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DG3 Rappers- Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart

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Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart - DG3 Rappers

DG3 Rappers [1] - Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart

[2]Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart, also know as DG3 Rappers[3] is twin sister rappers. Rapping. Their first album DG3 was released on October 04,2017. [4] which included nine songs. 1.Glitter and Gold [5] 2. Dirty Girly [6] 3. She Flys Like The Wind [7] 4. I Lost All Control [8] 5.Money Talks Fame Walks [9] 6.Danielle Sing Along Song [10] 7.Lioness [11] 8.Relapse [12] 9.Crazy [13]

DG3 is currently working on their second album, and it's expected to be a success.The exciting, newfangled sound that DG3 has made their own is certain to gain interest from across the world, especially with the interesting shell shocking lyrics that these two write. These rap artists music is being compared to Eminem.Eminem These two women are becoming known for their innovating female rap style that is the first of its kind. DG3 is being recognized as the first female MC'sMC of their kind. and have been featured in several magazines including on the cover of Culture Weekly Magazine.The Culture Weekly Magazine and on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly Magazine Hip Hop Weekly Magazine and have been featured in Street Motivation with Krayzie Bone Street Motivation Magazine -vol-34/ Featuring Krayzie Bone and DG3 The development of their unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in a talented musical family meant that Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart were always surrounded by different forms of music. Their grandfather was a full-time musician, and was in a band called The Wild Cats.The Wild Cats He loved playing the guitar, banjo, and harmonica, as well as the fiddle. His parents exposed him to a wealth of music as a child, all of which influenced his development. Their grandmother also was musically inclined, she played the violin and fiddle. These twin rap artists grew up loving music to its core. When the twins met Moe Z MD,2pacs producerMoe Z MD 2 Pac which inspired them to follow their dream, and this is when their career began to take off. They begain recording their own music they wrote and had Dave Webber Record them at his studio, Airtime Studios in Bloomington Indiana.Bloointon Indiana Dave Webber has won a gold record for producing Straight No Chasers and has been featured in Bloom Magazine.

Amber and Angelia Richhart musical journey begin in Indianpolis, Indiana It was here that they developed their musical tastes and interests, and it wasn’t long after picking up a mic that they were coming up with rhythms and rhymes, and they became very talented lyricists in the process. DG3 has written over fifty songs DG3 's Songsand is in the process of writing more. All of which have had a profound influence on the direction their musical journey has taken. In their spare time they enjoy creating beats, and writing new songs that tell a story, either for humor or to just entertain. Amber Richhart enjoys playing the piano and Oregon, while Angelia enjoys the drums and guitar, and has played the drums for a few bands at several shows. After realizing that making music was their main goal, the twins began to showcase their talent in Indiana releasing numerous songs and making sure that their name and music was being heard by as many people as possible. Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart has quickly been noted for the unique style that they bring to the table, and now their popularity has began to grow. Their talent with a variety of musical instruments, and this only adds to their appeal! DG3 has a unique sound with twisted lyrics, and mind warping stories!

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DG3 Rappers- Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly!
DG3 Rappers - Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart
DG3 Rappers - Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart
DG3 Rappers- Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart
Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart - DG3 Rappers

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Amber Richhart and Angelia Richhart - DG3 Rappers

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