List of Big Brother (Australian TV series) season 6 housemates

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The following is a list of housemates who were contestants on 2006's Australian Big Brother:



Anna Lind-Hansen (born 16 September 1985) is a PA and promotional model from Frankston, in Melbourne, Victoria. She entered the house on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series. She was taken to the Revenge Room with Camilla on Day 9 as part of a fake Double Eviction. From the Revenge Room, they enacted revenge on the housemates who had nominated them by being allowed to control elements of the House such as when the hot water was turned off. They were allowed to return to the rest of the House on Day 11. After returning from the Revenge Room, Anna seemed to form a tighter bond with the men in the House. She was the 4th evicted from the house on Day 29 with 25% of the merged vote. Her catchphrase whilst in the house was "Game on, moles" She later admitted on Big Brother UpLate that she forgot she had said the line. Anna appeared on the cover of the August 2006 issue of Ralph.


Michael Cox, was the third Michael of three Michaels to enter the house. Although he used a pseudo name because Michael McCoy, who enter the house first took the name Michael. Known to the public as Ashley before his removal from the House (born 4 March 1986) is a bricklayer from Rockingham, Western Australia, of part Italian descent. He entered the House on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series. Many housemates perceived Ashley like a little brother. He was often seen in the House talking about cars, a passion of his. Ashley revealed on Day 33 that he had never met his brother and sister and finding them was part of the reason why he participated in Big Brother. Ashley was saved from being up for eviction in the first week by Gaelan, who used his Three Point Twist received from winning Friday Night Live; he was later saved from the eviction line-up by David exercising his Three Point Twist. On Day 70 (1 July 2006) at approximately 4:30 a.m., it is alleged Ashley slapped his penis on Camilla's face while John held her down. Later that day, Ashley and John were removed from the House under escort due to their breach of the rules. Queensland Police were informed of the incident but do not plan to pursue the matter.[1] During his time in the House, Ashley had been up for eviction only once. While all former 2006 Big Brother housemates and intruders were all reunited for the 2006 Finale, disqualified housemates, Ashley and John were not invited to attend and participate.[2]


Camilla Severi (alias "Camilla Halliwell", now "Camilla Harper"[3]), born 28 October 1983, in South Africa, is a student and nightclub host from Rowville, Melbourne and was the runner-up of Big Brother 2006. She entered the House on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series. She was evicted from the house on Day 9 along with Anna when they received the most nominations in a special 'Most Annoying' vote by hous a hidden room—accessible via the eviction exit passageway—called the Revenge Room. Upon their arrival they were shown the nominations for 'most annoying' housemate. Camilla reacted particularly badly to Tilli's nomination in which Tilli described Camilla as "forced and fake". Big Brother gave the two housemates control on the house and allowed them to enact revenge on their housemates. After being slated for eviction, which resulted in a nickname of 'the Veteran' from her fellow housemates, she was up for eviction in Weeks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12 and 14. This was the most nominations with nine towards one housemate beating Bree Amer's eight nominations. She was up for eviction every week she was eligible except for Week 8 and Week 11. (she was immune from nomination in Week 2 after her false eviction in Week 1, she was initially nominated in Week 13, but was removed from the eviction line-up after Jamie took 3 points off her.) On Day 70, Camilla was involved in an incident where she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Ashley and John[4] who were removed from the house as a result of their actions. During The Prize Fight, Big Brother told Camilla before a game that she was the worst performer in the history of Friday Night Live, being eliminated in the 1st round 8 times. However, she did come runner-up on the World Cup Night along with eventual winner David. In October 2006, Camilla relocated to Brisbane where she became part of the breakfast team with B105. Camilla has given birth to baby boy Charlie with the B105 sound technician, Glen Krohn. Camilla received the most fines whilst isolated in the Big Brother house; totalling $105,000 Camilla left radio station B105 (now Hit 105) in 2011, to take up an opportunity with on Breakfast with Nova in Brisbane. This did not go well, and she left that station quickly.[5] She remained with that network, presenting on a digital only channel, "Koffee".[6] Ultimately, she moved to Bali, and has settled down there. She gave a revealing recorded interview to Meshel Laurie, in 2015.[7]


Chris Everden (born 22 December 1983) is a 22-year-old musician from Sydney, New South Wales. He entered the House on Day 80 (11 July) as one of two replacement housemates who entered the House after the removal of John and Ashley. He is into punk/rock music, and bands like Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, and The Used. Chris was evicted in a Surprise Eviction on a Wednesday, on Day 95 (26 July), with 69% of the merged vote.

