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There were 16 HouseGuest in total in the ninth edition of American reality television series Big Brother where the HouseGuests were observed by television viewers 24 hours a day and each week, one or more HouseGuests were voted to be evicted by the remaining HouseGuest until the winner is left.

Sixteen HouseGuests entered on Day 1 and two previously evicted HouseGuests returned to the House, the most in any American season. For the first time in the American version of Big Brother a HouseGuest voluntarily left the House. Neil left the House on Day 7 due to "urgent personal matters", Sharon re-entered the House hours later as Neil's replacement. James returned to the House less than 20 minutes after being evicted on Day 35 after the HouseGuests voted for him to return over the "mystery HouseGuest". The public chose Alex to be the "mystery HouseGuest" but ultimately wasn't voted back into the House by the other HouseGuests. The major twist this season was that each HouseGuest was paired with a soulmate and the pairs shared Head of Household and Power of Veto wins and was evicted together until the end of Week 3.[1]

Zap2it critiqued the Big Brother 9 cast, calling it "the show's youngest and least ethnically diverse cast yet".[2]


Adam Jasinski (born April 30, 1978), 41, was a public relations manager from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Adam has a master's degree in fashion design/marketing and has attended Camden County College in New Jersey, Parson's School of Design in New York and Fashion Art Italy in Italy.[3] He became the center of controversy when he made a comment referring to autistic people as retards which ultimately got him fired.[4] His soulmate in the game was Sheila. He was commonly referred to as "A-Baller" in the game, and had good relationships with numerous people in the house. His closest ally in the game was Ryan, and he had a close friendship and alliance with Natalie for the majority of the game. He and Sheila were nominated against Ryan & Allison in the third week, but the two survived the ultimately fake eviction against Allison & Ryan. Adam was the sixth Head of Household of the season, and nominated Chelsia and James, with hopes of evicting the former; Chelsia was evicted. He then won the eighth Head of Household, his second Head of Household win. He nominated Sheila and James, ultimately leading to James's eviction. He was nominated by Sheila the following week, but won his first Power of Veto competition and saved himself. He went on to win the second part of the Final Head of Household competition against Sheila, but lost to Ryan in the last part. Ryan ultimately evicted Sheila from the house, taking Adam to the Final Two with him. On Day 81, Adam was crowned the Winner of Big Brother 9 in a six to one jury vote. As of October 20, 2009, Adam has been charged with possession of and intent to distribute oxycodone after trying to sell 2,000 pills of the painkiller to an undercover government witness, according to The Associated Press. He was arrested after he flew to Boston and showed the witness a sock that contained two plastic bags filled with oxycodone. Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration then arrested the reality star after a slight struggle. According to an affidavit, the reality show champ admitted to using the $500,000 he won on Big Brother to fund his drug purchases. He said he'd been selling the drugs along the East Coast for the past several months, according to the AP. Jasinski faces a maximum of 20 years behind bars as well as a possible $1 million in fines.


Alexander "Alex" Coladonato (born August 16, 1983), 36, was the owner of E-Squared Productions, a DJ company from Staten Island, New York. Alex has an older brother, Anthony, and was raised by his mother and grandmother. His father worked for Cantor Fitzgerald and was killed in World Trade Center 2 on 9/11. Alex has stated he has since dedicated his life to making his father proud. He also has various bachelor's degree in business, marketing and advertising and recently is working on his first master's degree in childhood education at St. John's University. Alex's soulmate in the game was Amanda. Alex had a close friendship with Matt while in the house, leading to an alliance between Alex & Amanda and Matt & Natalie. He had romantic feelings for Amanda at one point, which led to confrontations with Parker. Alex & Amanda were the first Head of Household couple of the season, and nominated Allison & Ryan against Jen & Parker, due to Ryan and Jen's romantic relationship outside of the house. Jen & Parker were evicted that week. The following week, James & Chelsia nominated Alex & Amanda against their allies Matt & Natalie. When both failed to win the Power of Veto, Joshuah & Sharon attempted to get the votes to keep Amanda & Alex, and convinced Allison & Ryan to do so. Minutes before the eviction, however, Allison & Ryan changed their minds, and Alex & Amanda were evicted on Day 21 in a three to zero vote.[5] Later in the season, viewers could choose a previously evicted HouseGuest to potentially return to the game, and they chose Alex. On Day 35, the remaining HouseGuests had to choose to bring either James, who had been evicted only moments before, or Alex. Rather than reveal his identity, however, Alex was referred to as the "Mystery HouseGuest" to those still in the game. Ultimately, the HouseGuests chose to bring James back into the game. He came in 12th place.


