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Ms. Mimi Jane Squigglytail is the headteacher at Camembert Academy and is everyone's role model. She is one of the major characters of Hit Entertainment's Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps and is one of the nine tritagonists of Dreamworks Angelina Ballerina: The First Movie, Angelina Ballerina in the Haunted Mansion, Angelina's New Friend and A Big Day At the Fair. She is from Los Angeles, California, and is voiced by Judith Mason.

Dee Dee and the Man[edit]

Ms. Mimi provided intelligence and missions to Lola in her search from Omnitrix. Eventually, the clues led the Autobot to Harry. After saving Harry from Olts Lola finally completed preparations for the Autobots to arrive on Earth. Once on Earth and disguised as a young adult mouse and having informed the two children Ms. Mimi and the Autobots were discovered by Sector Seven. She sent Milli on a high-speed destruction distraction mission, then sent Rex to rescue Milli from a double-threat posed by the government agents and various Decepticon scouts. When Lola was capture Ms. Mimi chased the helicopter which from which the small Autobot was dangling. After a lengthy pursuit, she managed to catch the net, only to be thrown off by another Cybertronian meteor passing nearby. As Lola was carried away, she promised she would not fail her again. Milli informed her that the meteor was not an Autobot and she confronted the new threat, who turned out to be the Decepticon triplechanger Shockwave. The two battled it out across Tranquility before Ms Mimi finally destroyed him, and in doing so, overheard Mandark's transmission revealing the location of the AllSpark. Ms. Mimi then returned to an intel role as she guided Lola to her mission to retrieve the AllSpark from Hoover Dam. Unfortunately, the Decepticons managed to free Vilgax leading to the final battle in Mission City. As the Autobots engaged in an all-out urban war with the Decepticons to protect Harry and the Omnitrix, things seemed to take a turn for the worse as Vilgax. But before the Decepticon leader could claim the Cube, Ms. Mimi attack. The two leaders duked it out until Vilgax was finally on the ground, seemingly devoid of life. Ms. Mimi knelt to take the AllSpark as Harry handed it to her, but he got away.

The Autobots finally arrive on the Island of Darkness, where the Stone Army is preparing for the final battle. The Autobots learn that the Temple of Light is where they can receive their elemental powers. In order to do this, the Autobots must use a medallion to find the temple. The fighting between Vilgax and Ms. Mimi. Later the ninja are, forcing them to fight their way back down to the entrance as she rejoins them.

The ninja arrived at the beach in time to witness the Overlord take control of Vilgax's body, having fired enough Dark Matter into Ninjago to allow him to cross over. She used her Elemental Blade to cut one of the Stone Army's machines in half before commandeering one of Garmatron's cannons. As Ms. Mimi faced the Overlord, Lola watched with the other ninja as their comrade was defeated.

With the Ultra Dragon's arrival to the Island of Darkness, the group was able to return to Ninjago City, only to find it infected with Dark Matter and ruled by the Overlord, now restored to his monstrous true form. Despite their fighting prowess, the heroes were almost overwhelmed by the Stone Army, only to be saved when Dareth donned the Helmet of Shadows and took command of the ancient soldiers.

Ms. Mimi and others Autobots proceeded to ascend the tower but only to watch them fall victim to the Overlord's corruption. Later she distracts Mandark and Dexter was forced to limp up to the top of the tower alone, where the Overlord was waiting. In the aftermath of the Overlord's defeat, all of his creations and corruption vanished. Ms. Mimi reunited with her friends and allies in the crater left by the Garmatron's disappearance; she is even surprised to see that Vilgax leaping at the Autobots with his chain-flail out, and making one last attempt at defeating his adversary. She grabbed the chain, pulling Vilgax in closer, and with the AllSpark clutched in her fist, delivered a punch through Vilgax's chest. As Vilgax died Ms. Mimi reflected on the losses and rewards of this battle, as the Autobots have a new home. Ms. Mimi planned to guard the humans in secret, "For freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Dee Dee and the Man 2[edit]

After overseeing Rex's defeat of Ms. Chalice and Larry's rescue of Rex took to the field when a previously unknown Decepticon named Demolishor began attacking the Shanghai waterfront. She was finally able to defeat him, but Demolishor gave a single warning before he was killed: "The Fallen shall rise again". Ms. Mimi and the Autobots were at a loss as to what he meant. Back in the United States, Dexter gave Blossom. Banes a fragment of the AllSpark that he had discovered, which the Decepticons soon sought. She ordered Lola to rescue her. Following this, the Decepticons launched a raid on the city's oil refinery, where Larry rescued several engineers. Finally escorted a NEST team to safety in the city's canals. Their victories were short lived. The Decepticons soon learned about the AllSpark shard on Diego Garcia, stealing it to revive a monstrous. Although Mikey managed to save the fleet, Vilgax was reborn. He soon made an attack on Dexter, trying to access information in his mind downloaded from the AllSpark. She managed to rescue him. Her faced him in a major city on the East Coast. The two leaders engaged in a titanic struggle that shook the city, but despite being aided by many Autobot drone units, Ms. Mimi was seemingly destroyed. However, much later, Ms. Mimi reappeared when Vilgax's master, The Fallen, activated the Star Harvester to drain Earth's Sun. The Autobot leader revealed that The pest's promise to make him a her was a lie, as Primes were born, not made. When Vilgax demanded his reward, The Fallen reneged on his promise. As the master and disciple of evil began to fight, her left to find a way to disable the Harvester. This her was known as The Fallen, but the star harvester was hidden from him. While Dexter made inquires to the Tomb of the Twelve, Vilgax and Mandark arrived in an attempt to learn the harvester's location and kill him. Ms. Mimi was able to defeat both Decepticons with Lapis's help, but she was stabbed in the back by Vilgax. Dying, Lapis takes her parts to Ms. Mimi as only a her could defeat The Fallen. Finding the harvester at the Great Pyramid of Giza, Ms. Mimi challenged The Fallen. Despite The Fallen's powerful command of telekinesis and pyrokinesis, she was able to get past her defenses and kill The Fallen by stabbing him through the face. On the return trip home, Dexter expressed gratitude at seeing the sunrise, and told her she would have to trust him on it. She replied that he had always trusted Dexter, and always would.


She is kind-hearted, caring, understanding, supportive and good at giving advice to her pupils.

She is a modern, young, fun, warm, and caring mouse who grew up in Los Angeles, California.

In the episodes "Angelina, the Pet Sitter," and "Angelina and the Poster," they find that she find out! In the episodes "Angelina's Kitchen Band," and "Angelina Jumps the River," and "Angelina and Ms. Mimi's Dance," and "Angelina's Mother's Day," and "Angelina and the Laughing Poet," they find that she find out what she has to!


302a - Angelina, the Pet Sitter

303a - Angelina and the Dance-Athon

406a - Angelina's Mother's Day

408a - Angelina's Indian Lunchtime


Ms. Mimi is a young adult mouse. She wears a purple dress with blue and green details, and matching leggings. She wears green ballet slippers and a green headband. She also has bluish eyes.