Claire Madden[edit]

Claire Madden (born 17 June 1983) is a big cat zookeeper from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She entered the House on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series. She entertained the House with various original songs, as housemates are forbidden to sing any commercial music. Claire is a vegetarian and is concerned about conservation of the environment. When asked during Housemates on Trial if she would eat meat to win the prize money, she said she wouldn't, and the Layered Voice Analysis said she was telling the truth. This was in response to her saying on Launch that she would eat meat for a million dollars, the amount of money the winner would have won had the housemates not incurred any fines. Claire was nominated for eviction in Week 2. She was also put up for potential nomination in the Under the Radar vote but did not receive enough audience votes to be nominated for eviction. Claire won Friday Night Live in Week 9, and took Rob to the Rewards Room because he was the only housemate, other than the recently arrived Intruders, who had never been in there. She used her Three Point Twist on David during the following Monday's Nominations, however this failed to remove him from the line-up. The reduction in his points put him into a third place tie with Camilla, so David remained up for eviction while Camilla was added to the eviction line-up. Claire was born in Geelong, but at a young age, relocated to the Gold Coast where she completed the majority of her primary and secondary education. Claire was evicted from the house on Day 92, with 49% of the merged vote. On leaving the house she met Jamie Brooksby's (fellow housemate, eventual winner of the series) brother, Jon. Claire and Jon have been dating ever since. Claire travelled to Borneo in June 2007 to produce her first wildlife documentary exploring the plight of the orangutan. This production was sponsored by Kumuka travel (a sponsor of Big Brother). Since leaving the big brother house Claire has been named an ambassador for numerous wildlife charities including WWF (World Wildlife Fund), AOP (Australian Orangutan Project) and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. She has created her own website


Danielle Foote (born 8 June 1987) was a host of Supre TV from Adelaide. Danielle was the third Intruder to enter the House on Day 24, the other two being Rob and Jade. She was the youngest housemate of Big Brother 2006. Danielle became romantically involved with Dino after Katie's 20th birthday party. However, she had told other housemates such as John and Michael that she had similar feelings for John. The situation was openly described as being a love triangle by several housemates, but this situation came to a halt with Dino's eviction on Day 43, after which John refused to pursue Danielle.

Dani's 19th birthday was on Day 47. During her party, she was speaking without her microphone which was discarded when she changed clothes. Because of this, she spent the remainder of her birthday in the Punishment Room cleaning dirty dentures, themed by the Scream Week task and her Scream Week-themed birthday party.

Danielle was nominated for eviction with Camilla and Rob and was the 8th person evicted from the House on Day 50, receiving 44% of the merged vote. The night after her eviction she was on the Nominations show, Dino was also on the show as a special guest. The two made up and made it clear that "everything was alright" between them.

In August 2006, Danielle managed to have a #41 hit single in Australia with a cover version of the 1988 Underworld song "Underneath The Radar". The song was also performed on the final eviction show for Big Brother Series 2006.


Darren Bowley (born 14 August 1986) is a 20-year-old student from Brisbane, Queensland. He was an Intruder housemate, taking the place of intended Intruder Gina who failed to report to lockdown at the allocated time, entering the house on Day 60 (21 June). On entering the House, Darren initially disliked Perry, John, and Jamie, but developed a strong bond with David. Darren was nominated for eviction in Week 11, but David removed him from the line-up using the Three Point Twist. Darren won the third Friday Night Live he participated in, themed "Yankee Doodle Night", and asked David if he wished to go to the rewards room with him, but David replied "Just because you're a guy, doesn't mean I want to bonk you"; and Darren decided to take Krystal to the Rewards Room. Darren was nominated for eviction on Week 12 along with David and Camilla. He used the Three Point Twist to deduct three points from himself. This reduction in his nomination points tally brought him into the third-place tied position with Krystal, so he remained up for eviction and Krystal was added to the eviction line-up. Darren was the last of the second set of Intruders to leave the house on Day 85, with 73% of the merged vote, the highest merged eviction percentage of the series.


