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The first season of the American reality television series Big Brother featured a total of ten HouseGuests.[1][2] The series saw the HouseGuests voting for two of their own to face banishment each week, and the two or more HouseGuests who received the most votes would be marked for banishment.[3] The public then voted to evict one of the HouseGuests, and the HouseGuest with the most votes is evicted from the house.[4] When only three HouseGuests remained, the public voted for which of them should win the series.[5]


Brittany Petros, 25, was a drug company employee from Robbinsdale, Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Chemistry degree.[6] Brittany was openly a virgin, and frequently attended church.[7] Before entering the house, she said she felt her biggest challenge would be not to be bossy. Brittany became known for her various body piercings and for frequently dyeing her hair.[8][9] During her time in the house, she had a flirtatious relationship with HouseGuest Josh.[10] Josh also had a flirtatious relationship with HouseGuest Jordan, causing a rift between the two women.[11] Brittany also clashed with HouseGuest William, most notably during an argument about chores.[10] On Day 57, Brittany became the fourth HouseGuest to be evicted, receiving 34% of the public vote,[12] despite previously been revealed to be a fan favorite.[13] It was later reported that the family of HouseGuest George Boswell had campaigned for Brittany's eviction, causing much controversy among viewers.[14] Since appearing on the show, Brittany has appeared as an actress in minor television roles, and later began working in production and casting for television and film.[6] Brittany lives in Los Angeles and is not married. [15]


Cassandra Waldon, (October 17, 1962 – September 25, 2019) was a communications director at the United Nations from Havre de Grace, Maryland. Cassandra had a master's degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.[16] Before entering the house, Cassandra got dreadlocks to "get back in touch with who she is."[17] She is one of two African American HouseGuests to participate in the series, and had previously visited Africa for charitable causes.[18] While in the house, Cassandra had close friendships with most of the HouseGuests. She was seen as a parental figure to the group, often giving advice or encouraging the other HouseGuests.[19] She was noted as mature and articulate by viewers.[20] Cassandra was nominated three consecutive times in the game, receiving a total of eight nominations from her fellow HouseGuests.[21] She was ultimately evicted on Day 71, making her the fifth HouseGuest evicted.[22] On Day 81 she was selected by the remaining HouseGuests to return to the house as a guest.[13] Since appearing on the series, Cassandra continued to work for the United Nations as a communications director.[23] Waldon died on September 25, 2019 at the age of 56, from injuries of a motor vehicle accident.


Curtis Kin, 28, is a lawyer from New York City. Curtis graduated from Stanford University,[24] and felt his degree would help him be selected for the series.[25] Before entering the house, Curtis had modeled and appeared in a TV commercial.[26] He is the only Asian American to compete in the series.[27] While in the house, Curtis had a close friendship with HouseGuest Jordan.[10] He was not well liked by his fellow HouseGuests, seen as boring by most of them.[10] Most notably, Curtis clashed with HouseGuest Eddie, with the two nominating each other numerous times.[13] Curtis was marked for banishment five times, and received 18 total nominations.[28][29] In a luxury challenge, Curtis won a trip to the 52nd Primetime Emmy Awards.[30] On Day 88, it was revealed that Curtis had come in third place, with 14% of the public vote.[31] Since appearing on the series, Curtis continued to work as a lawyer[32] until he was appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court.[27]


Eddie McGee, 21, was from Commack, New York.[33] When Eddie was 11, he lost his left leg to cancer.[34] He was active in sports, especially wheelchair basketball.[35] Before entering the house, Eddie had a girlfriend named Monica.[10] While in the house, he was noted for his romantic relationship with Jamie, though he later claimed to have romantic feelings for Brittany.[36] Eddie often clashed with HouseGuests such as Jordan and William, and frequently nominated Curtis for banishment.[13] Eddie caused controversy among viewers when he made several comments perceived as racist.[37] He was marked for banishment four times, and received a total of 17 nominations.[13] On Day 88, it was revealed that Eddie had received 59% of the public vote, making him the winner of the series.[38] Since appearing on the series, Eddie went on to appear in various film and television roles, and has done work in production.[33]


George Allen Boswell, 41, was a roofer from Rockford, Illinois. George was married and had children, making him one of only two parents to appear this season.[39] While in the house, George became known as "Chicken George" and "The Chicken Man" for taking care of the chickens in the house.[40] George was frequently upset about things that occurred in the house, and at one point attempted to convince the HouseGuests to walk out in protest, which never happened.[41] George was marked for banishment twice, receiving a total of nine nominations.[13] When George was nominated in the eighth week, his family and hometown rallied to get the votes to keep him, resulting in Brittany's banishment and causing much controversy outside of the house.[42] George was ultimately banished on Day 78, coming in fifth place.[43] George is thus far the only HouseGuest from the first season to appear in a future installment of the series, returning to compete in Big Brother: All-Stars (2006).[44] He later made a guest appearance in Big Brother 10 (2008), marking his last appearance in the series.[45]


Jamie Marie Kern, 22, was a beauty queen, actress, and model from Seattle, Washington. Jamie graduated from Washington State University.[46] Before entering the house, she had appeared on the television series Baywatch.[47] Jamie was crowned Miss Washington USA in 1999, and was still the reigning title-holder while on the series.[48] Due to her work in the entertainment business, Jamie was nicknamed "Hollywood" by the HouseGuests.[10] While in the house, she formed close friendships with most of her fellow HouseGuests, most notably Eddie.[36] Jamie was marked for banishment twice, the first time in the eleventh week.[13] On Day 85, it was revealed that Jamie had been banished from the house, receiving a total of 31% of the public vote.[49] After appearing on the series, Jamie went on to do work in the entertainment business, and started a very successful cosmetics line.[50][51] She has also gotten married, and is now known as Jamie Kern Lima.[52]


Jean Jordan, 26, was an exotic dancer from Roanoke, Virginia. Before entering the house, she had a boyfriend named Ben, and was writing a book.[10] Jordan did not initially reveal her occupation to her fellow HouseGuests, but told them later on.[10] While in the house, she was described by her fellow HouseGuests as manipulative, and often got involved in confrontations.[53] Jordan had a romantic relationship with Josh, causing much drama between her and Brittany.[11] Jordan also had close friendships with William and Curtis.[10] Jordan most notably received support from David Letterman, who urged viewers to keep her due to her occupation.[54] Jordan was nominated two consecutive times, against first William and then Curtis.[55] Surprising the HouseGuests, she was banished instead of Curtis on Day 29 when she received 78% of the public vote.[29] Jordan went on to mock the series, most notably making fun of the theme song during the live finale.[13] She became a personal trainer for a brief period before returning to work as an exotic dancer.[18]


Joshua "Josh" Souza, 23, was a civil engineering student from San Jose, California. Before entering the house, he had appeared as an underwear model for Gap Inc.[26] Josh stated that he would be bringing a box of condoms into the house.[10] While in the house, there was much speculation by the HouseGuests and the media that he was gay.[56] During his stay in the house Josh had romantic relationships with both Brittany and Jordan, causing much drama between the two women.[11] He was closest to Brittany, and was later able to speak to her after her banishment from the house.[57] Josh was marked for banishment three times, receiving a total of ten nominations.[13] On Day 88, it was revealed that Josh had received 27% of the public vote to win, making him the Runner-Up.[58] After appearing on the series, Josh worked as a producer on various films, and later opened his own modeling company.[59] After the show, he dated Erika Landin, who later appeared in two seasons of the show.[60]


Karen Fowler, 43, was a mother from Columbus, Indiana. Karen was one of two HouseGuests this season to be married with children, and was the oldest HouseGuest.[61] While in the house, Karen gained much media attention for her strained relationship with her husband, which she frequently discussed.[62] She later asked her husband for a divorce while on the show.[63] While in the house, Karen had a close friendship with Brittany.[64] Karen was marked for banishment once, and received a total of seven nominations.[13] Upon her nomination, Karen asked the viewers to banish her because she missed her children and hoped to divorce her husband after her departure.[10] On Day 43, it was revealed that viewers had banished Karen.[65] Her appearance on the series was criticized in her hometown,[66] and led to Karen divorcing her husband and moving in with Brittany.[67] She has since reconciled with her husband.[18]


William Collins, 27, was a politician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was one of two African American HouseGuests to compete in the series, and was often called "Will Mega" by his fellow HouseGuests and the public. William's philosophical style and candor sometimes caused his housemates to reconsider their views.[10] He attempted to sabotage the other HouseGuests, and at one point intentionally caused the group to fail a challenge.[10] William had a close friendship with Jordan, and frequently clashed with HouseGuests such as Eddie and Brittany.[13] On Day 16, William became the first HouseGuest to be banished when he received 73% of the public vote.[68] He later made a brief return to the house, when he secretly gave Eddie a massage.[69] After his banishment, much controversy arose surrounding his involvement with the Black Panther party.[70] William confirmed that he was involved with the group.[71][72] After his appearance on the series, William ran unsuccessfully for Philadelphia City Council.[73] He later served as campaign manager and chief of staff for Pennsylvania State Representative Kenyatta Johnson.


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