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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (2008 film)

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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Directed byPaolo Barzman
Produced byJohn Hannah
Written byPaul B. Margolis and Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Dougray Scott
  • Krista Bridges
  • Tom Skerritt
  • Danette Mackay
Music byFM Le Sieur
Edited byAnnie Ilkow
Distributed byMuse Entertainment Enterprises and RHI Entertainment
Release date
2008 (UK)
  • May 17, 2008 (2008-05-17)
Running time
129 minutes[1]
96 minutes (shorter version)
CountryUnited States
Budget5 million (estimated)

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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a Canadian Director Film of Paul B. Margolis and Robert Louis Stevenson, directed by Paolo Barzman and starring Dougray Scott. Set in [[ Montréal, Québec, Canada]], it was filmed in 2008 and released in UK in that year. As the result of its release in the US in Summer of 2008, that date is sometimes attached to it.


Opening is seen Henry requesting for a prostitute to come with him and is seen pulling her by her leg into a alley. After scaring her he tells her to leave allowing her to run away he tells her he changes his mind and kills her. Later the next day Henry wakes up in an abandon house with blood on him from the nice before. Where he finds torn pages of the bible on the wall and hears the cops outside. He then leaves and makes his way to his home. His maid Ms. Poole tells him scares him while he was leaving to go downstairs to his basement. She states that she will get dinner ready but he tells her to take care of their issue discreetly. He later goes to his lab and experiments with a serum on himself, after looking at the results it stats show his protein gene has been compromised. he then gets angry. He goes to hospital where he works and his boss states that he needs focus on his work at the hospital more than his experiments after hours. Later back at his residents Ms. Poole is having contractors put metal poles on the basement door; while Henry meets with Gabe at a diner. They discuss what is going on in their lives. Gabe talks about his event and they both overhear what happened to the prostitute last night and Mr. Hyde goes to the bathroom and gets sick based on the news reporting the death Henry goes to Gabe's event that night not before going back to his lab to get better results however his blood was still showing issues and resulted him to get angry.

Ms. Poole overhears Henry in the basement crying and changing into Edward later attacks a woman in the alley and kills her. Henry awakened by kids nearby in a park while he was sleeping in his car. He calls Gabe and ask him to come over he needs to talk to him. He tells Gabe its a legal matter and to give him a contact information of another lawyer to help him. He introduces him to a lawyer by the name of Claire Wheaton however she declines helping Henry after he tells her he committed all the crimes of the women found dead and wants to be charged for the crimes. He leaves and thanks her for her time. Henry walks towards a Police Station wanting to give himself up , but Jekyll intervenes and gets hit by a truck. He laughs it off and goes to the hospital to where Henry works to visit the man he tried to kill earlier in the movie. He kills the man and leaves. Claire goes to Henry's house after looking up information the victims. To tell him that she will help hm. But after being invited in his house by Ms. Poole he instruct her to tell Claire to leave. Claire leaves but seeing that the basement door outside was open so she goes downstairs to talk to Henry, as she enters his lab she sees him crying on the floor upset about but his results still of the transformation. She tells him that she will help him and do it his way. He tells her what happened to him and why he is this way. He visited the Amazon helping villages and he was shown the idea of good being healed while the evil part of someone is casted out by a wild flower. He takes the flower and runs test on it and drinks the solution composed. Monocular composition he did the researched for months but nothing happened until the last time he injected himself with the solution and was changed into Hyde. Henry tells Claire that he calls himself Edward Hyde and that taking the serum was the only to get him to appear at first where he can control him however he became stronger after the kills and he was only doing it at night. Claire tells Henry needs to stay committed in a psychiatric hospital to contain Hyde. He stay there overnight; he's in his head and Hyde tells him that he needs to accept him and himself. Claire goes to talk to Gabe and states she doesn't want to help Henry anymore because he is losing his mind. Hyde takes over Henry's body and gets the night nurse to come into their room and he escapes. Claire goes to the abandon house what she finds out is a house that is in Bob Lanyon and Henry's name. Hyde stands over the fire escape and watches Claire enter the house and then stands outside the window waiting for her to notice him. She tries escaping from Hyde. She then sprays Hyde with pepper spray and escapes. Henry goes to where Hyde was with Claire and calls her but doesn't get an answer. He goes to Gabe and gives him the envelope saying to take care of it if he doesn't return. Henry goes back to the house where he finds Ms. Poole cleaning up Hyde's mess he left. She stated the police is looking for him. He goes to his lab and finds a solution to the mutation issue he was having with Hyde. The police comes in to arrest him and takes him to jail. Claire tells him she found all the things Hyde took all his stuff but she doesn't know why Henry is helping him or hiding who really did this. Still not believing him that he runs into Hyde; Claire tells him she will honor his first request to plea guilty for the deaths of the women. Henry in his ceil contemplating suicide and slits his wrist. Claire gets a call from the drug addict where he knows Hyde and talks to him. The guy calls Claire and states that Hyde mentioned that he was going to be laying low and that he scared Bob Lanyon before his heart attack. Claire visits the Lanyon's house to talk to Bob's wife about what he seen before he went into his coma and she states that he saw the scariest thing of a man changing into someone else right in front of him. His wife mentioned it was terrifying to hear. Claire goes to visit Henry in jail and tell him she has evidence that he didn't commit the crimes and Henry just tells her to forget it before she hands him the serum that will kill Hyde by killing himself. Henry inject himself with the serum and starts crying. Hyde tells Claire that he has always liked her and then disappears. Henry tells Claire that he meaning Hyde is gone. In Court while Henry is on trial they find evidence that Hyde's DNA and Henry's are different so they cannot be the same people. Henry and Gabe are at the diner talks about the envelope that Henry gave Gabe. Hyde states that he can throw away the envelope the "he" meaning Henry gave to him not realizing what was in it. Gabe is then alerted and states why did he said him like he was referring to Henry. Hyde ensure Gabe that Hyde is gone and there is nothing to worry about. Gabe looks straddled and Hyde said he's telling the truth laughs and said yes lets them eat. Later on Henry calls Claire and tells her thank you again and she invites him on a date but to first come to her house. Ms. Poole looks at Henry in suspicion and walks away. Gabe holds the envelope in his hand while thinking and tires the papers in half and trashes it. Henry decides to walk to Claire's house where she greets him at the door not a moment sooner he transforms into Hyde and says Hi to Claire she notices and says Henry film ends.


The film was produced by Paolo Barzman. Popular Literature: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Originally intended for television, it was released on DVD in 2009.[2]


  • Dougray Scott as Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde
  • Tom Skerritt as Gabe Utterson
  • Danette Mackay as Ms. Poole
  • Krista Bridges as Claire Wheaton
  • Jack Blumenau as Ned Chandler
  • Ellen David as Detective Newcom
  • Cas Anvar as D.A. McBride
  • Vlasta Vrana as Judge Sheehan
  • Ian Finlay as Chief of Staff
  • Kathleen Fee as Mrs Lanyon
  • Carlo Mestroni as Terrance Gartrell
  • Ifan Meredith as Dr Arthur Lanyon
  • Patrick John Costello as Walter Swain
  • Susan Almgren as Mental Health Expert
  • Arthur Holden as Fowler
  • Gordon Masten as Bob Lanyon


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