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Outline of Spain

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The Flag of Spain
The Coat of arms of Spain
The location of Spain
An enlargeable map of the Kingdom of Spain

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Spain:

Spain – sovereign state located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. Spanish territory also includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast, three exclaves in North Africa, Ceuta, Melilla, and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera that border Morocco, and the islands and peñones (rocks) of Alborán, Chafarinas, Alhucemas, and Perejil. Spain is a democracy organized in the form of a parliamentary government under a constitutional monarchy. It is a developed country with the 14th largest economy in the world. It is a member of the European Union, United Nations, NATO, OECD, WTO and many other international organizations.

General reference[edit]

An enlargeable basic map of Spain, except the Canary Islands
  • Pronunciation:
  • Common English country name: Spain
  • Official English country name: The Kingdom of Spain or Spain
  • Common endonym: España
  • Official endonym: Reino de España, España
  • Adjectival: Spanish
  • Demonym: Spaniard
  • Etymology: Name of Spain
  • International rankings of Spain
  • ISO country codes: ES, ESP, 724
  • ISO region codes: See ISO 3166-2:ES
  • Internet country code top-level domain: .es
  • International Direct Dialing uses the prefix +34. Then a first digit 9 indicates a fixed landline, 6 or 7 are for mobile cellphones

Geography of Spain[edit]

An enlargeable topographic map of Spain, except the Canary Islands and Minorca

Geography of Spain

  • Spain is a:
    • Country
      • Developed country
    • Nation state
      • Sovereign state
      • Member State of the European Union
  • Location:
    • Northern Hemisphere, on the Prime Meridian
    • Eurasia
      • Europe
        • Southern Europe
        • Western Europe
        • Iberian Peninsula – Spain occupies most of this peninsula, sharing it with Portugal
    • Time zones:
      • Canary Islands – Western European Time (UTC+00), Western European Summer Time (UTC+01)
      • Rest of Spain – Central European Time (UTC+01), Central European Summer Time (UTC+02)
    • Extreme points of Spain
      • High: Teide on Tenerife 3,718 m (12,198 ft) - highest point in Canary Islands
                Mulhacén 3,479 m (11,414 ft) - highest point in continental Spain
      • Low: North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea 0 m
    • Land boundaries: 1,918 km
 Portugal 1,214 km
 France 623 km
 Andorra 64 km
 Morocco 16 km
 Gibraltar 1 km, not recognized by Spain
  • Coastline: 4,964 km
  • Population of Spain: 46,063,500 (January 2008) - 28th most populous country
  • Area of Spain: 504,030 km2
    • Second largest country in Western Europe (behind France)
  • Altitude:
    • Average altitude: 650 m
    • Rank: second highest country in Europe (behind Switzerland)
  • Atlas of Spain

Environment of Spain[edit]

An enlargeable satellite image of Spain, except the Canary Islands and Minorca
  • Geology of Spain
  • Climate of Spain
  • Renewable energy in Spain
  • Environmental issues in Spain
    • Biosphere reserves in Spain
    • National parks of Spain
    • Sites of Community Importance in Spain
  • Wildlife of Spain
    • Fauna of Spain
      • Birds of Spain
      • Mammals of Spain

Natural geographic features of Spain[edit]

  • Beaches in Spain
  • Glaciers of Spain
  • Islands of Spain
  • Lakes of Spain
  • Mountains of Spain
    • Volcanoes in Spain
  • Rivers of Spain
    • Waterfalls of Spain
  • Valleys of Spain
  • World Heritage Sites in Spain

Regions of Spain[edit]

Ecological regions of Spain[edit]

List of ecoregions in Spain

  • Ecoregions in Spain

Administrative divisions of Spain[edit]

Administrative divisions of Spain

  • Autonomous communities of Spain
    • Provinces of Spain
      • Municipalities of Spain
Autonomous communities of Spain[edit]

Autonomous communities of Spain – each has its own parliament and government

  • By name
    •  Andalusia
    •  Aragon
    •  Principality of Asturias
    •  Balearic Islands
    •  Basque Country
    •  Canary Islands
    •  Cantabria
    •  Castile–La Mancha
    •  Castile and León
    •  Catalonia
    •  Extremadura
    •  Galicia
    •  La Rioja
    •  Community of Madrid
    •  Region of Murcia
    •  Chartered Community of Navarre
    •  Valencian Community
  • By statistic
    • Spanish autonomous communities by area
    • Spanish autonomous communities by population
Autonomous cities of Spain[edit]

