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All Saiyan Transformations(Dragon Ball Franchise)

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Through all the 32 years this show has been on the air and on manga print it's been through countless transformations, in this article i will be stating all saiyan transformations.

Super Saiyan: A form so hard to achieve it was considered a legend. The saiyan must have a minimum number of S-Cells, The more nice and humble a saiyan is the more S-cells they gain. Once a saiyan has gathered the (min) required S-Cells they can trigger this transformation with extreme anger or sadness. Note: After the initial process the being can turn at will. This form is a multiplier as well as seen with super saiyan blue goku.

Kaioken: A state that can boost a users base power level, physical strength, agility , senses. This state can only be used for so long.( unless you train with it enough) This state( like super saiyan)can multiply a users power level by a set interval up to x100.

False Super Saiyan: A weakened version of super saiyan. This form is activated when a saiyan is near defeat and is able to channel their super saiyan energy for a brief moment.( Possibly to help the saiyans get back on their feet)

Ascended Super Saiyan(Super Saiyan Grade Two): This form greatens the user’s speed and strength beyond a regular super saiyan.

Ultra Super Saiyan( Super Saiyan Grade Three): This form upgrades the user’s physical strength very much. The user grows his hair out even longer and gains a big boost in muscle mass. The downside unlike a the other version is that the increased muscle mass slows the user down greatly.

Super Saiyan Full Power: The original super saiyan form but without all the rage

Super Saiyan 2: This form greatly increases the user’s physical strength and agility along with this the sheer power might change the user’s personality.When using this for the hair grows taller and the user’s aura gains a bit of lightning.

Legendary Super Saiyan: This is the form that started all the super saiyan legends in the first place. This very form is what drove frieza to genocide a majority of the saiyans. Like Ascended and Ultra this form has a huge muscle mass but it’s bigger than the previous forms also the saiyan’s hair turns green and their pupil’s become whitened.The legendary status makes sense because only two out of all saiyans achieve this form.

Super Saiyan 3: A pretty useless form because of how much ki is drained per second when goku first used it he died because of its effects. Like LSSJ only two known saiyans achieve this form.

Golden Great Ape: This entry is necessary as it has a connection with the next form on the list. All saiyans are born with a tail and when they look at a full moon or any other spherical object while they still have tails they will transform into king kong esque monsters and the only way to defeat one is to cut off it’s tail.

Super Saiyan Anger: The next form is a variant of super saiyan 2 with a golden aura and a blue glow inside, like a reversed super saiyan blue aura. Now emitting particles like all the god variants of super saiyan( no red saiyan)Super Saiyan Rose included. Another appearance change is the addition of Blue Bio-Electric Lightning, even more intense than his original SSJ 2 form. This form is basically rage mode.

Super Saiyan God: Like Super Saiyan Anger, this form makes its debut in the dragon ball super manga. This form is way more powerful than any previous main super saiyan form. The form was first alluded to when the oracle fish foretold a vision of a warrior with red colored hair and god like power, this is the form that lead to hasten Beerus’s awakening. Unique to this form goku powers up with his base form’s hair in a red color along with a flame like aura. The form gives the user red irises and a thinner appearance. The form is rumored to have the power to overcome the God of Destruction Beerus, but this was never proven since goku’s form powered down and they never fought anymore after. A saiyan who unlocks the power of a God once will then be able to revert to a god fueled version of their base form after the time ends.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan( Super Saiyan Blue ): When a saiyan reaches the base Super Saiyan God form then after intense stamina and strength training they can mix this form with the base Super Saiyan form for formidable Divine strength. The form is a regular Super Saiyan transformation but with blue hair color and a fiery blue aura. This form can be combined with Kaioken for even more Divine Power. Godly doppelganger Goku Black has his own variant of this form with pink hair and a dark flame aura. This form was brought on by the fact of Goku black being a God before possessing Goku’s body. If a user breaks their physical limitations they can gain an evolved state of Super Saiyan Blue, which is proven to rival a God of Destruction’s power. So far this form has only been achieved with Vegeta.

Super Saiyan 4: Achieved when the user gains full control over a Golden Great Ape while in super form then they transform into a Super Saiyan 4. This form was only seen in the anime only Dragon Ball GT never mentioned used in any other dragon ball series which is why it's believed to be non-canon. Even though it’s referred to as Super Saiyan 4 it’s more into the Ape line of saiyans.

Super Saiyan Berserker: Demonic saiyans can get this form through different ways like a Dark Dragon Ball, A fruit for the tree of might, or pure rage.

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