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In total, nine house guests entered the house on the twelfth edition of American reality television series USA Big Brother where the house guests were on camera 24 hours a day. Each week, one or more of the house guests was evicted by votes from the remaining house guests until only one remained and was crowned the winner.


Andrew Gordon (born April 29, 1971), 45 (39 at the time), is a podiatrist from Miami Beach, Florida. He practices Modern Orthodox Judaism. He describes himself as “stubborn, spontaneous and sneaky.” His favorite activities include video games, poker, watching football, swimming and going to Toys R Us. The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Gordon will be missing his daughter and “not watching ESPN daily.” He hates “snakes, heights, beauty (it can control me) and Rabbis scare me (self guilt).” Andrew's major game play was to lie about his age (claimed to be 34) and his occupation (told the HouseGuests he was a shoe salesman). During his final plea, Andrew left with guns blazing and revealed that Kristen and Hayden were a couple and had been making out while he was sleeping in the same room. He was evicted in Week 3 by a vote of 8-0 against Kathy. Andrew was in an alliance with Brendon and Rachel prior to his eviction but also befriended Hayden and Kathy. During the live eviction on August 5, Andrew was mentioned both by Kristen during her eviction speech and Brendon during his eviction vote.


Annie Whittington (born March 13, 1983), 33 (27 at the time), is a bartender from New Orleans, Louisiana. Annie describes herself as “outgoing, over dramatic and loyal.” Her favorite activities include “anything that involves adrenaline, heights, nature, laughter and fun.” The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Annie is “being stuck in the house no matter what.” Annie came out as bisexual revealing to Ragan that she has had a girlfriend for over a year. She also had an alliance and friendship with Brendon but after Brendon chose his girlfriend, Rachel over Annie, the alliance was broken. On July 15, she was revealed to America as the Saboteur and was also the first houseguest voted out by a vote of 10 to 0. During her final plea speech before the eviction, Annie revealed that Brendon lied about his occupation and also is one of the strongest competitors and stated that Brendon will take Rachel to the end just like Jeff and Jordan from last season.


Brendon Josef Villegas (born July 2, 1980), 36 (30 at the time), is a high school swim coach from Riverside, California. He later revealed to the houseguests that he also has a Master's Degree in Physics and is now working on his Ph.D in the same field. He was also in a showmance with fellow houseguest Rachel. . He describes himself as “fun, driven and intelligible” and enjoys “running, basketball, swimming and cycling.” The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house for Brendon is the lack of privacy and he hates mean-spirited people. In week five he was put up for eviction alongside his show-mantic partner Rachel by HOH Matt. In week 6, he won HOH and nominated Lane and Ragan. Brendon was nominated by Britney in week 7, alongside Enzo, however he saved himself when he won the POV and Matt replaced him as a nominee. Before HouseGuest Matt was evicted it was announced that it was double eviction day. Brendon and Ragan were nominated by Hayden for eviction, but after Ragan won the power of veto, Brendon was evicted over replacement nominee Britney by a vote of 3-0. Brendon became the 4th Big Brother Jury member this season after the immediate eviction of Matt. Brendon voted for Lane to win Big Brother. Brendon, along with Rachel, also appeared on Big Brother 13 and finished in 9th place. On Day 35, he was evicted. Again, on Day 48, he was re-evicted. Brendon appeared on The Amazing Race. He came in 3rd place along with Rachel on The Amazing Race 20 and 24.


Britney Elizabeth Haynes (born August 23, 1987), 31 (22 - 23 at the time), is a hotel sales manager from Huntington, Arkansas. She graduated from Mansfield High School in 2005. She is a huge Britney Spears fan. Before being cast for Big Brother 12, Britney was a semi-finalist for the 2004 Miss Teen Arkansas beauty pageant. She describes herself as “argumentative, comedic and opinionated” and loves to travel, argue, take her dog on walks, cook and clean. The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house for Britney is “sharing a bathroom and pretending to laugh at dumb comments.” Britney and her closest ally in the house, Monet, usually spent their spare time "talking smack about the other houseguests", mainly Andrew, Brendon, Rachel, and Kristen. Britney revealed on the live feeds that she had seen Rachel during semi-finals of the show. Britney is most noted for her entertaining and comical Diary Room sessions. Britney has a very close alliance and friendship with fellow houseguest, Lane. Their close relationship in the house has led many viewers to believe that they are the "life-long friends" in which the Saboteur had used in one of its messages in order to stir up paranoia among the houseguests. Britney has repeatedly described her relationship/friendship with Lane as a "brotherly/sisterly" type relationship; however, there have been some brief moments where they have engaged in flirting with one another. Aside from Lane and Monet, Britney was also good friends with Hayden and Ragan, her gossip partner, but was also friendly with Matt and Kathy. Britney's enemy in the house was Rachel. During week 2, both Britney and Monet were put on the block for eviction, however, Britney won the POV competition and vetoed her own nomination. In her place, Rachel put Matt up on the block, but ultimately, Britney's closest ally, Monet, was evicted. Britney won POV two times in a row in Week 4 and Week 5. As a result of Kathy's eviction in week 6, Britney was the last female competitor in the house. After Kathy's eviction, Britney won the HOH for week 7 and nominated Enzo and Brendon, but after Brendon won the POV, Matt became the nominee with Matt being evicted by a unanimous vote of 4-0. During double eviction week, Hayden became HOH for the second time and nominated Ragan and Brendon for eviction. However, Ragan won his second POV, and vetoed himself off the block. Hayden chose Britney as the immediate replacement nominee next to Brendon. However, Brendon was evicted over Britney by a unanimous vote of 3-0. In week 9, Britney won $10,000 during a Luxury Competition. In week 9, Britney was nominated alongside her friend/ally, Lane by the HOH, Hayden. Britney was evicted on day 67 by a single vote cast by Enzo and placed 4th and became the 6th member of the Big Brother Jury. Britney voted for Lane to win Big Brother. On finale night, Britney was awarded the $25,000 America's Favorite HouseGuest prize. Britney was later notified that part of her then-fiance's house had burned down shortly before the season finale.

Since the show, Britney ended her relationship with Nick, whom she was engaged to during her summer on Big Brother 12. On March 18, 2012, she married her high school sweetheart, Ryan Godwin. They welcomed their daughter, Tilly Elizabeth Godwin, on July 13, 2013.[1] On January 15, 2015, Britney gave birth to her 2nd daughter.

In 2012, Britney entered Big Brother 14 to compete for her own separate prize as a "coach" or mentor, along with 3 other returning house guests from past seasons, Dan (Big Brother 10), Janelle (Big Brother 6 and 7), and Mike (Big Brother 2 and 7).


Vincenzo 'Enzo' Palumbo (born January 16, 1978), 38 (32 at the time), is an insurance adjuster from Bayonne, New Jersey. He is of Italian American descent. Enzo is married to his wife, Joella and has one daughter, Gia. He is the organizer of "The Brigade" alliance, of which Hayden, Matt, and Lane are also members. Enzo's sobriquet within his alliance is "The Meow Meow." He describes himself as “funny, likeable and obnoxious.” His favorite activities include “jogging, soccer, baseball and bocce ball.” The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house for Enzo is “no TV.” Enzo is often noted for his over-the-top, "Jersey Shore" sense of humor on the show and is also noted for making brash and blunt but comical comments. Enzo's closest friend within his Brigade alliance is Hayden. Enzo was nominated by Britney in Week 7 but was kept unanimously over former Brigade alliance member Matt. Enzo was nominated alongside Ragan by Lane. Lane told Enzo that he was the pawn. However, Enzo won the Power of Veto, the first competition he has won all season and was guaranteed a spot in the final 4. Enzo was evicted by Hayden on finale night, making him the 7th and final Big Brother 12 Jury member. Enzo voted for Hayden to win Big Brother.


Hayden Garrett Moss (born May 27, 1986), 30 (24 at the time), is a college student from Tempe, Arizona. He is part of "The Brigade" alliance, along with Enzo, Matt, and Lane. His epithet within his alliance is "The Animal." He describes himself as “outgoing, athletic and charming.” His favorite activities include snowboarding, weightlifting, working out, going to the beach and hanging out with friends.” The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house for Hayden is “being around people that I don’t agree with for 24/7.” Hayden is afraid of flying and avidly dislikes “messy people”. He’s a country boy at heart and loves being a part of Arizona State University baseball. Aside from the Brigade alliance, Hayden also had a secretive showmance with fellow houseguest Kristen until she was evicted. He lost the veto competition on 7/31/10 and was sentenced to isolation in the Have-Not room and made to eat slop and French bread and use a portable toilet for 24 hours. Hayden was the first Head of Household of the summer. Hayden's closest friend inside his Brigade alliance is Enzo but he also befriended Lane, Kristen, Britney, and Matt. During the first week, Hayden gave Kathy a sock-monkey whom she refers to as "Socks". Hayden won $5,000 and a Hawaiian vacation. On week 7, Hayden won his second HOH of the season and nominated Brendon and Ragan for eviction. However, Ragan secured his safety by winning the POV, therefore, removing himself off the block and being replaced with Britney. Brendon was evicted by a unanimous vote of 3-0 and was sent to the Jury House to become the 4th Jury member of the season. After Enzo won the Power Of Veto, Lane nominated Hayden as to replace him but Ragan was ultimately evicted. In week 9, Hayden won his third HOH of the season and guaranteed himself a spot in the final three. He nominated Lane and Britney for eviction. Hayden also won the POV that week, but chose not to use it. Britney was evicted by the only voter that week, Enzo. On finale night, Hayden went head to head with his alliance member and friend, Lane in the final HOH competition. Hayden won the final HOH competition, giving him the ability to choose who he wanted to take to the final 2. Hayden chose to evict Enzo and take Lane to the final 2 with him. Hayden won Big Brother 12 by a vote of 4-3, awarding him the $500,000 prize.


