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Boaz Eidelberg

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Boaz Eidelberg, Ph.D. (Hebrew: בעז אידלברג) (born March 16, 1944) is an inventor of multiple patents in robotics and high performance positioning systems, including their mechatronics system analysis tools for design optimization. His inventions and analysis tools were used extensively for business development and project management in Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (RDC), Rockwell Automation, Parker Hannifin and Festo, providing automation solutions to companies such as Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Applied Materials, Coca Cola and GM. He promoted Anorad (now Rockwell) brushless linear motor technology, invented by Anwar Chitayat, around the world in its early days, including Siemens and FANUC, which revolutionized the high performance automation industry. Today brushless linear motor technology is globally being used in hundreds of thousands high performance automation process equipment including Semiconductors, Electronics, Optics, machine tools, Automotive, Aerospace, Metrology, drug discovery and General Automation industries. Eidelberg created and taught multiple in-class and distance learning courses in robotics and automation related technologies at Michigan State University, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Farmingdale State College and Stony Brook University. Eidelberg's passion is flying. He flew several aircraft with a US Private pilot licence.

Eidelberg in 2015

Early life[edit]

Boaz was born on March 16, 1944 to Joseph and Zipora Eidelberg, in Mandatory Palestine (now Israel). Inspired in becoming a pilot he joined at age 14 the Israeli air scouts (Hebrew: גדנ"ע אוויר). In 1962 he graduated from the notable class 8 (Hebrew: מחזור חי) of the Haifa military academy (Hebrew: פנימיה צבאית, חיפה) near the Hebrew Reali School. [1] His Tinnitus injury classified him as a disabled veteran (Hebrew: נכה צהיל) of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He served as a topography instructor in a communication Base. Four of his classmates became Generals in the IDF, including (ret.) Lieutenant General Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, who served as the Chief of the General Staff (Israel). Financed by his father he went to the USA in 1965 to study engineering.

Academic Education[edit]

In 1968 Eidelberg received a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Tri State College (now Trine University), where his father and uncle graduated from. He was honored with a Gold Key and membership of the Tau Sigma Eta Engineering Honorary association. He was listed in the "Who is Who in American Colleges and Universities" and served as a Student Director and a president of the International Students Organization. At Tri State he took his first introductory flight with the Thunderbirds.[2] During summer vacations he worked as a draftsman at Powers Regulator Company, Skokie, Illinois. On June 6, 1967, the day he was scheduled to start his job, the Six-Day War broke out. Eidelberg canceled his plan, flew to Israel, volunteered for service and was assigned to a weapon recovery unit in the West Bank. In 1968 he went to Michigan State University for M.Sc. studies in Machine Design and Metallurgy, financed by his work as a teaching assistant. At Michigan he started flying Aeronca Champion Tri Champ. In 1973 he received a Ph.D. degree from Cornell University in Mechanical System analysis, Machine control and Strength of Materials, financed by his work as a teaching assistant in Hybrid computer labs. Inspired by his advisor, Prof’ John F. Booker, his doctorate Thesis was “Finite Element Analysis of Lubrication in Natural Joints”, modeling a human joint, as a hydrodynamic lubrication process of a poro-elastic Articular Cartilage by Synovial fluid. [3][4][5] While at Cornell he flew Cessna 152 in East Hill Flying club. On a cross country flight from Ithaca to Albany he encountered head wind, landed back with 2 gallons in the fuel tank and was suspended from the club for one year. Eidelberg graduated from Cornell with two employment offers for Assistant Professor position in the engineering schools of Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Shortly after his return to Israel the Yom Kippur war broke out. He enlisted to the IDF and was assigned to a weapon recovery unit in the Golan Heights. After 3 months in service his two academic offers were canceled which led him to start an industrial career. In 1982 Eidelberg attended a one-year Business Administration course for Rafael managers at the University of Haifa.