Allison Nichols (born July 24, 1979), 40, was a pharmaceutical sales representative from Cleveland, Ohio. She also has a bachelor of arts/psychology degree from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. In the Spring of 2002 she spent a semester at sea.[6] Allison is a reformed gambling addict, which she chose to keep hidden from her fellow HouseGuests. Her soulmate in the game was Ryan. Allison was disliked by numerous HouseGuests, and was often the center of drama in the house. She had numerous arguments with Jen, who was in a romantic relationship with Alison's partner Ryan outside of the house. During the first week, Allison and Sheila became good friends. Believing Allison was leaving that week, the two concocted a story that they were lesbian lovers who knew each other outside of the house. They told this story to Joshuah and Chelsia, who both told their partners. Despite their instant friendship, Allison and Sheila later had a falling out, leading to a verbal argument that their partners later became a part of. Allison also had numerous arguments with Joshuah in the house, partly due to the lesbian lie she told. On Day 16, Allison suffered from an allergic reaction and left the House for medical attention; she returned to the House a few hours later.[7] Allison claimed that her throat was closing and she could not breathe. Her allergic reaction happened right before Amanda passed out from hypoglycemia.[7] Allison & Ryan were nominated during the first week against Jen & Parker, due to Jen and Ryan's romantic relationship. Ultimately, Jen & Parker were evicted. During the second week, Allison & Ryan initially agreed to evict Matt & Natalie from the game, but made the last minute decision to change their vote. Their decision upset Joshuah & Sharon, who went on to win the following Head of Household competition. Following numerous arguments and personal attacks at one another, Joshuah nominated Allison and her partner Ryan against Matt & Natalie. On Day 28, the HouseGuests chose to evict Allison & Ryan, only to learn that the couples would be splitting up and that only Allison or Ryan would leave, not both. Allison was then evicted in a unanimous six to zero vote. She was the first single HouseGuest to be evicted, and was the seventh total HouseGuest to be evicted, coming in 10th place.


Amanda Hansen (born August 17, 1984), 35, was a paralegal from Fridley, Minnesota. She attended Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota and has a bachelor's degree in paralegal studies and political science.[8] At the age of 21, Amanda had to cope with her father's suicide and admitted to feeling guilty because she feels it could have been prevented. Her soulmate in the game was Alex. She and Alex had an alliance with close friends Matt & Natalie in the game, lasting until the two were nominated together. While in the house, Amanda became known for her overuse of the word "bueno" and her high pitched voice. Though she initially had a rather flirtatious relationship with Alex, the two later had a falling out and failed to get along. Amanda also had a flirtatious relationship with Parker while in the house, which led to James speculating that the two knew each other outside of the game. She was disliked by numerous people in the house, and was involved in numerous arguments in the house. Her constant gossiping led to a house blowup in which Chelsia, Joshuah and Alex verbally attacked Amanda. The fight culminated in Joshuah made a joke about her father's suicide. She was involved in an argument between her and James and Parker, in which James stated he believed Amanda and Parker knew each other outside of the house. On Day 16, Amanda fainted and experienced a seizure due to lack of sugar from being on slop and was removed from the House for medical treatment. She returned to the House later that night. Amanda & Alex were the first Head of Household couple of the season, and managed to evict Jen & Parker from the house. The following week, Amanda & Alex were nominated against Matt & Natalie for eviction. Amanda was evicted, along with her soulmate Alex, on Day 21.[7][9] Since her appearance on the show, Amanda has gotten married and had a child, a daughter named Gabriella. She has since gotten divorced. She came in 11th place.


Chelsia Hart (born November 9, 1986), 33, was a college student from Cedar Falls, Iowa. At the time of the show, Chelsia was attending the University of Northern Iowa and is a German major. She has lived in Germany and later studied in Austria for a year.[10] Her soulmate in the game was James. While in the house, Chelsia became known for her temper and often engaged in arguments with other HouseGuests. She had close friendships with her partner James, as well as Joshuah and Sharon. Her friendship with James was often somewhat flirtatious as well, with the two often kissing. She also kissed Matt while in the house. She often argued with her fellow HouseGuests, and had confrontations with numerous people such as Amanda, Natalie, Ryan and Sheila. Chelsia & James were the second Head of Household couple of the season, and nominated Alex & Amanda and Matt & Natalie, resulting in the eviction of the former. Chelsia was nominated for eviction by Ryan in the fourth week, after James suggested she be nominated. On Day 30, however, she won her first Power of Veto competition and later saved herself from the block. She was nominated for a second time in the sixth week, this time against James. James went on to win the Power of Veto and save himself, and Sharon was named the replacement nominee. Chelsia was evicted on Day 49 in a unanimous vote. Her constant arguments during the previous week led to her former partner James not even voting to keep her. Upon the announcement of her eviction, Chelsia began speaking badly about the other HouseGuests on her way out of the house. She was the second member of the Jury and voted for Adam to win. She came in 8th place.


Jacob Gregg Heald (born May 15, 1984), 35, was an electrician from New Orleans, Louisiana. Jacob is a former Marine and has lived all over the world. He has attended elementary school in Japan prior to moving to Louisiana, then New Orleans, Louisiana.[11] He was Sharon's ex-boyfriend, and her soulmate in the Big Brother house. Jacob stated that he cheated on Sharon, which ultimately led to the end of their relationship. Jacob and Sharon were the first pair to be evicted from the House on Day 3, after Jacob was caught spreading rumors around the house. He came in 16th place.


James Michael Zinkand (born November 21, 1986), 33, was a high school graduate originally from Sarasota, Florida and at the time of the season was biking around the world with just $100. He has also dressed mannequins for a living while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.[12] Prior to appearing on Big Brother James' soulmate in the game was Chelsia. James had a pink mohawk while in the game, and has numerous tattoos on his body. While in the house, James had close friendships with partner Chelsia, as well as Sharon and Joshuah. His friendship with Chelsia was often flirtatious, with the two kissing in the house. James later admitted to having strong feelings for her. Chelsia and James were the second Head of Household couple, and successfully evicted Alex and Amanda from the house. James was nominated during the fourth week as a replacement nominee for Chelsia, and was subsequently evicted from the house. In a twist, however, the HouseGuests later voted for him to return. He went on to win the following Head of Household competition and nominate Ryan and Sheila for eviction. He later won the Power of Veto, and used it on Sheila and replaced her with Matt. Matt was then evicted. James was nominated the following two weeks, and won the Power of Veto both times, removing himself from the block. He was nominated as a replacement nominee for Sheila in the eighth week, and was then evicted on Day 63 in a unanimous vote. He was the fourth member of the Jury, and voted for Adam to win. On Day 81, James won the $25,000 "America's Favorite Juror" prize, with Sheila coming in second place. He came in 6th place. As of 2012, James still holds the record for most consecutive Power of Veto wins, with three in a row. This feat was later tied in Big Brother 14 by HouseGuests Shane Meaney and Frank Eudy and in Big Brother 20 by Kaycee Clark, who all won three Power of Veto competitions in a row.