Katherine 'Kathy' Hillis (born May 2, 1970), 46 (40 at the time), is a Deputy Sheriff - Sergeant from Texarkana, Arkansas. She has a 22-year-old son. She is also a survivor of ovarian cancer. She describes herself as “tenacious, passionate and fun-loving (silly).” The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Kathy is missing her family and being a “TV and telephone addict so no contact with friends will be hard too.” She claimed to enter the house so she could get money to pay for her son's education. Kathy befriended Monet and Britney in the first week, until they were nominated and isolated themselves. Kathy also was friends with Andrew, Annie, Kristen, and Hayden. Kathy was nominated for eviction in Week 3 by Head of Household Matt. Although initially Kathy was predicted to go home, after heavy campaigning and Andrew's bizarre veto speech, she was saved by a unanimous vote. Kathy was often regarded by the Brigade as an alternate, due to the fact that she was always with the four Brigade members even if they were talking strategy. After beating nominee Rachel in the Week 5 veto competition, Kathy got into a fight with Rachel. Rachel said that Kathy doesn't play with character, integrity, and morals because Kathy was cheering that she won and beat Rachel. Rachel demanded an apology and followed Kathy around the house trying to make her but Kathy never did apologize because Rachel did similar things when she won HOH such as yelling "floaters, grab a life vest." During the live eviction on Day 48 of Week 6, Kathy was placed on the block by Matt when he used the Diamond Power of Veto, a power which he received when he opened Pandora's Box in Week 10 , to save himself. Kathy was evicted by a unanimous vote of 5-0. Kathy became the second jury member. Kathy voted for Hayden to win Big Brother.


Kristen Mary Bitting (born January 7, 1986), 30 (24 at the time), is a boutique manager from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.She describes herself as “strong-minded, motivated and kind-hearted.” Her favorite activities include “going to the gym, meditating, shopping, listening to music, learning new things and living on the edge.” Kristen is an established swimsuit model for Pango-Pango swimwear. The hardest thing for Kristen about living in the Big Brother house is “having new people understand me, as I am very misunderstood by strangers.” She had a showmance with fellow houseguest Hayden. Kristen's closest friends in the house were Hayden and Kathy. When fellow houseguest Andrew Gordon outed the showmance in his good-bye speech, Kristen denied the existence. Kristen left the show in a "hippietard" which was a hippe style unitard and a short afro wig. She won the costume during the Power of Veto competition. Kristen had a well known fight with houseguest, Rachel and they were enemies inside the house. Rachel accused Kristen of telling her that she would put her up if she won HOH. Rachel also said that she heard Kristen kissing Hayden. Kristen did not accept Rachel's apology which led to a feud that week ending in Head of Household Rachel nominating Kristen and her showmantic partner Hayden for eviction. She was evicted by a 6-1 vote on Week 4. She now lives in West Hollywood, California with fellow houseguest, Ragan and is also now friends with fellow houseguests Rachel, Kathy, Brendon, Matt, and Andrew. Kristen can also currently be seen in the music video for Yelawolf's "Daddy's Lambo".


