M2Z air defense system, more than 100 units for the S-1 armored missile system, and also the acquisition of the S-300V SAM about 40-60 PU.

Identification marks[edit]

The basis of the Kazakhstan Air Force identification mark is the red star (similar to the USSR Air Force identification signs) with yellow edging, in the middle - the stylized sun, and in the foreground the image of the eagle. The identification sign is unified for the Armed Forces of Kazakhstan.



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