Jennifer "Jen" Diturno (born October 18, 1981), 38, was a bartender from Columbus, Ohio. She has attended Bowling Green State University in Ohio where she received her bachelor's degree in education. She is also certified in Special Education K–12 and was a special education teacher after she graduated from Bowling Green State University.[13] She was Ryan's girlfriend before entering the house, though the two would break up after the season. Jen and Parker were soulmates for the season. She did not get along well with numerous HouseGuests, mainly her boyfriend Ryan's partner Allison. She was seen as cocky by her fellow HouseGuests and upset numerous people by stating that her picture was first on the memory wall because, "She was going to win." On Day 1, Jen and Parker won the first competition of the season, as well as a $10,000 prize. The competition, referred to as the "Power Couple" competition, gave them the sole vote to evict one couple from the house at a later date. On Day 3, they chose to evict Jacob & Sharon after Jacob was caught spreading rumors about Parker. The following week, the house discovered Jen and Ryan's relationship, leading to the two being nominated together. On Day 14, Jen & Parker were evicted in a three to one vote. She came in 13th place.


Joshuah Michael Welch (born June 3, 1982), 37, was an advertising media buyer from Dallas, Texas. Joshuah is of Irish descent and has a bachelor's degree in advertising, with a business minor, from the University of Texas at Austin. He is gay and came out to his family when he was 18 years old.[14] His soulmate for the series was originally Neil. On Day 7, Neil walked from the game due to a personal matter, and Joshuah later chose to replace him with the previously evicted Sharon.[15] Joshuah had a close friendship and alliance with Sharon, Chelsia and James. He made numerous personal attacks towards Amanda and Allison while in the house, which included joking about Amanda's father's suicide and attacking Allison's looks. He and Sharon won the second Power of Veto competition, and chose not to change the nominations. They went on to win the third Head of Household competition of the season, and succeeded in evicting Allison from the house. In the seventh week, Joshuah was nominated against ally James by Natalie. He was ultimately evicted on Day 56 in a three to one vote. He was the third member of the Jury and voted for Ryan to win. He came in 7th place.


Matthew "Matt" McDonald (born April 7, 1984), 35, was a roofing foreman from Charlestown, Massachusetts. He is of Irish and Italian descent, and is an only child that is close to his mother. He lost his father when he was 9 years old.[16] His soulmate for the series was Natalie. He had close friendships with Ryan, Adam, and Alex, and was aligned with Alex & Amanda early on in the game. He had a flirtatious and argumentative relationship with partner Natalie, with the two often arguing in the house. While in the house, Matt and Natalie also engaged in sexual activity. Matt also had flirtatious relationships with other women in the house, including Chelsia and Sharon. He was seen as a strong physical threats by the others in the house, and quickly became a target. Matt & Natalie won the first Power of Veto competition, and chose to leave nominations the same. The following week, they were nominated against allies Amanda & Alex, though they survived the eviction in a unanimous vote. They were nominated for a second time the following week, but won their second Power of Veto and saved themselves from the block. In the fourth week, HouseGuest James devised a plan to get Head of Household Ryan to backdoor Matt from the house. Despite Ryan considering it, Sheila later convinced him otherwise and Matt was spared. The following week, James won the Head of Household competition and promised Natalie that both she and Matt would be safe that week. Despite this, James later nominated Matt for eviction. Matt was evicted on Day 42 in a four to three vote, with Head of Household James casting the tie-breaker vote against him. He was the first member of the Jury, and voted for Adam to win. He came in 9th place. Matt is the only HouseGuest from Big Brother 9 to appear in a future season of the series. He returned for Big Brother 10 as a representative for Big Brother 9. After the season ended Matt turned to a life of crime. He's been arrested for running an oxycodone distribution ring with Big Brother 9 champion Adam Jasinski. The two allegedly used Jasinski's $500,000 grand prize to help them with their start-up venture.[17]


