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Andrii Anatolyevich Chernovil (Ukrainian: Chernovil) (born 20th March 1977 in Odessa, Odessa Oblast (province) Ukrainian SSR) is a Ukrainian artist, an ambidexter.


Andrii was born in the town of Odessa in Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic (USSR) to a military family with five siblings. His parents are - Vera Grigoryevna Chernovil (29/06/1947) – mother, and father – Anatoliy Sergeyevich Chernovil (05/04/1949).

In 1981, the family of Chernovils moved to Tiraspol in Moldavian SSR where they settled down. From his early years, Andrii demonstrated a drawing talent, and in 1988 he enrolled in Tiraspol Art School where he studied for two weeks only, as he had to choose between pursuing arts or sports. He had decided to train in judo and in a short period of time he managed to achieve substantial results. In 1990 he became the third runner up in the Junior Championship in Chisinau.

The love for drawing, however, did not disappear, and while still at school, he practiced drawing on the margins of his note-books. This talent of his did not go unnoticed, and his teachers would always ask him to produce drawings for the school magazine and announcement posters.

In 1992, Andrii enrolled in Tiraspol Culinary School, while attending evening classes. Those were hard times for the Chernovils, just as for millions of other families who lived in the post-Soviet era in the newly independent countries. The situation was made only worse by the Transnistria War, which was witnessed by Andrii and his family. The war caused numerous casualties amongst his friends and acquaintances.

Financial hardships forced Andrii to seek for side jobs while pursuing his studies.

In 1995, Andrii made a decision to enroll into the Grekov Odessa Art School.

Andrii did not possess any basic art education which allows for the necessary skills and knowledge to be accepted into a professional education establishment. However, his innate talent to paint was so remarkable that Andrii was accepted to the Art School on the first attempt. Due to his excellent academic and practical performance, Andrii was able to study for free of charge. He was enrolled in the Department of Pictorial Art and his mentors were Yelena Alikberova, Tamara Egorova, and Vitaly Alikberov.

As a final piece of work, Andrii present a painting called The Old Man (2000, canvas, oil), which as a result of the Art School’s selection process was kept as an exhibit at the School’s Gallery. Andrii graduated from the Art School with the qualifications of a painter, teacher of drawing and pictorial art.

By that time, Andrii married Nadiia Chernovil who was also a student at the Department of Pictorial Art at the same Art School. On 17th of July 1999 they had their first child, Andrii Andreevich Chernovil.

Due to a boom in the construction and design field in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Andrii started receiving numerous design offers. At around that time, he mastered the skill of carving and, as a result, was skillfully performing various interior design works such as wall-paintings, murals and sculptures. His first projects were realized and executed in Odessa and other cities in Ukraine.

In 2000, Andrii Chernovil founded his own company which specialized in interior and landscape designs. His constant desire to perfect in the field of design triggered his desire to study abroad. In 2007, he did a variety of practical courses in the USA, focusing on the use of newest materials in design, with a special attention to creating and designing water landscapes, artificial rocks, fountains and various water features.

On numerous occasions, the artist participated in large-scale international design exhibitions: IAAPA-2007-2010, PSPA (International Pool, Spa, Patio Expo 2007 FL.USA), Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Guangzhou Expo, Salone del Mobile Milano IT 2008-2018). They resulted in him successfully collaborating and realizing his designs with some of the world-renowned furniture manufacturers, such as Savior Firmino (Italy), Brogiato (Italy), Masca (Italy) and others, as well as with LR West Land Rover.

Despite being pre-occupied with the design works, Andrii did not stop working on art projects. He made trips to China, Thailand and Hong Kong, USA, India, Nepal, which enriched his life experience and inner world, aided his spiritual development and personal growth. All this had an immense impact on his art style and creativity, which has a clear geographical imprints representing the experiences he had gained in various countries and the influences what various cultures and traditions, which he had been exposed to, had.

Since 2014, Andrii, his wife and two children have lived in Doha, the State of Qatar. He has been leading a very active social and creative life, having organized and hosted numerous exhibitions.

The CHERNOVIL ART GALELRY, a platform for young creative people was created in 2018.

In 2019, in collaboration with Qatar Foundation, Green Building and partners, the Chernovils organized the FutureVision 2019 - Sustainable Art Exhibition.[1].

In 2020, with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine to Qatar and the Cultural Diplomacy International Institute, they established the New Era Art Museum[2].