Professional Career[edit]


  • Rafael

In 1975 Eidelberg joined Rafael Advanced Defense Systems working as a systems analyst for 17 years, for which he was awarded the highest research ranking level “A' Research" (Hebrew: אי מחקר). In 1980 Eidelberg took a sabbatical leave from Rafael working at MSU as a visiting professor, after which became the head of operation research group of the Aeromechanics Division.

  • Galram

In 1982 he joined Galram (now RDC - Rafael Development Corporation), led by Dr. Zvi Meiri (Hebrew: צבי מאירי), as the civil spinoff of Rafael technologies for commercial applications. In Galram he was the first employee of Robotiq, where he patented, an aerodynamic robot end effector for spreading fabric layers in garment industry automation.[6] He then founded and managed at RDC its Manex division (Manufacturing Experts), where he initiated joint product development between Rafael and local manufacturers, such as Plasson and Dolav. He also initiated a joint venture between Keter Plastic, the largest plastic company in Israel at that time, and Rafael for developing Electromechanics plastic devices. The project spun off in 1988 by Manex employees, as a separate operation in Karmiel. In 1992 he retired as a pensioner of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Eidelberg was not involved in flying during his professional career in Israel.

Example of high performance positioning system


  • Anorad (Rockwell)

In 1990, during his last Sabbatical leave from Rafael, Eidelberg joined Anorad Corporation, the largest linear motor manufacturer at that time. He worked closely with Anwar Chitayat, Anorad Founder and CEO and the inventor of brushless linear motor technology, as the Director of Linear Motor Business development.[7][8] His job was to promote Linear Motors and their control technology, which was relatively new at the time, to the industrial community around the world.[9] He worked with Siemens in providing Boeing a linear motor solution for a Chemical milling process of aircraft wings with their Computer Numerical Control (aka CNC).[10] His most significant achievements at Anorad were linear motor technology transfer to FANUC, one of the world’s largest CNC manufacturers, and the initiation of Anorad acquisition by Rockwell Automation. As a result of the technology transfer, FANUC created a linear motor product line which is typically sold as a complete solution with CNC and servo drives.[11] The acquisition of Anorad by Rockwell Automation helped Rockwell compete with FANUC and Siemens in providing machine tool manufacturers a complete linear motor solution. [12] During his time at Anorad, Eidelberg resumed flying Cessna 172 in the New York metropolitan area with Mid Island Air Service (MIAS) at Long Island MacArthur Airport.

  • Botec / Bayside (Parker)

In 1999 Eidelberg started his own company Botec developing and selling system analysis tools, BIMO, and using them to promote Nanomotion (later acquired by Johnson Electric), and Netzer Precision (later acquired by Sick AG), business development in the USA. In 2001 his company was acquired by Bayside Motion Group (BMG), with a 3 year employment agreement as a Vice President Business Development. [rel' pub' 2] At Bayside Eidelberg managed the development of high performance positioning systems for Semiconductor industries, such as wafer fabrication for Applied Materials, the World's largest semiconductor company at the time. One machine was high precision, high velocity laser scribing of solar panels, which served as a key for Applied Materials, $1B, Sun Fab strategy. The machine, size 6 x 3 x 2 m, was patented by both Anwar Chitayat, for high precision at high speed, and by Eidelberg for large virtual rotations of incoming glass panels.[13] The resulting activity was one reason, which drove Parker Hannifin to acquire BMG. In 2004, Eidelberg founded his second Company Optinet Inc.[14] He continued providing consulting services to Parker, as a project manager of complex automation systems. In one of his projects he patented a robot for Goodyear's wire filament winding process in next generation tire manufacturing.[15] In another project he gave two of his Japanese customers a plane ride around Manhattan, flying over the legendary USS Intrepid (CV-11), which docked at Pier 86 on the Hudson River.