David Graham (born 28 August 1979) is a farmer and former model from Goondiwindi, Queensland. David entered the house on Day 0 with the rest of the original housemates of the series. David revealed to the housemates he was gay on Day 4. David bonded immediately with Camilla (although she was upset when he and Tilli kissed as a joke soon after he revealed he was gay), and later Intruder Rob joined their group. David was happy to have another gay man in the house, and they remained close until Rob's eviction. He bonded with Michael, and was visibly upset after learning Michael had lied to the housemates repeatedly as the Insider. Michael and David were still close enough that the blurred lines of their friendship led David to ask Michael if he was gay. Soon after, Michael led other housemates to believe David had stolen their toothbrushes. This led to some heated arguments until after Michael's eviction, when Big Brother told them Michael was the culprit. David and Camilla also grew somewhat apart as time went on. Due to his feeling that Camilla was playing nice with other housemates to avoid being nominated by them, David nominated her in Week 10, a decision that caused him some anguish. David eventually became very good friends with Claire, despite of some ideological differences (she was a vegetarian, he was a sheep farmer). David also had an initially close friendship with Intruder Darren. David won Friday Night Live in Week 7, won a trip to Vietnam and took Camilla to the rewards room; he took the 3 points off Ashley, even though he himself was up for nomination. He said only a "jerk" would take points from himself. David won again in Week 10, took Perry to the rewards room (she was runner-up in the game), and won a trip to Thailand. David was up for eviction in Weeks 4, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 13. He was originally nominated in Week 5, but Gaelan removed three points from him, clearing him from the eviction line-up. In Week 11 David again used his Three Point Twist on someone else (Darren) in spite of being up for nomination himself. This act successfully removed Darren from the eviction line-up.

David was evicted on Day 99 along with Max as part of a Double Eviction the day before the Finale. David had more 'save' votes than eventual series winner Jamie, but was still evicted, as Jamie had less 'evict' votes than David, with the final tally coming out in Jamie's favour. As David was entering the auditorium, a male audience member ran towards David, but was tackled to the ground by Dreamworld security officers. It was later revealed that the man was a friend of David's, and he was wanting to inform him that the Melbourne Demons had clinched an AFL Finals spot. During the eviction David was reunited with his boyfriend Sherif, whom he met four weeks before entering the house. The reunion was an emotional one, with David clearly overwhelmed by the audience’s positive response and the fact that his boyfriend of only four weeks had waited for him after three months of separation.

Some of David's photos had been stolen from his home, and somebody tried to sell one on eBay. The auction was closed early by eBay, and police looked into the matter.

David was the winner of Australia's Brainiest BB06 Housemate.

He was a competitor in the current series of Dancing with the Stars, but was voted out on 10 April 2007. He currently runs a business trading as Farmer Dave Dog Centre, as well as making occasional appearances on television programs such as the Australian edition of Ready Steady Cook. Also featured on the ABC's Australian Story


Dino Delic (born 9 April 1984) is a business marketing student from Melbourne, Victoria. Dino moved to Australia as a refugee with his family in 1992 from Bosnia via Germany after escaping war there. He was the seventh housemate to be evicted from the house on Day 43 along with Jade, attracting 5% of the merged vote. During his stay in the house, Dino attracted much attention for what many viewers perceived as arrogant comments made about fellow housemates. After his eviction, Dino denied these allegations. After being evicted he was shown footage depicting the growing attraction between Danielle and John that developed simultaneous to his flirtatious relationship with her. Dino stated that he regretted never clarifying with Danielle that he did not see their relationship as serious, claiming that he felt John and Danielle made a good couple and that he did not wish to stand in their way. His closest friends in the house were John, Michael, and Jamie. Jamie was clearly distraught by Dino's departure from the house. His most memorable moment was spending half a day within 5 metres of Camilla as a dare, which created much distress and confusion for some housemates and amusement and laughter for the others. Dino was comically titled the "arrogant wanker" on Rove Live, a title which he seemed proud to carry. Since leaving the house, his relationship with Dani has ended.

