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Al-Madina Islamic Research Centre

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“Formation of a global institute which prepares and develops such capable individuals who while keeping in mind all the basic social requirements across all walks of life, utilizing the noble methodology of our pious predecessors and in adherence with the guidelines of the Quran and the Sunnah can train and guide the Muslim Ummah in the fields of education, research, training and Islamic propagation”


Al-Madina Islamic Research Centre is a research-based, educational, training-oriented and welfare-provisioning institute. The establishment of this institution is based on the vision of a select group of Islamic scholars returning after completing their education at the Islamic University of Madina. Their vision was to form an institute that called people towards Tawheed (monotheism), eliminates Shirk (polytheism) and Bida’h (innovation), defending the Sunnah of the Messenger (ﷺ) on every front and serving and aiding the religion of Islam according to the methodology of our pious predecessors.

The foundation stone of “Al-Madina Islamic research center” was laid at the end of 2009 in Saudi Arabia. In this regard, a few important meetings were held in Madina Munawwara whereby the aims and purposes of this institute were formulated. Further the Academic board, faculties and the central cabinet of the institute were also formed. Hence, after the graduation of the 45th batch of Islamic university Madina and their return (select group of scholars) to Karachi, this project was formally inaugurated in October 2010 with the intention to realize and achieve its aims and long term goals.

Aims and Targets:

·     To provide a platform to the returning graduates and scholars of the Islamic University of Madina, whereby they could utilize their individual skills and work and contribute to the various sectors of the society.

·     Aiding, Propagating and spreading the religion of Islam and the doctrine of Tawheed (the oneness of Allah (أ).

·     Providing a reference-based response to the ideologies presented and propagated by preachers of false doctrines and beliefs and the deniers of Hadith.

·     Conducting educational work and running training programs in all sectors of the society, particularly in areas previously not addressed by scholars.

·     Utilizing all possible and effective means in the media to propagate the Islamic faith and making their halal and permitted use easy and accessible.

·     Conducting and performing welfare and human-relief programs in various sectors.

The Chairman of Al-Madina Islamic center is Allama Abdullah Nasir Rahmani (hafizahulla):

The Shaikh (hafizahulla) is a graduate of the Imam Mohammad Bin Saood Islamic University Riyadh. He is also the founder, head and Shaikh-ul-hadith at Karachi’s renowned Islamic educational institute “Al-Mahd-as-Salafi”. The respected Shaikh is also counted amongst the most senior, well-known and well-respected scholars of Pakistan. His personality is looked upon with respect and praise not only in Pakistan but also amongst learned people across the globe.

Council of scholars (Majlis-e-Ilmi):

The institute has a council of scholars (Majlis-e-Ilmi) which consists of eight of the most well-known Islamic scholars in Pakistan. They lead and supervise all research and educational work undertaken by the institute and grant their scholarly advice where needed.

The current majlis-e-ilmi consists of the following respected Islamic scholars:

·     Shaikh Irshad ul Haq Asari (hafizahullah): (teacher and Mufti at Jamia-Salafiyyah and Markaz At-Tarbiyyah Al-Islamiyah Faisalabad, and Shaikh-ul-Hadith, Mufti and head at Jamia-al-Uloom-al-Asariyyah Faisalabad).

·     Shaikh Hafiz Masood Alam (hafizahullah): (Shaikh-ul-Hadith and Mufti at Jamia-Salafiyyah Faisalabad, principal at Markaz-at-Tarbiyyah Al-Islamiyyah Faisalabad, president of ‘Al-Islah’ Institute Pakistan).

·     Shaikh Hafiz Abdul-Hameed Azhar (hafizahullah)

·     Shaikh Doctor Khalil-ur-Rehman Lakhvi (hafizahullah): (Graduate of the Islamic University Madina, Chief Editor of the Al-Bayan magazine Karachi, Shaikh-ul-Hadith, Mufti and head at Mahd-ul-Quran-Al-Kareem Karachi).

·     Shaikh Ibrahim Bhatti (hafizahullah): (Head of the Mahd-ul-Badee Institute Karachi and principal at Mahd-us-Salafi Karachi).

·     Shaikh Hafiz Mohammad Saleem (hafizahullah): (Mufti Al-Madina Islamic research centre Karachi and Mufti and Naib Shaikh-ul-Hadith Mahd-us- Salafi Karachi).