Example of online system analysis tool
  • Festo

In 2012 Eidelberg was hired by Festo as the head of NAFTA Competence Center. At Festo he helped developing high performance custom solutions for manufacturing processes in US, Canada and Mexico. Two of his notable patents where initiated by Coca Cola and General Motors. For Coca Cola, and other food and beverage and laboratory automation companies, Eidelberg patented a variable pitch gripper for robots, which allows bottle handling of various sizes, reducing time loss during an end of arm tool change.[16] For General Motors, and other automotive manufacturers, Eidelberg invented an ”all in one” Robotic gripper, using a single standard positioning stage, which could be assembled in hundreds of XYZ configurations and grip multiple body parts without losing time for gripper changes. The invention attracted the interest of BMW, which led Festo Esslingen file the patent with Cooperative Patent Classification and International Patent Classification. [17] In 2012 Eidelberg flew a Fouga Magister with a flight instructor of the Jet Warbird Training Center at Santa Fe Regional Airport. The same type of plane his military school friends flew in the Israeli Air Force flight school.

  • Optinet

In 2017 Eidelberg resumed Optinet consulting activities and academic career. He developed free online lectures and system analysis tools for high performance positioning systems, and wrote articles to scientific journals. His article on a system analysis tool for PID controller was published in two journals and honored by one of them with a Title page.[18] [rel' pub' 9] His online lectures reach thousands of viewers across the globe some of which express the impact it made on their career. "I have chosen "I was a client of Boaz", but actually I didn't need to pay him for the excellent service he delivered. The reason is that he didn't charge access to his fenomenal "Mechatronics Overview" course on YouTube. I would happily buy it after watching a preview on Udemy, because his material is significantly simple, short, objective, integrative, business-minded and hands-on. Mr. Eidelberg is one of my main references in this new journey of mine: bringing the best I could learn from Linguistics to becoming an automation specialist as knowledgeable and successful as him. I highly recommend Mr. Boaz Eidelberg's Mechatronics videos. They are a must-see to anyone new in Automation, Mechatronics & Robotics, as well as to those who still doubt (as I did) the possibility and relevance of pushing forward to a doctoral degree AND managing their yown Robotics consulting business. Das ist Super! Vielen Dank!"[19]

Academic Career[edit]

Eidelberg started his teaching activities as a teaching assistant, from 1968 to 1973, during his graduate studies in MSU and Cornell University. During his Sabbatical leave from Rafael in 1980, Eidelberg worked in MSU as a Visiting Professor, teaching undergraduate Robotics Design course and advanced Kinematics course to graduate students. In 1983 he initiated a similar ME design course to senior students at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Prof' Beni Landkof (Hebrew: בנימין לנדקוף) at Rafael, developing, manufacturing and marketing an automated Hospital Bed for injured military personnel. From 2017-2019 Eidelberg developed and taught distance learning courses in Robotics, Finite Element Methods and Manufacturing Technology at Farmingdale State College.[20] In 2019 he developed and taught at Stony Brook University a distance learning graduate course in Mechatronics with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features.[21] For these courses he developed over 100 online tutorials and lectures.[22] His tutorials are being used by others in social media.[23]

In Memory of Fallen Friends, Class 8, Haifa Military School.

Personal life[edit]

His father Joseph Eidelberg was a military officer, plant manager and a Biblical history researcher of The Exodus and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. His mother Zipora Eidelberg was a math teacher and a Principal head teacher of Elementary Schools. Boaz married Ruth Sharfstein in 1975. They divorced in 2002. His daughter Yael completed law and business schools, working for a Hi Tech company. His son Tal is a computer science entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of a healthcare scheduling company. Boaz remarried in 2004 to Sharyn Blau. They meet with friends from the military school in periodic reunion events throughout the years. In 2019 he created a Legacy medallion of Fallen classmates, which highlights the Biblical "fighting themes" the class was brought up with. Themes which may also serve as a career "success model", in military, business and science. His hobbies include traveling, hiking and jogging. His flying hobby encountered an emergency landing in 2013 and ended in 2017.[24] [25]

Related Publications[edit]

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