Elise Chen[edit]

Elise Chen (born 26 November 1984) is a student and financial analyst from Sydney, New South Wales. She moved to Australia when she was 5 years old and did not speak a word of English. She entered the house on Day 0 with all of the original housemates. During the Friday Night Live games, she was mocked on numerous occasions by co-host Ryan Fitzgerald and host Mike Goldman, though their comments may be interpreted as jokes. Throughout her stay she was seen as one of the quieter housemates and this quietness was regarded as a major contributor to her nomination and subsequent eviction in the second week. On her Eviction Night, she did not attract the most evict votes out of the five housemates up for eviction, but she received less save votes than the other housemates. She attended Fort Street High School in Petersham, New South Wales and later attended the University of New South Wales. She was employed to commence her traineeship position as an analyst at prestigious investment bank Goldman Sachs just before she entered the house.


Gaelan Walker (born 25 December 1979) is a carpenter and model from Melbourne, Victoria. He entered the House on Day 0 along with the original housemates. He formed a relationship with Krystal. Gaelan was only ever up for eviction once, in Week 10. Before the week of his eviction, Gaelan had only ever received 1 nomination point. Gaelan's nomination came from only two housemates, Camilla and David, with Camilla suggesting Gaelan was going Under the Radar and purposely avoiding conflict to win the game. While Gaelan was often perceived to be most popular with the public by his fellow housemates, he was in fact the least popular original housemate. While in the house, Gaelan frequently acted as a comedian, which is what led his housemates to believe that he was popular with the viewers. However, most of Gaelen's "comedy" and language was too racy for the show's 7pm time slot, leading to him being perceived by viewers as something of a non-entity who rarely appeared on the daily show (as edited by Gaelan). He was evicted on Day 71[8] with 48% of the merged public vote. He also appeared on an episode of The Wedge as Lucy's new boyfriend. Gaelan is a supporter of the Melbourne Victory football club.


Jade Stack (born 30 November 1986) is a student from the suburb of Penrith, New South Wales. She entered the house on Day 24 with the two other Intruders Rob and Danielle. She entered the house second after Rob and was given an incredibly enthusiastic reception by the women in the house. However, some time after Danielle entered the house Jade began to feel isolated from the rest of the house. She was given the task as the new Insider on Day 24 after the previous Insider, Michael, had his role revealed by Big Brother to the housemates. Jade was the 6th housemate evicted from the house on Day 42 with 8% of the merged vote. Dino was evicted the same night, it being a Double Eviction.


Jamie Brooksby (born 28 June 1983) is a personal trainer from Claremont, Perth, Western Australia and was the winner of Big Brother 2006. He entered the house on Day 0 with the other 14 original housemates. He formed a romantic relationship with fellow housemate Katie. Jamie was up for eviction for the first time in Week 8, but Katie was evicted. He was then up for eviction the following week and again survived. Jamie was banned from nominating other housemates in Week 10 as a punishment for repeated rule-breaking including what Big Brother considered as Jamie discussing nominations (in particular, who nominated whom). The rules of the show ban any discussion about nominations to prevent housemate alliances from forming.

Jamie largely avoided conflict with fellow housemates. He admitted to not washing his underpants for over three months. He was compared to Ben Stiller's character Derek Zoolander from the movie Zoolander, not only because of his constant need to check his hair, but also because of his voice and his frequent usage of the word 'like.' A Big Brother show once showed a clip in which the amount of 'like's Jamie used in a thirty-second discussion were tallied: eight. Although picked by Centrebet to be the runner-up, Jamie won Big Brother 2006 with 53% of the merged vote. He received $426,000 as the winner of the series. He joked that he would spend the money on a solid gold house and a rocket car, as Chester Lampwick did in The Simpsons episode The Day the Violence Died. On the night he was announced as winner, Jamie was reunited with Katie, and the pair proclaimed their love for one another.