The artist’s works are owned by private art collectors all around the world: Ukraine, the USA, India, Italy, Germany, China, Malaysia, Qatar, including the private collection of the Qatar Royal Family, in the Museum of Sheikh Faisal (Doha, Qatar), as well as in the Art Centre of Qatar.

Style and Works[edit]

Not only Andrii Chernovil works in various directions of the visual art, but he is also involved in landscape and interior designs.

His paintings are dominated by but not limited to oil, acrylic and mixed techniques. He generally experiments with various materials , genres and styles of the pictorial art. Hence, his works include illustrations for book covers and magazines, as well as monumental, easel painting, sculpture, installations, mixed media and VR.

Being an artist by profession, Andrii has never abandoned it. By the year 2017 he has created hundreds of art works. The diverse and wide portfolio of Chernovil’s art works reflects the geography of his travels, places he lived in – they are dedicated to those countries, people and traditions.

The Asian works which were influenced by the travels in China can be pointed out, as well the African, or Oriental works which reflect the artist’s close contact with the Arab world and its culture and traditions. His immediate family and the close circle of friends and relatives represent another source of inspiration from Andrii. A whole series of paintings is dedicated to the members of his family.

2014 saw the creation of the series of works in the style of the abstract impressionism, accompanied by live jazz performances, during the Jazz Marathon in Odessa, Ukraine[3][4][5]

Andrii Chernovil’s art works are versatile in terms of styles. They represent a variety of art movements: realism, impressionism, abstract expressionism, conceptual art, symbolic art and many others.

The artist strives to learn and unite in his creativity and works cultures and art traditions of various countries. Having been educated in the style of the European Realistic Painting (South Ukrainian School of Painting), his painting style include the techniques and styles common to the styles of India, China, Africa and the Arab world. This blend of techniques, traditions, themes and philosophical message adds the common-to-all-mankind sound and universalism to his art pieces.

Andrii made it to the top ten Spiritual Artists of Ukraine[6]. He is also the laureate of the Ukraine China Bridge Contest.

Andrii signs his art works differently: by 2017 there are a few signatures - Andre, А, Abhinava и Chernovil.

Abhinava is Andrii's spiritual name which he received from his spiritual mentor in 2010 which translates as ‘Eternally Novel’ from Sanskrit (abhi – always, eternally; nava – novel, young).

Andrii's art works in the field of the interior design, most of which have been created in Qatar, combine a unique laconic solution to exuberance of materials, restraints of colours, and unexpected, yet always fresh, additions of colour. They create an imagery of an Oriental fairy tale suitable for the modern routine.

Family life[edit]

Andrii is married to Nadiia Chernovil (27.03.1980).

Son – Chernovil Andrey Andreevich (17.07.1999) a musician, song writer.

Daughter - Cehrnovil Sofia Andreevna (17.08.2004)

World Outlook[edit]

Since early childhood, Andrii has been interested in knowing your own self and your place in the universe. The main theme of his thinking is the meaning of human lives, of all things and the meaning of the meaning.

Research into various religious scriptures, such as the Bible, the Quran, Buddhist and Hindu texts, played a very positive role in the artist’s spiritual growth. Andrii practices yoga and vegetarianism.

Andrii Chernovil believes that an artist can be a an artist can be a guide between the higher, spiritual world and the human world. He considers his art an outburst of energy, edited by the filter of a human’s mind and displayed on a canvas. The main categories which he interprets in his works are spirituality, compassion, and love. The works symbolize the philosophical realization of the reality through a prism of the great spiritual teachings. The outlook and perception of the world are that of an idealistic manner.

Andrii's travels to various countries, interacting with people of different national and cultural backgrounds, social statuses and religions have firmly established the artist’s cosmopolitan views and his desire to serve the world and do good. These notions were the ones that laid foundation to many of his works and the most significant International Project of his QTargets – the message of peace which is also a social campaign. After May 2019, the project was renamed as IQTargets – ART.

IQTargets - ART - The Message for Peace[edit]

The project is being realized by a group of enthusiasts and volunteers supervised by Andrii and Nadiia Chernovil. The main aim of the project is to unite the people from various countries under the concept of achieving positive targets and intentions.

The project utilizes shooting aims as a symbol of achieving an aim.

A target is a black circle with numbers, printed on numbered sheets of paper. They are used for training purposes in Shooting Sports Clubs of ISSF.