David "Lane" Elenburg (born October 10, 1985), 30 (24 at the time), is an oil rig salesman from Decatur, Texas. He is part of "The Brigade" alliance, along with Hayden, Enzo, and Matt. Lane's appellation within his alliance is "The Beast." Lanes closest friend within his alliance is Hayden. Lane also had a very close friendship with his fellow houseguest, Britney. Lane and Britney seem to have a "brotherly/sisterly" kind of relationship on the show; however, there has also been some light-hearted flirting happening between the two. The closeness of the two has led many viewers to believe that Lane and Britney are the life-long friends, in which the Saboteur had said and used in one of its messages to stir up paranoia in the house. He describes himself as “funny, outgoing, athletic” and enjoys “working out, riding motorcycles, going out with friends and playing golf.” The hardest thing about living in the Big Brother house for Lane is “sharing a bathroom with my fellow houseguests.” Lane is friendly, basically gets along with everyone in the house and lies low by staying out of fights and drama within the house. Lane is noted for his Southern and low-key charm, advocating for the sexual humiliation of women by playing "8 seconds" where he or one of his friends holds down a female sexual partner while their male friends enter the room so they can ogle her for "8 seconds" before she scrambles under the covers, is often noted to have a great sense of humor by making "quirky" and "off-beat" comical comments and jokes especially during his Diary Room sessions and is a source of light-hearted entertainment for the show this season, alongside his friend in the house, Britney. Lane was nominated for eviction alongside Ragan. Lane was a suspect of being the Saboteur by Brendon, leading to Brendon nominating him. In week 8, Lane won his first HOH of the season and nominated Enzo and Ragan for eviction. After Enzo won the POV and chose to remove himself from the block, Lane was forced into the difficult choice to nominate Britney or Hayden as a pawn, and chose Hayden in order to keep Britney's loyalty to him going forward. Ragan was evicted by a 2-0 vote. In week 9, his fellow Brigade member, Hayden became HOH and Lane alongside his friend, Britney were nominated for eviction. Lane was chosen by his alliance member and friend, Hayden, to go to the final two with him, after he won the final HOH competition. Lane was the runner-up to Hayden, with Lane winning $50,000.


Matthew 'Matt' Hoffman (born July 31, 1977), 38 (32 - 33 at the time), is a web designer from Elgin, Illinois. Until his eviction, he was part of "The Brigade" alliance along with Hayden, Enzo, and Lane. Matt's moniker within his alliance was "The Brains." Matt's closest friend within his alliance was Lane. Matt was born in Chicago and raised in the suburbs of the city. Matt has degrees in Radio/TV communications and Psychology. Matt has a high IQ, is very intelligent and is a Mensa member. He has described himself as a "diabolical super-genius" due to his high IQ. Matt was the lead singer and guitarist for a popular Elgin area punk band called Shooting Blanks. Matt also appeared as a contestant in season four on the show Average Joe. Matt is a huge Big Brother fan and has auditioned for every single season since the show started. He was originally supposed to be cast on Big Brother 11 and was a finalist for the season but had to back out due to his wedding; Matt says he was supposed to be on "The Brains" clique. He describes himself as “intelligent, creative and sweet-talker.” His favorite activities include playing music, writing music, watching TV, hockey, drinking and “annoying people for my own amusement.” The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Matt will be “the frustration of not knowing all the major world and pop culture news that’s happening all around you.” In the house, Matt lied to everyone in the house that his wife has the bone condition melorheostosis. Matt is most known for the footed onesie pajama that he wore with skulls on it. Matt was also frequently known and seen to have a hand down his pants especially while relaxing or laying down. Matt's best friend in the house was Ragan. The two grew so close in the house that Matt himself has referred to them being in a "show-mance". Some viewers have found their friendship interesting due to their difference in sexuality; Matt being straight and Ragan being gay and the fact that they were so "comfortable" around/with each other despite their differing sexual orientations. Matt says that lying is his major strategy to go farther in the game. Matt survived eviction in Week 2, when fellow houseguest Monet was evicted. He later went on and won Head of Household for Week 3 in the summer's first endurance style HOH competition. He also won the summer's second endurance HOH competition in week 5 and nominated his two enemies, Brendon and Rachel. Matt was the holder of the Diamond Power of Veto, a secret power in which he received from Pandora's Box during his reign as HOH, the same week in which he helped to release the new Saboteur, which was Ragan, into the Big Brother house to stir up drama. In Week 6, he was placed on the block by Brendon when Ragan used the POV he won on himself, but during the live eviction, he used his DPOV on himself and then appointed Kathy in his place. In Week 7, Matt became Britney's replacement nominee after Brendon won the POV and was evicted 4-0 over Enzo. Matt became the 3rd member of the Big Brother Jury and the first "Brigade" member to depart both the alliance and the Big Brother house. Matt voted for Hayden to win Big Brother. Matt is now friends with Rachel, and was even the officiant at her wedding.