Katie had heard little from Jamie since the finale,[9] until 22 August when Jamie spent 24 hours in the window of Myer Melbourne as part of a Bonds underwear promotion, and Katie spent some of the time with him. He returned to Perth on 30 August 2006, for five days.

Preceded by
Greg Mathew
Big Brother Australia winner
Series 6 (2006)
Succeeded by
Aleisha Cowcher


Michael Bric, known as John before his removal from the House, (born 2 May 1985) is a Media and Communications student from Melbourne. He is of Austrian and Brazilian descent. Along with Krystal, he was voted as going "Under the Radar" by the public on Day 38, and was subsequently put up for eviction later that week, but survived the vote. He has slight facial twitches and tics, and early in the series told the housemates that he had a mild case of Tourette syndrome; although he later claimed he does not believe that he has it.[10] John won "Pommy Night", an English-themed Friday Night Live on Day 55, and took Claire to the Rewards Room. On Day 70 (1 July 2006) John, and Ashley, were removed from the House for breach of rules, after alleged sexual misconduct against Camilla. Queensland Police were notified of the incident but decided to not pursue the case.[11] While being held in isolation immediately after his removal, John expressed a desire to leave the country to visit relatives in Austria in order to escape the negative publicity.[12] While all former 2006 Big Brother housemates and intruders were all reunited for the 2006 Finale, disqualified housemates, Ashley and John were not invited to attend and participate.[2]


Karen Forscutt (born 19 August 1969) is a postal worker from Batemans Bay, New South Wales. She entered the house on Day 0 with her daughter Krystal and was immediately given the task along with daughter Krystal to keep their relationship a secret. They successfully passed the task and so were immune from nominations the following week. In Week 3, Karen stated that she was sick of the game and was disappointed when Big Brother told the housemates that they were not guaranteed prizes. Her negative reaction to this provoked some of her housemates to nominate her for eviction that week. She was the clear favourite to leave that week and did so becoming the 3rd evicted from the house on Day 21 with 36% of the merged vote. She had been described as a hippy mother in compilation footage shown to viewers of the series.


Katie Hastings (born 23 May 1986) is a promotional model from Perth, Western Australia, of part Norwegian descent. Katie entered the house on Day 0 and formed a romantic relationship with fellow housemate Jamie. She won Friday Night Live on Day 41, and chose to take Jamie to the Rewards Room with her. In Week 7, Camilla, Rob, and Danielle were up for eviction. Katie used her Three Point Twist on Camilla, but the eviction line-up did not change. She was up for eviction in Week 8 with David and Jamie, and despite being one of the more popular housemates with the public and an early contender for winner, she stated that she wanted to be the contestant to leave so she then became the 9th evictee, leaving the house on Day 57 . Katie was reunited with Jamie at the Finale where they declared their love for one another. Katie was considered one of the top ten most popular contestants of all time with her quick banner and care free attitude.

Katie and Jamie broke up shortly after the show. Rumours circulated that Jamie was unfaithful to Katie but Katie would not confirm or deny the rumours.

Katie appeared on the 2007 Kath & Kim episode "Work", as Kel Knight's (Glenn Robbins) butcher apprentice. Katie also appeared on a number of other TV shows including Rove Live and The Brainiest House Mate. Katie modelled for Pirate bikinis and men magazines after the show.

Katie left the entertainment industry and went back to university where she was granted an invite into the Golden Key Society as she made the top 10% of students. She now is an International Manager for a Global Company and is rumoured to be engaged to the companies Lawyer who works in the same field.


