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Mehdi Moghaddam

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Mehdi Moghaddam
Born (1982-12-25) December 25, 1982 (age 37)
🏳️ Nationality
💼 Occupation
📆 Years active  2005-present

Mehdi Moghaddam (Persian: مهدی مقدم‎)(born October 25, 1982 in Tehran) is an actor, composer and pop-singer Iran.[1][2][3][4]


Mehdi Moghadam, Iranian singer and actress, was born in Tehran, 1360. Mehdi Moghadam spent television graphics at Irib Conservatory and was the first professional collaboration of Mehdi Moghadam in the field of music in the year 1377 with "Fariborz Lachini," and then with Bahram Saeedi, and finally the production of the album "Cold" in 1380 and "tsunami" was accompanied by "Payam Shams" in 1383. She has played a role in films such as "Privacy", "Fire Boys", "Okyun", "Candy" and "Love Sohrab".[5][6][7]

Start an art activity[edit]

Mehdi Moqadam was the first time in the cinema and 1386 in the negative film of eighteen by Asghar Nasiri, at the age of 26. Although the success of this work was not more than the effects of the next-dish index, such as the dance serial on the glass, but it is a good experience for Mehdi Moghadam and collaborating with artists such as Shahram Poordam, Farhad Mahadian, Mitra Marefat and Ronak Younesi.[8][9][10][11]

In 2017, Mehdi Moghaddam spent a high-effort course in the film and television arena and played an important role in the year. The important effect of Mehdi Moghaddam in this year is acting on the dance series directed by Mehdi Golestane[12][13][14]

Perhaps one of the most important parts of the biography of Mehdi Moghaddam in the dance series was on the glass. In 37, Mehdi 1397 Moghadam has played an important role in the dance series on the glass, which was able to bring about its skill, role and also among the TV audience. He worked with Mehdi Golestane in the series. Mehdi Moghadam was able to play a successful acting on the glass in the dance series and cooperate alongside the actors such as Bahram Radan, Mahtab Keramati, Mehrdad Sedighian, and Mitra Hajjar on her experiences.[15]

After eight years in Shiraz, Mehdi Moghadam goes to age[edit]

According to ISNA, the Persian Gulf Ali Akbar Shamloo, on Sunday, December 17, told reporters that many Iranians, especially the decades of shasti, have a lot of memories, and that the diary of 22 January was repeated in the Shiraz basketball parlor. Shamlou by appreciating, the director of Iranian card phenomenon As a supporter of Mehdi Moghaddam's concerts, the cooperation of the Islamic culture and guidance of Fars and the Iranian Ministry of Shiraz and added: that an artist in spite of eight years away from the music space, the first presence to face the audience, is indicative of his popular position.[16][17][18]

Mehdi Moqadam has been working with intensive exercises to begin his concerts throughout the country, which has been issued with the support and approval of the Ministry of Guidance for the launch of this performances and the official concert tour of this singer, "Mohammad Shaker" will begin in northern cities, reports the visiting group of Young Journalists Club.  It is held 12 September in Lahijan, September 19, in Anzali and September 24, Gorgan. But this is just the beginning of the great musical project of Mehdi Moghadam and then his special concert will be on the stage on the scene on the International Conference on September 5, 2018 to share its experience with its.[19][20]

Titraz read by Mehdi Moghaddam[edit]

Mehdi Moghaddam the feature films (Kakthisha, Vertigo, negative eighteen, slaughterhouse, Love Sohrab, culprit) and the telephoto films (put next ibid, Mahrokh, Last letter, lonely, Horam) and for television networks and programs (Vitamin3) and the radio (Radio Chtrbaron, winter alleys, logos The Iranian Friday station has read a salt in 1998, 78.[21][22]



سال نام فیلم کارگردان اکران
2017 -18 اصغر نصیری 2017
2012 Abhay alf علی عطشانی 2012
2013 topoli v man Hossein tabrizi
2013 Esgeh sohrab Mohammad hussein latifi 2013
2013 Mogasser 2013
2013 Katiosa Ali atsani 2013

Tele Film[edit]


Video name!

1398 Oxazion 1386
1397 Mother's Privacy 1391 The film was shipped with a 3d design
1397 Last Contact
1396 Orhal 1396
1396 next to 1396
1396 Mahrokh 1396 Mehdi Moghadam The film is also read
1396 Last Letter
1396 [[Noghand no Baht |]
1396 Post
1396 Haram



Video name!

1398 Fire Boys 1386
1397 Last Flight 1391
1397 Convicts

Music Works[edit]

Internet Album[edit]

The album name[edit]

Negative Eighteen 1383
[23] l1V 1386
I can't believe 1391
Ferpley   1395

Official Album published[edit]

The album name[edit]

Publish Publisher name
Khkhuni 1383 Avaye sote Dlan
Tsunami 1386 Image Gostar Pasargad
Caution 1391 Internet Broadcasting ' '

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