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oldid date/time username edit summary
843748700 2018-05-31T05:54:46Z Jmcgnh Nominated for deletion; see [[:Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Jamcracker (2nd nomination)]]. ([[WP:TW|TW]])
843628347 2018-05-30T11:28:56Z Resolved
843165000 2018-05-27T09:33:37Z Northamerica1000 Cleanup. Format.
842654748 2018-05-23T20:13:29Z Jmcgnh Undid revision 842428782 by [[Special:Contributions/Selvakum2008|Selvakum2008]] ([[User talk:Selvakum2008|talk]]) – this tag still applies, see discussion started under [[Talk:Jamcracker#Removed Promotional Content]]
842428782 2018-05-22T11:26:57Z Selvakum2008 //included reliable sources which shows the notability of Jamcracker//
842240963 2018-05-21T05:04:32Z Selvakum2008 Removed Promotional Content and included a reliable sources which provides notability of jamcracker
841887126 2018-05-18T18:29:33Z Diannaa remove copyright content copied from https://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/stories/2001/02/26/focus2.html
841881694 2018-05-18T17:48:38Z Jmcgnh /* maintenance tags */ these tags still apply; discuss on talk page [[Talk:Jamcracker#Notability]] before removing them again
841829231 2018-05-18T10:17:58Z Selvakum2008
841829197 2018-05-18T10:17:29Z Selvakum2008
841811480 2018-05-18T06:44:03Z Jmcgnh /* maintenance tags */ these tags still apply; please join in the discussion on the talk page before removing them again
841675846 2018-05-17T09:28:04Z Selvakum2008 /* External links */
841675771 2018-05-17T09:27:03Z Selvakum2008
841673830 2018-05-17T09:02:06Z
841673740 2018-05-17T09:01:04Z
841671988 2018-05-17T08:37:46Z CommonsDelinker Removing [[:c:File:Logo-jamcracker.png|Logo-jamcracker.png]], it has been deleted from Commons by [[:c:User:Túrelio|Túrelio]] because: [[:c:COM:L|Copyright violation]]: Taken from copyrighted corporate website https://www.jamcracker.com/.
841666601 2018-05-17T07:34:32Z Jmcgnh Undid revision 841663479 by [[Special:Contributions/Selvakum2008|Selvakum2008]] These tags still apply. Discuss on talk page if you disagree.
841663479 2018-05-17T06:59:06Z Selvakum2008
841662601 2018-05-17T06:49:48Z Selvakum2008 Promotional Content
841659728 2018-05-17T06:18:46Z Jmcgnh Added {{[[:Template:advert|advert]]}} tag to article ([[WP:TW|TW]])
841653988 2018-05-17T05:08:00Z Selvakum2008
841526702 2018-05-16T11:23:40Z Jubthomson
841526533 2018-05-16T11:22:11Z Jubthomson
841493714 2018-05-16T05:49:08Z Jmcgnh Added {{[[:Template:notability|notability]]}} tag to article ([[WP:TW|TW]])
841477655 2018-05-16T03:03:41Z CASSIOPEIA Cleaning up accepted [[Wikipedia:Articles for creation|Articles for creation]] submission ([[WP:AFCH|AFCH]] 0.9)
841477648 2018-05-16T03:03:38Z CASSIOPEIA CASSIOPEIA moved page [[Draft:Jamcracker]] to [[Jamcracker]]: Publishing accepted [[Wikipedia:Articles for creation|Articles for creation]] submission ([[WP:AFCH|AFCH]] 0.9)
841477426 2018-05-16T03:01:34Z CASSIOPEIA adding background section and creating lead section
841477118 2018-05-16T02:58:30Z CASSIOPEIA low cap
841476997 2018-05-16T02:57:20Z CASSIOPEIA fixing wiki link - see [[MOS:LINKS]]
841476398 2018-05-16T02:51:28Z CASSIOPEIA direct - concise
841476324 2018-05-16T02:50:39Z CASSIOPEIA Marking submission as under review ([[WP:AFCH|AFCH]] 0.9)
841251187 2018-05-14T19:35:23Z KylieTastic reflist
841150137 2018-05-14T09:09:26Z Johnkatrick
841149966 2018-05-14T09:07:23Z Selvakum2008
841141739 2018-05-14T07:35:59Z
820156999 2018-01-13T10:22:55Z Vincent60030 Declining submission: nn - Submission is about a topic not yet shown to meet general notability guidelines (be more specific if possible) ([[WP:AFCH|AFCH]] 0.9)
816301727 2017-12-20T14:17:00Z Onel5969 Disambiguating links to [[CIO]] (link changed to [[Chief information officer]]) using [[User:Qwertyytrewqqwerty/DisamAssist|DisamAssist]].
810755587 2017-11-17T06:19:30Z Johnkatrick
810755565 2017-11-17T06:19:17Z Johnkatrick
810747995 2017-11-17T04:56:30Z Majora And that one is copied from https://www.tieeco.org/company/show/jamcracker-inc?page=115-7299
810747631 2017-11-17T04:53:34Z Majora /* History */ Whole paragraph taken directly from https://blog.leadmaster.com/2011/10/
810686265 2017-11-16T20:27:52Z Theroadislong Declining submission: adv - Submission reads like an advertisement ([[WP:AFCH|AFCH]] 0.9)
810611278 2017-11-16T09:56:05Z Johnkatrick
810453034 2017-11-15T09:51:07Z Johnkatrick
804685263 2017-10-10T14:32:22Z Onel5969 Disambiguating links to [[CIO]] (link changed to [[Chief information officer]]) using [[User:Qwertyytrewqqwerty/DisamAssist|DisamAssist]].
804199375 2017-10-07T12:33:56Z JSFarman Declining submission: corp - Submission is about a company or organization not yet shown to meet notability guidelines ([[WP:AFCH|AFCH]] 0.9)
804019815 2017-10-06T05:06:42Z Johnkatrick
803747461 2017-10-04T11:01:51Z Johnkatrick
803725616 2017-10-04T06:47:26Z Johnkatrick
803713058 2017-10-04T04:05:35Z Johnkatrick
803591777 2017-10-03T12:32:09Z Johnkatrick
801774304 2017-09-21T19:31:21Z SwisterTwister Declining submission: corp - Submission is about a company or organization not yet shown to meet notability guidelines ([[WP:AFCH|AFCH]] 0.9)
801534278 2017-09-20T07:26:37Z Johnkatrick
801522678 2017-09-20T05:04:28Z Johnkatrick
801391613 2017-09-19T11:35:02Z Johnkatrick /* History */
801389517 2017-09-19T11:14:53Z Johnkatrick
801360523 2017-09-19T06:12:24Z Narutolovehinata5 Commenting on submission ([[WP:AFCH|AFCH]] 0.9)
801350920 2017-09-19T04:37:10Z Johnkatrick
801222080 2017-09-18T12:30:06Z Johnkatrick [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with '{{Infobox company | name = Jamcracker, Inc. | foundation = 1999 | founder = K.B. Chandrasekhar | location_city = [[Santa Clara, CA]...'