Krystal Forscutt (born 12 July 1986) is a promotional model from Batemans Bay, New South Wales. She entered the house at the beginning of the series with her mother Karen, who have both had matching breast implants, and they were given the task of keeping their relationship a secret for a week. Day ? They successfully passed the task and were immune from nominations the following week. Krystal was subsequently up for eviction in Weeks 3, 4, 6, 10, 11, 12, and 13. In Week 6, Danielle used her Three Point Twist on Krystal, removing her from the eviction line-up, however in that week the public voted her as Under the Radar, and was put up for eviction. While in the house Krystal entered a relationship with Gaelan. Krystal was injured during Day 62's Friday Night Games. She had to leave the Friday Night Live arena and was treated by a doctor in the spare room, receiving nine stitches under her chin. Due to her injuries she was told it was best to sit out for the next Friday Night Live, instead being given Chinese food while she sat out, watching the games from inside the arena. Krystal's birthday was on 12 July 2006 (Day 81), and she had a Pirate-themed party, revelating around the task they had at the time. She was also given a chocolate fountain. Krystal was evicted in a double eviction (along with Claire) on Day 92, with 34% of the merged vote.

Krystal appeared on the cover of the June Issue of Ralph magazine as well as appearing on the cover of The Shed three times. She has secured a 12-month contract with lad's mag Zoo Weekly where she will write a regular column, feature in TV campaigns and appear on the cover of a late August 2006 issue.[13]


Lauren Clayton (born 15 October 1983) is a 22-year-old makeup artist from New South Wales. She entered the House as an Intruder on Day 60 (21 June), and was evicted on Day 64 in a Housemate-Intruder vote. She revealed in her introduction package that she is bisexual, this is something her mother in the audience did not know prior to watching it. Lauren broke two records while being in the house: she spent the shortest ever time in the Big Brother House (4 days), and she was the only Big Brother Australia housemate not to receive any fines since the concept came into action in 2005.


James Panebianco, known on Big Brother as Max, is a 20 year old café operator from Sydney, New South Wales. He resides in Sydney's western suburbs and his parents are of Italian heritage. He entered the house on Day 80 (11 July) as a replacement housemate, and took with him a gift for Perry, but he was put in lockdown before she was evicted. The gift was a T-shirt that read "Let's not spoil the moment by talking". Camilla could later be seen wearing the T-shirt. Max was evicted on Day 99 in the Final Sunday Eviction, with 10% of the merged vote.

Max's father owns a café at the University of Sydney, and several members of the family run the business.

Michael McCoy[edit]

Michael McCoy (born 16 June 1980) is a political science student from Sydney, New South Wales. He is of Anglo-Celtic and Filipino descent. Michael was the first housemate to enter the Big Brother House this year.

On Day 2, he was given the task of the Insider by Big Brother, having been chosen by the viewing public. If he succeeded in his tasks, he would be immune from being nominated, but if he failed he would automatically be put up for eviction.

He failed his first mission within minutes of being assigned the task, which was to secretly spill water on a bed that was occupied by two housemates. Michael opted to spill water on Gaelan's bed, which at the time was only used by Gaelan himself. Because of that, and because he also didn't empty the whole bottle, he was awarded his first strike. Soon after, he was given other missions, one of which was to be nominated by at least eight of his fellow housemates in the next round of nominations. To complete this mission he fabricated a story about a custody issue concerning his young son Reuben, claiming he wanted to leave the house to concentrate on this issue. After Big Brother revealed to the other housemates that Michael was the Insider, and that the Reuben story was pure fiction, Michael faced a strong backlash from several housemates angry at being duped in this way, especially from Anna, who had little contact with her father, and David, who was angry at the depth and complexity of the lies Michael had told. It was revealed on Michael's eviction night that Reuben is the name of one of Michael's real life friends.

Despite no longer being the Insider, Michael continued to cause conflict in Week 5, hiding cutlery as well as hiding the housemates' toothbrushes from them, never revealing their locations even after he had been evicted, attempting to create doubts as to whether or not there is another insider inside the house besides Michael. He was the 5th housemate to be evicted from the house on Day 36, with 20% of the merged vote.

The day after he was evicted, Michael appeared on the Nominations show and had a heated discussion with Gretel Killeen about the producers' editing regarding a scene where Michael and housemate David appeared to be kissing. The outfall resulted in media attention and the interview with Gretel was later labelled "The Gretel Incident" by some fans due to Gretel's hostile interviewing tactics during the scene. The show initially refused to broadcast the footage of the alleged kiss, but relented after pressure from Michael and Big Brother fans. The footage revealed that Michael and housemate David did not kiss, despite Gretel insisting during the interview that they did kiss.