Autonomous cities of Spain – less autonomous than the autonomous communities, but with more autonomy than Spain's other cities

  •  Ceuta
  •  Melilla
Other territory[edit]
  • Spanish exclaves:
    • Ceuta
    • Melilla
    • Llívia
  • Places of sovereignty near Morocco, consisting of:
    • Islas Chafarinas
    • Peñón de Alhucemas
    • Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera
    • Isla de Alborán
    • Isla Perejil
Provinces of Spain[edit]

Provinces of Spain

  • Spanish provinces by area
  • Spanish provinces by coastline
  • Spanish provinces by population
  • Spanish provinces by name:
Province name Capital Autonomous community Lists of municipalities
A Coruña A Coruña Galicia Municipalities
Álava/Araba Vitoria-Gasteiz Basque Country Municipalities
Albacete Albacete Castile–La Mancha Municipalities
Alicante/Alacant Alicante/Alacant Valencian Community Municipalities
Almería Almería Andalusia Municipalities
Asturias Oviedo Asturias Municipalities
Ávila Ávila Castile and León Municipalities
Badajoz Badajoz Extremadura Municipalities
Balearic Islands (Illes Balears/
Islas Baleares)
Palma Balearic Islands Municipalities
Barcelona Barcelona Catalonia Municipalities
Bizkaia/Vizcaya Bilbao/Bilbo Basque Country Municipalities
Burgos Burgos Castile and León Municipalities
Cáceres Cáceres Extremadura Municipalities
Cádiz Cádiz Andalusia Municipalities
Cantabria Santander Cantabria Municipalities
Castellón/Castelló Castellón de la Plana/Castelló de la Plana Valencian Community Municipalities
Ciudad Real Ciudad Real Castile–La Mancha Municipalities
Córdoba Córdoba Andalusia Municipalities
Cuenca Cuenca Castile–La Mancha Municipalities
Girona Girona Catalonia Municipalities
Granada Granada Andalusia Municipalities
Guadalajara Guadalajara Castile–La Mancha Municipalities
Gipuzkoa/Guipúzcoa San Sebastián/Donostia Basque Country Municipalities
Huelva Huelva Andalusia Municipalities
Huesca Huesca Aragon Municipalities
Jaén Jaén Andalusia Municipalities
La Rioja Logroño La Rioja Municipalities
León León Castile and León Municipalities
Lleida Lleida Catalonia Municipalities
Lugo Lugo Galicia Municipalities
Madrid Madrid Community of Madrid Municipalities
Málaga Málaga Andalusia Municipalities
Murcia Murcia Region of Murcia Municipalities
Navarra/Nafarroa Pamplona/Iruña Navarre Municipalities
Ourense Ourense Galicia Municipalities
Palencia Palencia Castile and León Municipalities
Las Palmas Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Canary Islands Municipalities
Pontevedra Pontevedra Galicia Municipalities
Salamanca Salamanca Castile and León Municipalities
Santa Cruz de Tenerife Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Islands Municipalities
Segovia Segovia Castile and León Municipalities
Seville (Sevilla) Seville (Sevilla) Andalusia Municipalities
Soria Soria Castile and León Municipalities
Tarragona Tarragona Catalonia Municipalities
Teruel Teruel Aragon Municipalities
Toledo Toledo Castile–La Mancha Municipalities
Valencia/València Valencia/València Valencian Community Municipalities
Valladolid Valladolid Castile and León Municipalities
Zamora Zamora Castile and León Municipalities
Zaragoza Zaragoza Aragon Municipalities
Comarcas of Spain[edit]

Comarcas of Spain

  • Comarcas of Aragon
  • Comarcas of Asturias
  • Comarques of Catalonia
  • Comarques of the Valencian Community
Municipalities of Spain[edit]

Municipalities of Spain

  • Capital of Spain: Madrid
  • Metropolitan areas in Spain
  • List of municipalities (cities) of Spain – Spain's approximately 8100 municipalities comprise the basic level of Spanish local government
    • Autonomous cities of Spain
    • Ranked lists of Spanish municipalities

Demography of Spain[edit]

Demographics of Spain

Government and politics of Spain[edit]

Politics of Spain

  • Form of government: Constitutional monarchy
  • Capital of Spain: Madrid
  • Anarchism in Spain
  • Elections in Spain
  • Political parties in Spain
    • Partido Popular or PP Mainstream Centre-Right associated with the main Employers Organization and clerics
    • Partido Socialista Obrero Español mainstream social-democrats linked to Unión General de Trabajadores trade union and the Confederación Empresarial de Economia Social
    • Podemos, a recently formed left-wing populist party
    • Citizens (Ciudadanos, "Cs") a recently established liberal and unionist party
    • Political parties in Catalonia
  • Elections in Spain
  • Liberalism and radicalism in Spain
  • Social Security in Spain
  • Taxation in Spain
  • Corruption in Spain

Monarchy of Spain[edit]

Monarchy of Spain

  • Head of state: King of Spain, Felipe VI
    • List of heads of state of Spain
    • List of titles and honours of the Spanish Crown
      • List of titles and honours of Felipe VI of Spain
    • Line of succession to the Spanish Throne
    • Monarchs of Spain family tree
    • Christmas Eve National Speech
    • Coat of arms of the King of Spain
  • Royal Household of Spain
    • Spanish Royal Family
    • Spanish royal sites
  • Spanish nobility
  • Annus horribilis
  • Bourbon claim to the Spanish throne
  • Caballerizo mayor
  • Camarera mayor de Palacio
  • Chamber of Peers (Spain)
  • Crown of Aragon
  • Descendants of Charles III of Spain
  • Coat of arms of the Prince of Asturias
  • Ancestry of Felipe VI of Spain
  • Gentilhombres de cámara con ejercicio
  • Imperator totius Hispaniae
  • Ancestry of Juan Carlos I of Spain
  • Kingdom of Gibraltar
  • List of titles and honours of Leonor, Princess of Asturias
  • Queen Letizia of Spain
  • Line of succession to the Spanish throne
  • List of titles and honours of Juan Carlos I of Spain
  • List of titles and honours of Queen Letizia of Spain
  • Mayordomo mayor
  • Mayordomos de semana
  • Nóos case
  • Patrimonio Nacional
  • Royal descendants of John William Friso
  • Royal Household and Heritage of the Crown of Spain
  • Royal Standard of Spain
  • List of titles and honours of Queen Sofía of Spain
  • Sumiller de Corps

Branches of the government of Spain[edit]

Government of Spain

Executive branch of the government of Spain[edit]

  • Head of state: King of Spain, Felipe VI
    • List of heads of state of Spain
  • Head of government: Prime Minister of Spain (Presidente del Gobierno), Mariano Rajoy Brey
    • List of Presidents of the Government of Spain
    • First Vice President of Spain
    • Second Vice President of Spain
  • Cabinet of Spain (Council of Ministers)

Legislative branch of the government of Spain[edit]

  • Parliament of Spain – bicameral legislature of Spain, consisting of:
    • Upper house: Senate of Spain
    • Lower house: Congress of Deputies (Spain)

Judicial branch of the government of Spain[edit]

Spanish judicial system

    • General Council of the Judicial Power of Spain
    • Constitutional Court of Spain
    • Supreme Court of Spain

Foreign relations of Spain[edit]

Foreign relations of Spain

  • Diplomatic missions in Spain
  • Diplomatic missions of Spain
  • Centro Nacional de Inteligencia

International organization membership[edit]

The Kingdom of Spain is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Spain[edit]

Law of Spain

  • Crime in Spain
    • Terrorism in Spain
      • ETA
      • GRAPO
      • 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings
  • Human rights in Spain
    • Civil unions in Spain
    • LGBT rights in Spain
      • Same-sex marriage in Spain
    • Freedom of religion in Spain
  • Law enforcement in Spain
  • Laws of Spain
    • Capital punishment in Spain
    • Constitution of Spain
      • Spanish Political Reform Act 1977
      • Spanish Constitution of 1978
        • Amendments to the Spanish Constitution of 1978
    • Historical Memory Law – recognizes the victims on both sides of the Spanish Civil War, gives rights to the victims and the descendants of victims of the Civil War and the subsequent dictatorship of General Francisco Franco, and formally condemns the Franco Regime
    • Spanish referendum on the European Constitution

Military of Spain[edit]

Military of Spain

  • Command
    • Commander-in-chief:
      • Ministry of Defence of Spain
  • Forces
    • Army of Spain
      • Tanks in the Spanish Army
    • Navy of Spain
    • Air Force of Spain
    • Spanish Legion
    • Special forces of Spain
  • Military history of Spain
  • Military ranks of Spain

Local government in Spain[edit]

Local government in Spain

  • List of Spanish regional governments
    • List of Spanish regional legislatures

History of Spain[edit]

History of Spain

  • Timeline of Spanish history

History of Spain by period[edit]

  • Prehistoric Iberia
    • Timeline of pre-Roman Iberian history
    • Carthaginian Iberia
  • Hispania
    • Timeline of the history of Roman Hispania
  • Spain in the Middle Ages
    • Visigothic Kingdom
    • al-Andalus
      • Umayyad conquest of Hispania
    • Reconquista
  • Habsburg Spain
    • Spanish Inquisition
  • Enlightenment Spain
  • Mid-nineteenth century Spain
  • Spanish confiscation
  • First Spanish Republic
  • Spain under the Restoration
  • Second Spanish Republic
  • Spanish Civil War
  • Spain under Franco
  • Modern Spain

History of Spain by region[edit]

By autonomous community[edit]

  • History of Andalusia
  • History of Aragon
  • History of Asturias
  • History of the Balearic Islands
  • History of Basque Country
  • History of the Canary Islands
  • History of Cantabria
  • History of Castilla-La Mancha
  • History of Castile and León
  • History of Catalonia
  • History of Extremadura
  • History of Galicia
  • History of La Rioja
  • History of the Community of Madrid
  • History of the Region of Murcia
  • History of Navarre
  • History of the Valencian Community

By city[edit]

  • History of Madrid
  • History of Barcelona
  • History of Valencia
  • History of Seville
  • History of Zaragoza
  • History of Málaga
  • History of Murcia
  • History of Palma
  • History of Las Palmas
  • History of Bilbao
  • History of Alicante

History of Spain by subject[edit]

  • Chivalry in Spain
  • Economic history of Spain
  • Literature in Medieval Spain
  • Military history of Spain
    • List of Spanish wars
    • Spanish knights orders
    • List of ships of the line of Spain
    • List of battleships of Spain
    • Spanish aircraft carrier Príncipe de Asturias
    • Spanish ship Juan Carlos I (L61)
    • Spanish Armada
      • Spanish Armada in Ireland
  • Religious history of Spain

Culture of Spain[edit]

Culture of Spain

  • Cuisine of Spain
    • Paella
  • Festivals in Spain
    • Fiestas of International Tourist Interest of Spain
    • Fiestas of National Tourist Interest of Spain
  • Media in Spain
  • National symbols of Spain
    • Coat of arms of Spain
      • Coats of arms of the autonomous communities of Spain
    • Flag of Spain
      • Flags of the autonomous communities of Spain
    • National anthem of Spain (Marcha Real)
      • Anthems of the autonomous communities of Spain
    • National motto: Plus Ultra
  • Prostitution in Spain
  • Public holidays in Spain
  • Records of Spain
  • Scouting in Spain
  • World Heritage Sites in Spain

Art in Spain[edit]

Art in Spain

  • Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain
  • Rock art of the Iberian Mediterranean Basin
  • Rock art of the Iberian Southern Tip
  • Television in Spain
  • Spanish Golden Age
  • Spanish Renaissance

Architecture of Spain[edit]

Architecture of Spain

  • By location
    • Architecture of Madrid
    • Architecture of Cantabria
  • By period
    • Spanish Romanesque
    • Mudéjar style
    • Spanish Gothic architecture
    • Herrerian
    • Spanish Renaissance architecture
    • Plateresque
    • Spanish Baroque
    • Rococo in Spain
    • Modernisme
  • By type
    • Castles in Spain
    • Cathedrals in Spain
  • Missing landmarks in Spain

Cinema of Spain[edit]

Cinema of Spain

  • Spanish films
  • Spanish directors
    • Luis Buñuel – first Spanish director to achieve universal recognition
    • Pedro Almodóvar – achieved universal recognition in the 1980s
    • Segundo de Chomón
    • Florián Rey
    • Luis García Berlanga
    • Juan Antonio Bardem
    • Carlos Saura
    • Julio Médem
    • Alejandro Amenábar

Dance in Spain[edit]

  • Jota
  • Flamenco
  • Sardana
  • Sevillanas

Literature of Spain[edit]

Literature of Spain — Castilian (Spanish) literature

  • By genre
    • Spanish poetry
    • Spanish comics
  • By region
    • Basque literature
    • Catalan literature
  • Galician literature

Music of Spain[edit]

Music of Spain

  • By genre
    • Spanish opera
    • Spanish folk music
    • Flamenco
    • Catalan rumba
    • Spanish rock
    • Spanish hip hop
  • By region
    • Music of Andalusia
    • Music of Aragon
    • Music of the Balearic Islands
    • Music of the Basque
    • Music of the Canary Islands
    • Music of Castile, Madrid and León
    • Music of Catalonia
    • Music of Extremadura
    • Music of Galicia, Cantabria and Asturias
    • Music of Murcia
    • Music of Navarre and La Rioja
    • Music of Valencia
  • Benidorm International Song Festival - Festivals
  • Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest

Painting in Spain[edit]

  • Spanish painters
    • Alonso Cano
    • Juan Carreño de Miranda
    • Ramon Casas i Carbó
    • Claudio Coello
    • Salvador Dalí
    • Mariano Fortuny
    • Francisco Goya
    • El Greco (born in Creta).
    • Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
    • Pablo Picasso
    • José de Ribera
    • Santiago Rusiñol
    • Enrique Simonet
    • Joaquín Sorolla
    • Diego Velázquez
    • Ignacio Zuloaga
    • Francisco de Zurbarán

Sculpture in Spain[edit]

  • Lady of Elche
  • Lady of Baza

Language in Spain[edit]

  • Languages of Spain
    • Spanish language
      • History of the Spanish language
      • Spanish dialects
    • Aragonese
    • Aranese (Occitan)
    • Asturian
    • Basque
    • Catalan/Valencian
    • Galician
    • Leonese

People of Spain[edit]

Spanish people (or People of Spain)

  • Regional ethnic groups:
    • Andalusian people
    • Aragonese people
    • Asturian people
    • Balearic people
    • Basque people
    • Canarian people
    • Cantabrian people
    • Castilian people
    • Catalan people
    • Extremaduran people
    • Galician people
    • Leonese people
    • Valencian people
  • Other groups:
    • Afro-Spanish
    • Chinese people in Spain
    • Jews in Spain
    • Romani people in Spain

Religion and belief systems in Spain[edit]

  • Irreligion in Spain
  • Religion in Spain
    • Monasteries in Spain
    • Religions in Spain
      • Bahá'í Faith in Spain
      • Christianity in Spain
        • Catholicism in Spain
        • Protestantism in Spain
      • Hinduism in Spain
      • Islam in Spain
        • Ahmadiyya in Spain
      • Judaism in Spain
      • Neopaganism in Spain
      • Odinist Community of Spain — Ásatrú

Sports in Spain[edit]

Sports in Spain

  • Football in Spain
    • Football clubs in Spain
  • Mind sports in Spain
    • Chess in Spain
      • Spanish Chess Championship
  • Spain at the Olympics

Economy and infrastructure of Spain[edit]

Economy of Spain

  • Economic rank, by nominal GDP (2011): 12th (twelfth)
  • Agriculture in Spain
  • Banking in Spain
    • National Bank of Spain
  • Companies of Spain
  • Currency of Spain: Euro (see also: Euro topics)
    • ISO 4217: EUR
    • Royal Mint
      • Spanish euro coins
      • Spanish peseta
  • Economic history of Spain
  • Energy in Spain
    • Energy policy of Spain
    • Oil industry in Spain
  • Health care in Spain
  • Mining in Spain
  • Social Security in Spain
  • Spain Stock Exchange
  • Tourism in Spain
  • Water supply and sanitation in Spain

Communications in Spain[edit]

Communications in Spain

  • Internet in Spain
  • Television stations in Spain
  • Radio stations in Spain
  • Spanish newspapers
  • Postal codes in Spain

Transport in Spain[edit]

Transport in Spain

  • Air transport in Spain
    • Airports in Spain
    • EADS CASA – defunct aircraft manufacturer
  • Rail transport in Spain
    • Rapid transit in Spain
    • List of town tramway systems in Spain
    • History of rail transport in Spain
    • AVE, Spanish High Speed
    • RENFE, National Network of the Spanish Railways
      • Cercanías, commuter rail services
    • FEVE, Narrow Gauge Railways
    • Euskotren Trena
    • Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
    • Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana
    • Serveis Ferroviaris de Mallorca
    • Talgo – train manufacturer
  • