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Ed Krassenstein/edithistory

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836905232 2018-04-17T15:14:49Z CambridgeBayWeather Adding {{pp-protected}} ([[WP:TW|TW]])
836905225 2018-04-17T15:14:45Z CambridgeBayWeather Protected "[[Ed Krassenstein]]": Persistent [[WP:Disruptive editing|disruptive editing]] ([Edit=Require autoconfirmed or confirmed access] (expires 15:14, 24 April 2018 (UTC)))
836711122 2018-04-16T12:16:02Z PorkchopGMX Reverted 1 edit by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by ClueBot NG. ([[WP:TW|TW]])
836711064 2018-04-16T12:15:23Z
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836585686 2018-04-15T17:52:05Z
836429434 2018-04-14T19:33:01Z rvv
836395651 2018-04-14T15:04:41Z
836395581 2018-04-14T15:04:08Z
836395392 2018-04-14T15:02:30Z Kinetic37 Reverted 2 edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last revision by Kinetic37. ([[WP:TW|TW]])
836395364 2018-04-14T15:02:13Z
836395341 2018-04-14T15:02:00Z
836395141 2018-04-14T15:00:24Z Kinetic37 Reverted to revision 836226255 by [[Special:Contributions/Edgar181|Edgar181]] ([[User talk:Edgar181|talk]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]])
836394891 2018-04-14T14:58:20Z 2600:1008:B169:B85:B8B5:3811:F654:11A9 Fixed a raid
836390148 2018-04-14T14:16:39Z
836226255 2018-04-13T13:11:24Z Edgar181 Reverted edits by [[Special:Contribs/|]] ([[User talk:|talk]]) to last version by
836208874 2018-04-13T10:23:29Z
836061809 2018-04-12T13:19:07Z listed on talk as stub class
836013797 2018-04-12T04:31:47Z Ohnoitsjamie afd
836008727 2018-04-12T03:33:39Z Attempted to present a less biased representation of facts regarding the persuasions of the individual
836002469 2018-04-12T02:26:54Z Trivialist removed [[Category:Twitter accounts]] using [[WP:HC|HotCat]]
836001787 2018-04-12T02:20:30Z Strikes me this is would be best done at AfD. He's received coverage on a variety of topics, so careful analysis of how that assorted coverage adds up against [[WP:GNG]] can take place best at an AfD.
835921364 2018-04-11T15:57:15Z Ohnoitsjamie prod
835830967 2018-04-11T01:25:04Z LovelyGirl7 /* References */ fix
835830921 2018-04-11T01:24:44Z LovelyGirl7 LovelyGirl7 moved page [[User:LovelyGirl7/Ed Krassenstein]] to [[Ed Krassenstein]]: as a start
835827262 2018-04-11T00:53:36Z LovelyGirl7 add
835825553 2018-04-11T00:38:57Z LovelyGirl7 /* Criticism of Donald Trump */ add
835825429 2018-04-11T00:37:51Z LovelyGirl7 /* Reactions */ add
835812210 2018-04-10T22:30:49Z LovelyGirl7 /* References */
835812081 2018-04-10T22:29:42Z LovelyGirl7
835806747 2018-04-10T21:51:28Z LovelyGirl7 /* Criticism of Donald Trump */Fix
835806325 2018-04-10T21:48:02Z LovelyGirl7 /* References */
835791382 2018-04-10T20:02:14Z Katolophyromai "[[United States]]" is probably better written out longhand.
835791222 2018-04-10T20:01:16Z Katolophyromai Calling him "a huge critic" is informal language and it may be a violation of [[WP:NPOV]]. I think this wording is more neutral and more encyclopedic.
835791011 2018-04-10T19:59:48Z Katolophyromai correcting grammar (By the way, an encyclopedia article should never use contractions; they are considered colloquial.
835790562 2018-04-10T19:56:26Z LovelyGirl7
835789883 2018-04-10T19:51:15Z LovelyGirl7 /* Criticism of Donald Trump */Add
835785066 2018-04-10T19:16:06Z LovelyGirl7 add
835783874 2018-04-10T19:07:59Z LovelyGirl7
835783807 2018-04-10T19:07:27Z LovelyGirl7 add
835782226 2018-04-10T18:55:50Z LovelyGirl7 /* Criticism of Donald Trump */ add
835781214 2018-04-10T18:47:51Z LovelyGirl7 add
835781127 2018-04-10T18:47:04Z LovelyGirl7 add
835768617 2018-04-10T17:13:20Z LovelyGirl7
835768316 2018-04-10T17:10:37Z LovelyGirl7 /* References */
835767924 2018-04-10T17:07:18Z LovelyGirl7
835767182 2018-04-10T17:01:09Z LovelyGirl7 Create draft