The day after this incident Michael appeared on Rove Live. When asked about "The Gretel Incident", Michael suggested that Friday Night Live and Big Brother UpLate host Mike Goldman, or Friday Night Live co-host and former housemate Ryan Fitzgerald, would be better hosts of Big Brother than Gretel Killeen.

Not long after being evicted, Michael was involved in a brawl with music student Tristan Bauer, allegedly punching him in the head at the Eastern Hotel in Bondi Junction, Sydney. Mr. Bauer claimed that the attack was unprovoked, although Michael's agency, Harry M. Miller, has stated that he only reacted after 'homophobic' comments had been made in his direction. Michael was never formally charged with any offence.[14]

As has become custom over the history of the show, Michael appeared along with all the other 2006 housemates on the Rove Live episode of the week of the final. Michael was asked if he had any regrets. His response was that he regretted that John and Ashley were not on the show and questioned Rove as to why he did not have them on the show.


Perry Apostolou (born 4 March 1967) is a 41-year-old estate agent from New South Wales. She is a single mother of one and is of Greek descent. Perry entered the House on Day 60 (21 June). As of that date she had become the oldest housemate on Big Brother Australia yet, as well as being the one hundredth housemate on the series. In Week 10 Perry was runner up in Friday Night Games. David won and took her to the rewards room. In Week 11 Perry was nominated for eviction, and then she was evicted on Day 78.[15] Perry had attracted 64% of the merged vote. Three of the housemates who had nominated Perry (Camilla, Jamie and Krystal) later told Big Brother that they regretted nominating her.

Rob Rigley[edit]

Rob Rigley (born 18 July 1979) is a hairdresser from Wollongong, New South Wales. He is of Anglo-Celtic and Lebanese descent. He entered the house on Day 24 as an Intruder, along with Danielle and Jade, and the fact that he was gay was quickly the topic of conversation between Camilla and David, creating friendships between them that lasted the entirety of his stay in the house. He was fast to instill doubt within other housemates as to the honesty of Michael. Rob was perceived by some in the house, especially Michael as bitchy, but others as warm and amusing. He had an increasingly tense relationship with Michael and Jamie until they made peace in Week 9. He was up for eviction in Week 7 and Week 9, where he was evicted on Day 64, and was the last of the first set of Intruders to leave the house. On Rove the following week, Rove offered to cut Rob's mullet. Rob agreed as long as it was for charity. When he tried to cut it however, Rove was unable to get the scissors through his hair.


Tilli Elspeth Clapham, (born 18 August 1986) is a Psychology student from Adelaide Hills, South Australia. She entered the House on Day 0 with all the original housemates and was straight away seen to be bitchy. Tilli kissed housemate David on Day 4 soon after he came out, which caused conflict with Camilla, who was still recovering from the realisation that David was not attracted to her because he was gay. When prompted in the Diary Room about who she found annoying, Tilli commented that Camilla was "forced and fake", which Camilla eventually saw replayed back to her when she was in the Revenge Room. Tilli was the first evictee, leaving the House on Day 14 with 20% of the merged vote along with Elise in a Double Eviction.


Gina, from New South Wales, was intended as the sixteenth original housemate, but withdrew from the show at the last minute (before the series began) due to a diagnosis of glandular fever. She was given a second opportunity to enter the House as one of the Intruders that entered the house on 21 June's Intruders - Incoming show, but she did not arrive for lockdown at the Gold Coast as arranged, so she was replaced by Darren, a stand-by housemate.[16]


A few housemates have sustained moderate celebrity status since the series ended. Claire will begin her own environmental show (filmed in Borneo), Krystal was a contestant on the 2007 season of It Takes Two, David was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars from February to April 2007. Additionally, Camilla hosted a breakfast radio show in Brisbane. Danielle recorded a single "Underneath The Radar" and had minor chart success in Australia.[2]


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