Monet Stunson (born September 4, 1985), 30 (24 - 25 at the time), is a model from Glen Carbon, Illinois. She describes herself as “exotic, active and the coolest person you will ever meet.” Monet’s favorite activities include shopping, working out, running and swimming. The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Monet will be a “lack of privacy.” Monet had a brief stint on the long running CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless and was a three-time runner-up in the Miss Illinois USA pageant from 2007 to 2009. Her only friend and ally in the house was Britney, mainly bonding over their mutual dislike for the rest of the houseguests, mainly Brendon and Rachel but also Kristen and Andrew. Monet was nominated on week 2 with her ally, Britney by Rachel. After Britney won the veto, Rachel used Matt as a pawn so she could get Monet evicted. She was evicted in Week 2 by a vote of 7 to 2. Monet won $10,000 in the first competition.


Rachel Eileen Reilly (born October 16, 1984), 31 (25 at the time), is a cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, Nevada. She describes herself as "bubbly, effervescent and adventurous." Rachel's favorite activities include painting, working out, doing anything outdoors, watching movies with friends, playing with her dog, getting dressed up and going on dates. The hardest part of living in the Big Brother house for Rachel is "having your entire life televised." Before being cast on Big Brother 12 Rachel briefly was a swimsuit model for Hawaiian Tropic swimwear. Rachel also had a magazine cover with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, American Idol Judge. She is a graduate of Northwest Cabarrus High School in Kannapolis, N.C. and Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, N.C. Rachel is in a showmance with fellow houseguest Brendon. She won Head of Household in both Week 2 & Week 4. Rachel was the center of much drama in the house. She had notable fights with many fellow houseguests. She is well known for saying "Floaters, you better grab a life vest" after winning the Week 4 HoH competition, referring to fellow houseguests Kristen and Hayden. Prior to her own eviction, Rachel would use the phrase "Nobody gets between me and my man" in every goodbye speech to the evicted houseguest. She was evicted in week 5 by a unanimous vote of 6-0. Rachel returned to the Big Brother house for 24 hours and Brendon went missing after he opened Pandora's Box. Rachel soon started an "alliance" and became "friends" with Enzo and Rachel told Enzo that she will vote for him if Brendon doesn't make the final 2. On week 6, she engaged in a notorious fight with former roommate Ragan. This caused drama and controversy in and outside the Big Brother house. Rachel won a total $5,000 from a prior veto competition. Rachel became the 1st Big Brother Jury member for this season and voted for Lane to win Big Brother. Rachel is now best friends with Ragan and close friends with Kristen and Matt. She returned for Big Brother 13 as one of the dynamic duos along with her now fiance, Brendon. On Day 75, Rachel was crowned the winner of Big Brother 13, winning the $500,000 grand prize. Rachel and Brendon finished 3rd on The Amazing Race 20 and 24.


Ragan Cooper Fox (born May 9, 1976), 40 (34 at the time), is a college professor from West Hollywood, California. He describes himself as "funny, genuine and intelligent." Ragan's favorite activities include writing and performing raunchy poetry. On Day 34, Ragan was offered the position of the new Saboteur, which he accepted. Ragan turned against Brendon and Rachel after they accused him of being in an alliance with Matt. The two denied that they were in an alliance. Ragan fought with Rachel for the rest of week 5. Brendon got revenge on Ragan by nominating him for eviction on week 6. However, Ragan won the Power of Veto and removed himself from the block with Brendon naming Matt as the replacement nominee. Ragan completed all his Saboteur duties and was awarded $20,000. Ragan had one of the most notable fights this season with Rachel during week 6 when she came back in the Big Brother house for 24 hours to stir up drama within the house. In week 7, Ragan became the second houseguest to discover Lane, Hayden, Enzo and Ragan's best friend Matt, were in an alliance. He also discovered that Matt had been kicked out, but when he confronted Matt about it, Matt denied it in hopes to keep the "Brigade" on his side. Matt was later evicted that week 4-0, without Ragan's vote. Ragan was then nominated later in the hour during the double eviction but won the Power of Veto and escaped the block. Ragan was nominated by Lane in week 8 next to Enzo. However, Enzo won the POV and took himself off the block and was replaced with Hayden. Ragan was evicted by a vote of 2-0 and became the 5th member of the Big Brother Jury. On finale night, Ragan revealed that he was indeed, the second Saboteur of the season. Ragan voted for Hayden to win Big Brother.


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