Natalie Lynn Cunial (born November 7, 1979), 40, was a bikini barista from Salem, Oregon and is of Italian descent. As a kid, she moved around a lot, during high school she lived in Alameda, California, Salem, Oregon and Mililani, Hawaii. She attended Chemeketa Community College in Salem as well as The Art Institute of Las Vegas in Nevada. She previously won the title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic Oregon.[18] Her soulmate for the series was Matt. The two were aligned with Amanda & Alex in the early weeks, until the two couples were nominated together. While in the house, Natalie was seen as ditzy and dumb, and was oftentimes called degrading names including "hoe" and "slut" by Chelsia and Joshuah. Despite numerous HouseGuests disliking her, Natalie often spoke about being positive throughout the situation. Natalie was very vocal about her belief in God while in the house, and later went on to form the "Team Christ" alliance with Ryan, Adam, Sheila and Matt. She often expressed romantic interest towards her partner, Matt, and went on to give him sexual favors in the house. Both during and after the season, it was a running joke that Natalie was obsessed with Matt. Matt & Natalie won the first Power of Veto of the season, and chose to leave nominations the same. They were nominated the second week against allies Amanda & Alex, but survived the eviction in a unanimous vote. They were nominated for a second time the following week, but won their second Power of Veto competition and used the Veto to save themselves. During the fifth Head of Household competition, Natalie made a deal with James that he would keep both Natalie and Matt save from eviction if she allowed him to win. He agreed to the deal, and Natalie let him win. Despite his promise, James later nominated Matt, which led to his eviction on Day 42. She went on to win the seventh Head of Household competition of the season, her third win total and first win as a single HouseGuest in the game. She nominated James and Joshuah for eviction, and later nominated Sharon as a replacement for the Veto winner James. Joshuah was evicted that week. In the ninth Head of Household competition, Natalie agreed to let Sheila win the Head of Household competition in exchange for safety for that week. Despite the deal, Sheila later nominated Natalie that week. On Day 70, Natalie was evicted after Sheila cast the tie-breaker vote against her. She was the fifth member of the Jury, and voted for Adam to win. She came in 5th place.


Neil Garcia (born September 16, 1978), 41, was a realtor who lives in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, but is originally from Texas. He has studied criminology, criminal justice, political science and business management in college but did not earn a degree. He is openly gay.[19] His soulmate for the season was Joshuah. He left the House due to an urgent personal matter on Day 7. On that day, he was called into the diary room and informed that a close relative was killed in the 2008 Northern Illinois University shooting. He decided that it was necessary to leave the house and was replaced by the previously evicted Sharon, when Joshuah was given the choice to bring back either Sharon or Jacob as Neil's replacement.[15] Neil is the first HouseGuest to leave the House voluntarily in the American version of Big Brother. After this event the show's titles did not include Neil, Sharon's picture instead taking his place. He did not return for the finale, unlike HouseGuest Dick Donato in Big Brother 13, who returned for the finale despite walking during the first week.


Parker Somerville (born April 6, 1981), 38, was a paparazzo from Northridge, California. He attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale where he received a bachelor's degree in radio and television. Parker works as a member of the paparazzi for and served in the Air Force from 1999–2002 and received a general discharge.[20] His soulmate for the series was Jen, who had an outside relationship with HouseGuest Ryan. He had a flirtatious relationship with HouseGuest Amanda, which led to arguments between Parker and Alex and Parker and James. He also called a house meeting on Day 2 in which he called out HouseGuest Jacob for spreading rumors about him. Jen & Parker were the first and only "Power Couple" of the season, and evicted Jacob & Sharon on Day 3. On Day 14, Jen & Parker were evicted due to Jen's relationship with Ryan.[21] He came in 14th place.