Second Translation

·      Shaikh Doctor Abdur Rasheed  Azhar Sahab Rahimahullah:

Doctor Sahib (Rahimahullah)’s personality needs no introduction. He was one of the renowned salafi scholars in Pakistan, and also a famed Muhaddith, one of the finest researchers and thinkers of the modern age and an eminent scholar. He was well aware of the requirements of the modern day and age, for this very reason apart from his active roles in the fields of knowledge, Islamic propagation/dawah and research he was also actively involved in the utilization of electronic media tools. Within Pakistan and outside he (rahimahullah) was a fearless caller to Quran and Sunnah. Al-Madina Islamic research center had the honor of having Shaikh Abdur Rasheed azhar sahib (Rahimahullah) as the head of its knowledge/scholarly board. He had visited this research center many times and granted his much valued advice and appreciation regarding the various research and dawah projects being undertaken by the Al-Madina Islamic Research center. In the first issue of the center’s quarterly magazine “Al-Bayan” the Shaikh (Rahimahullah) wrote a comprehensive article on modern economic issues. In fact, at the time of his martyrdom, he was writing another article on the same topic for the magazine but Allah (swt) does as He wills in His infinite wisdom and mercy. In a nutshell, Shaikh (Rahimahullah)’s relationship with the center was one of immense cooperation and care and hence his martyrdom has left an irreparable void for the Al-Madina Islamic Research Center to fill. However, we are patient and obedient at the will of Allah (swt) and pray that Allah (swt) blesses the soul of our beloved Doctor Sahib (Rahimahullah) and makes Jannah his eternal abode, and also that Allah (swt) guides the ummah to follow in his footsteps and those of our pious predecessors.

Departments and their performances:


The center has five departments:

1)  Department of research and writing.

2)  Department of Islamic Propagation (Dawah and Tableegh)

3)  Department of education and training

4)  Department of jurisprudential opinion (Fatwa), Dar-ul-Ifta.

5)  Department of welfare and relief activities.

Department of research and writing:

·     Al-Bayan: A knowledge and research based magazine, published with the aim of training the masses and spreading the message of Islam.

·     The publication and initiation of this quarterly magazine was undertaken to defend Islamic principles, ideas, beliefs, its proposed way of life and the Hadith of the Messenger (). Also the purpose was to destroy the many age-old and modern created controversies and upheavals, provide solutions to modern economic problems and to propagate Islamic morals and principles.

·     7 editions of the magazine have been published so far – Including two special editions on the “illegality of wine” and “Islamic banking”.

·     On the topic “illegality of wine”, Al-Bayan’s special edition was published – this discussed and presented detailed references and proofs regarding the illegality of wine, its damages in this worldly life and the hereafter, Islamic orders and judgments regarding the trade of wine in a Muslim society and the sharia-prescribed punishment for a drinker.

·     A special edition in excess of 500 pages was published on Islamic banking and the modern economic system. In this issue, a referenced and well-detailed analysis was made of the currently implemented system of Islamic banking. Also Sharia-compliant alternatives and recommendations were made, well-referenced and articulated articles on the modern economic system and answers to various related questions were also published.

·     Conferences & Seminars

·     The Muqaddas Rasool () conference

·     In order to prevent and stop the evil and grave attempts of tauheen-e-risalat (Blasphemy) and to assess the punishment of the blasphemer, a “muqaddas Rasool (ﷺ) conference was held. A detailed discussion and debate on the aforementioned topic was held and attended by well-known scholars of Hadith.

·     A historical and combined fatwa (jurisprudential opinion) was issued by the scholars of Hadith on the blasphemy law. This fatwa was read out and was published and telecasted by well-known publications and television channels in Pakistan.

·     Conference regarding the “illegality of wine and the illegality of its trading”

·     In order to prevent the rampant spread of liquor consumption in an Islamic society, a conference was held to highlight the illegality of its consumption, its harmful effects in the worldly life and in the hereafter, Islamic order and judgment regarding its trade in Muslim countries and to assess the punishment of a drinker. At the end of this conference, a combined fatwa (jurisprudential opinion) was issued by prominent scholars of Hadith.

·     Seminar: Islamic Banking on the scale of the Sharia

·     A historical seminar was held to analyze the reality of the currently implemented system of Islam banking, to conduct a referenced analysis on its compliance with the Islamic Sharia, and to provide recommendations for corrections in this system and present its sharia-compliant alternatives. Heads of various Islamic Universities, scholars of Hadith, Islamic Legal advisers (muftis), economists, and various businessmen, traders and bankers linked to the Islamic banking network attended the Seminar.

·     Literature

·     The issue of tauheen-e-risalat and the punishment of a blasphemer (book under publication):

·     In this book, the issue of blasphemy (tauheen-e-risalat) has been clearly analyzed in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah. The sayings of the pious predecessors and well-referenced answers to questions and doubts created in the issue of blasphemy have also been given in this under-publication book.

·     Difa-e-hadith Encyclopedia (Encyclopedia of “defending the hadith”):

·     Work is underway on developing an encyclopedia to collect and gather all doubts and controversies of the past and the present age relating to the Hadith and the Science of Hadith and the answers given by the pious predecessors in response to doubts created by the miscreants in this regard.