The creators of the project suggest people consider a shooting target not a traditional symbol of war and aggression, but rather a symbol of achieving any result, including achieving the world peace. The original idea of the project was to look at an aim (target) not from a human’s point of view, but from the point of view of a certain outlandish inception, of something beyond the human living, from the point of view of love, which aims at long-suffering and fatigued from the wars World.

In 2004, Andrii Chernovil painted the first work on shooting targets, a polyptych, Often the target is not the goal. Thanks to the support from Ali Al Kuwari, Ali Al Marri, and Viktor Ivanenko, the series of works later transformed into the Project. Real shooting targets, sized 70x100cm, were the actual basis for the paintings: The Epiphany, Your Offsprings, Not Your War, Bless and Save, The Golden Key.

The paintings of the series "Happy and Sad Faces of People Around the World"

The paintings’ aim is to transmit an idea that the human kind must aim at saving lives, peace and joy. Looking at the paintings, a viewer undergoes a cognitive dissonance which allows to ‘switch’ their thinking from fighting, unacceptance and division to agreement, peace and unity. The works were exhibited at the exhibitions in Kyiv (Ukraine), New York (USA), Basel (Switzerland), Doha (Qatar), Florence (Italy). The works represented two countries at the same time – Ukraine and Qatar – and were awarded the 3rd place and the Lorenzo de’ Medici Medal.

The success and social response to these paintings enabled the further development and growth of the project in the format of social campaigns, surveys and creating new art works, which united opinions of different people in a single piece of art with the purpose of displaying it in various countries.

The second stage of the project aimed at studying the concept of the peace amongst different representatives of the humankind, trying to cover and unite as many people from different countries as possible. A social survey became the means of achieving that goal. The survey was conducted in various public and private establishments (universities, schools, social clubs, etc), as well as at exhibitions which the authors of the Project took part in.

By the year 2017, more than a thousand people from more than fifty-eight countries had been surveyed. Each participant was asked to write their message of peace to the world in their mother tongue on a numbered shooting target sheet. This way, the authors of the project created a mass message of peace and kindness from different representatives of the humankind. Each shooting target of the IQTargets – Art was assigned a unique number which enabled participants to track their messages on Social Media. As a result, the shooting targets were compiled into a single art-object and became a basis for a piece of art. The artist used semi-translucent paints so that the messages were still readable. The aims is to exhibit the Project in social and public spaces in every corner of the world for the viewers to see and read the peace messages from the other representatives of the mankind. This results in making every participant of the project a messenger of the peace, leaving their imprint in the history of the humanity.

”The Social Artworks” series[edit]

The first work, sized 150x400cm, made from 216 shooting targets with the messages of peace was created in 2017 and displayed in the Saatchi Gallery in London, UK.

The project was supported by the Qatar Shooting and Archery Associaion, Mr. Ali Al Kuwari, Katara Foundation – Dr.Khalid Al Sulaiti, as well as the Salam International, represented by the chairman, Mr. Abu Salam Abu Issa. In 2018/19 The Gate Mall sponsored a Studio, and the Exhibition of the IQTargets – Art in the frames of the 2018 Qatar National Independence Day celebrations.

The painting The Blooming Qatar, created from 120 shooting targets, received as a result of the collaboration with the Gate Mall, is the largest one in the project, with the dimensions of 488x244cm, and the only painting from the IQTarget – ART in a private collection[7].

From 2019, the IQTargets – ART collection consists of the following series:

There are several sections of IQtargets project :

1. “The Social Artworks” series is compiled from guest messages at various venues of project exhibitions (London, New-York, Basel, Ukraine, Qatar, India, etc.).

2. The paintings of the series "Happy and Sad faces of people around the world" are painted by Andrii Chernovil on the targets. Have a purpose to reflect on what future we choose for our children and what each of us does for it ...

3. Large canvases with the images with targets as a symbol of achievement of goals

4. “Small targets collection” meaningful drawings and graphics on the small size target paper with the images of categories of various purposes of personal aims[8]

The artworks of Andrii Chernovil are in private collections all over the world and in the museum of the Qatar Royal Family.

He is a runner-up in the Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Contest organized by General Consulate of the People's Republic of China.

He also collaborates with clothing brand Mandatory which takes special pieces from the TARGETIZM collection and transform them through hand finishing into unique re-prints of the original work.

Exhibitions and Achievements:[edit]

2000 - Graduated from the Grekov Odessa State Art University (Odessa, Ukraine)

2004—2007 - Took part in youth picture shows organized by regional Union of Arts

2004—2007 - Attended Youth Art Exhibitions, Odessa, Ukraine

2007—2014 - Represented his private expo projects Victory Gardens KY City Gallery[9][10]

2007—2014 - Attended Design Exhibitions IAAPA, P&SShow, USA — Florida — Miami, Isaloni Milano,China, Bologna Italy.

2007—2014 - Collaborated with other Artists and created exhibitions in Odessa, Ukraine

2014 Solo Exhibition «Не бойтесь путешествовать» Vorontsov Palace Art Gallary Odessa, Ukraine

2014 «Intimizatiya» Victory Gardens KY City Gallery of Art ( Odessa, Ukrane)[11]

Since 2014 Based in Doha, Qatar.

2014 - Bridge China – Ukraine winner[12]

2016 Founded “IQtargets-message for peace” world art movement

2015— Part of Qatar Fine Art Association (QFAA).

May 2015 — Solo exhibition «National treasure» Cultural Village Katara (Doha, Qatar)[13][14]

September 2015, 2016, 2017 — International artist collaboration Exhibition «From Qatar» Doha, Qatar

October 2015 — Winner of Realistic Art competition «Realistic Art» Qatar Fine Art Association (QFAA)[15]

Since 2015 — Member of Qatar Fine Art Association (QFAA)

January 2016 — Artist Еmerging art Qatar 3-d GCC Rear Cars and Bikes Show 2016.

March 2016 — Organized «Qtargets message for peace» international art movement Curated by Nadiia Chernovil

March 2016 —Open Workshop Katara Cultural Village Doha, Qatar.

June 2016 — Artwork «Often targets not the goal» from Qtargets Art project won second place in Fine Art Accademy Exhibition Kyiv Ukraine. Second place (Exhibition in Ukrainian Fine Art Academy (Kiyv, Ukraine)

October 2016 — «Art Convergence» curated by Nadiia Chernovil Ukrainian artists Exhibition under umbrella of Ukrainian Embassy and GM of Katara Dr.Khalid Ibrahim Al Sulaiti.

December 2016 — Guest Art Basel Miami Beach 2016 (USA Fl.)

December 2016 —«From Qatar» Doha, Qatar

December 2017 – Won Qatar Traditional "Boats Show", Art competition and exhibition

January 2017 – Qatar Fine Art Association Exhibition «The Elite»

April 2017 — Presented artwork «Often target is not the goal» from Qtargets Art project on ArtExpo New York (NICAS).

May 2017 — Presented artwork «Often target is not the goal» from Qtargets Art project on Frieze Art Fair New York in Saphira&Ventura Gallery.

June 2017 — Presented artwork «Often target is not the goal» from Qtargets Art project and won third place Art Basel EuroAirport.

Apr 2018 — «Qtargets message for Peace» International Artist Movement «Targetizm» Exhibition Cultiral Village Katara (Doha, Qatar)

September 2017 — Solo «Qtargets message for Peace» (Start, Saatchi Gallary, London, United Kingdom)

June 2018 – Organized Qtargets Art exhibition in Fine Art Accademy Gallery (Kyiv,Ukraine)

August 2018 – Organized Qtargets Art exhibition in Art Pallace Gallery (Lviv, Ukraine)

November 2018 – Organized Solo Exhibition Inspired by Qatar Salam Art Gallery ( Doha, Qatar)

December 2018February 2019 Organized Qatar National Day 2018 Qtargets message for peace Exhibition at The Gate Mall, Doha, Qatar.

February 2019 – Produced IQtargets – message for peace India Allahabad (Pillot Baba Ashram)

May 2019 – Produced “Future Vision Call for Artists” Initiative at the Chernovil Art Gallery, The Gate Mall, Gate Mall, Doha

July 2019 – Organized a private Art event (Private hungar of Santa – Monica, California)

October 2019 – IQtargets project won 5th place at Florence Biennale 2019

December 2019 - January 2020 – Produced “Look” solo Exhibition at Katara Cultural VIllage

January 2020 – Collaborated with Cultural Year of France at Qatar ART and Music event in Qatar National Library

September 2020 – Collaborated with Ukraine New Era Art Museum group of 10 most famous Ukrainian artists and produced an exhibition[16]



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