Ryan Quicksall (born September 16, 1980), 39, was a college student from Columbus, Ohio. At the time of the season, Ryan was attending Ohio State University and was majoring in economics and business.[22] Before entering the house, Ryan had a romantic relationship with Jen, who was also a HouseGuest this season. Despite their relationship, the two found themselves partnered with other people; Ryan's soulmate for the series was Allison. Ryan had strong friendships with Adam, Matt, Sheila and Natalie, and later became a member of "Team Christ" with them. His partner, Allison, was involved with a lot of drama in the house, leading to Ryan having a poor social game towards the beginning of the season. Throughout the season, however, Ryan improved his gameplay. In the fourth week, Ryan won a $10,000 prize during the Veto competition. He was initially a target during the first few days after Sharon convinced Parker that Ryan was talking bad about him, which wasn't true. Due to Jen being Parker's partner, however, she revealed their relationship to him and the couple kept Ryan safe. When the house found out about Jen and Ryan's relationship, they were nominated together on Day 7. On Day 14, Jen & Parker were evicted from the house. Allison later got Ryan into trouble when she upset Joshuah after lying about being a lesbian. Allison & Ryan were initially evicted on Day 28, but a twist in the game saved Ryan and Allison was evicted as a single HouseGuest. Following this, Ryan won the first single Head of Household competition, and managed to evict James from the house. Minutes later, however, James was voted back into the game and won the following HoH competition. He nominated Ryan for eviction, but ultimately Ryan's ally Matt was evicted. He went on to win the eighth Power of Veto competition, and successfully helped evict James from the house. He won the tenth Head of Household competition, as well as the tenth and final Power of Veto competition of the season. This makes him the second person this season to win both competitions in the same week, along with James. Ryan won the first and last rounds of the final Head of Household competition, and chose to bring Adam with him to the Final Two. On Day 81, Ryan was crowned Runner-Up to Adam in a six to one Jury vote.


Sharon Obermueller (born June 24, 1984), 35, is a realtor from Columbus, Ohio, and is of German descent. She attended Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas and received an associate degree. At the time of the season, Sharon was working as a realtor and restaurant hostess.[23] Sharon entered the house and found out her ex-boyfriend, Jacob, was also a HouseGuest this year. The two were later partnered up as soulmates for the series. Sharon & Jacob were the first couple evicted on Day 3, after Jacob was caught spreading rumors about HouseGuest Parker. On Day 7, Neil chose to walk from the game due to a personal matter, and his partner Joshuah had to choose either Jacob or Sharon to bring back as his partner; he chose Sharon, who returned later that night. Upon returning to the game, Sharon had close friendships with Chelsia, James and her partner Joshuah. She was very religious while in the house, and often spoke of her father's military background. She and Joshuah won the second Power of Veto competition of the season, as well as the third Head of Household competition. Sharon went on to be nominated five consecutive times while in the house, a record in Big Brother. She survived the first four times, but was ultimately evicted the fifth time. It is debated, however, that Sharon should have won the HoH competition during the week she was evicted, which would have secured her a spot in the Final Three. She was the sixth member of the Jury, and voted for Adam to win. She came in 4th place. Since the season, Sharon has married and gave birth to her first daughter in 2011.


Sheila Kennedy (born April 12, 1962), 57, was a former model from St. Louis, Missouri. She had a 16-year-old son named Mick and a dog named Kitty. Sheila was the 1983 Penthouse Pet of the Year. She lived in Bob Guccione's mansion for ten years and was in the process of writing a book about her life at the time of the season.[24] Her soulmate for the series was eventual winner Adam. The two had a rocky relationship, and frequently argued in the house. Sheila took offense to him calling her "Ma" the first night, though the two later became good friends. She formed a strong friendship with HouseGuest Allison in the first week, and the two later concocted a story about being lesbian lovers outside of the house, as they believed Allison would be leaving that week. They later revealed that the story was indeed a lie. Sheila was known for being dramatic and confrontational in the house, and had arguments with HouseGuests such as Jen, Allison, Matt and James. She was nominated in the third week for eviction, along with partner Adam. On Day 28, however, the couple survived the eviction. She was nominated in the fifth week against Ryan, but was later saved after James used the Power of Veto on her. She was nominated in the eighth week by Head of Household Adam, but was later saved by the Power of Veto and replaced by James. Sheila was the ninth Head of Household of the season, and later cast the tie-breaker decision to evict Natalie from the house. The following week, Sheila was nominated against Sharon, but her former partner Adam ultimately cast the sole vote to keep her. Sheila was evicted on Day 77 in the house, after Ryan won the final Head of Household competition and took Adam to the end. She was the seventh and final member of the Jury, and voted for Adam to win. She came in 3rd place.


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