·     Work on translations:

·     Work to translate research and knowledge based Arabic books into Urdu is underway.

·     Important sermons delivered in the sacred Harams of Makkah and Madina are completely translated into Urdu and uploaded on our website www.islamfort.com


·     Website:

·     A quality intensive website with the sole aim of spreading and propagating the message of the Quran and the Sunnah: www.islamfort.com

·     By the grace and mercy of Allah (أ), visitors to this website can benefit in a variety of ways. It provides an access to the recitation and translation of the Holy Quran, trusted and unique Islamic books, sermons of well-known and trusted Islamic scholars that aim to educate, reform and train the masses, well referenced Islamic articles and thesis’s regarding every walk of life, various Islamic magazines and publications, trust-worthy Urdu translations of Arabic sermons from the Harams of Makkah and Madina, Online fatawa’s, Online lectures, Introduction of scholars of Hadith and the books of Hadith, referenced answers and rebuttals of the many modern age upheavals such as the denial of Hadith and other false beliefs, and knowledge and training sections for children and womenfolk.

·     Social Media:

·     Given the importance of social media in the modern day and age; its usage is also being employed. For this purpose a page has been created on Facebook, which is daily updated with Informative Islamic research matter.

·      Web Address of the Facebook page: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ISLAMFORT1


·     Islamic propagation and dawah programs:

·     Daily, weekly and monthly research, training and reformative lectures are regularly held at Jamia Masjid Saad Bin abi Waqas, DHA, phase 4.

·     Friday sermons and lectures are conducted on important knowledge and research based topics at various masajid’s and religious centers across Karachi.

·     During the glorious month of Ramadan on a daily basis, after Fajar, Zuhr and Asar prayers, training and reformative lectures are delivered. Also after salaatu-taraweeh, translation and tafseer of Quran is conducted and during the odd nights on the last ten days of Ramadan, special reformative lectures are delivered by some of the most eminent scholars of our time.

·     Hajj training workshops:

·     During the Hajj season, unique and quality intensive workshops are organized at various venues to educate about the Sharia-prescribed ways of performing the hajj and the umrah.

·     During the Hajj season, a hajj camp is organized at the hajj terminal (adjacent to the Jinnah international airport). At this camp, the pilgrim’s Islamic beliefs are reformed on the pattern of the Quran and the Sunnah, they are provisioned Islamic guidance on performing the hajj and the umrah and they are also provided voluntary help and assistance.

·     Literature and booklets:

·     Islamic literature and booklets have so far been published on Islamic beliefs (aqaid), Ablution and cleanliness, Namaz-e-nabawi (ﷺ), Morals, seerah of the Messenger (ﷺ), Masnoon azkaar and other reformative topics.


·     Al-Bayan courses network:

·     One year diploma for males and females to understand Islam and the Arabic language.

·     The purposes of this diploma:

·     Arranging for the Islamic education of those individuals who are busy in businesses and other work related activities and cannot commit full time to attaining Islamic education.

·     Spreading the message and the teachings of the Messenger (ﷺ) without creating any biases or controversies.

·     Creating awareness regarding the basic ‘Ahkam’ and ‘Masail’.

·     Imparting the education of the Arabic language.

·     After the successful graduation of two batches, classes for the third batch have commenced   since September 2013.

·     This diploma has also been started for the ladies.

·     Educating the children: Hifz-u-Nazra and Prayers (duas):

·     Madressah Saad bin Abi Waqqas (Hifz-u-Nazra).

·     Knowledge-based and reformative workshops:

·     Unique workshops are organized on special knowledge-intensive and reformative topics for students and teachers of Islamic universities, scholars, orators and dua’ats (preachers). To deliver these workshops leading scholars from all over Pakistan are invited.

·     Reformative multi-media based workshops on Aqaid (Islamic beliefs), morals and character building are organized at various locations in Karachi for the masses.

·     Summer Courses:

·     Summer and winter courses are organized for school, college and university students. In these sessions, students are provisioned Islamic training via Multimedia classes and sports activities.


·     In order to provide solutions to the problems faced by masses in all walks of life under the pure light of the Quran and the Sunnah, Al-Madina Islamic research center’s darul-ifta is fulfilling its duties in a meritorious manner.

·     Questions and Answers can be done in a face to face meeting. Questions are also received via letters, phone and email. These can be received on a proper stamped letterhead.


·      During the month of Ramadan, clothing and ration in a suitable quantity to cover the entire month are distributed amongst the poor and the needy people in interior Sindh and Karachi.

·      Monthly distribution in manageable quantities of suitable ration to orphans and widows.

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Al-Madina Islamic Research Centre[edit | edit source]

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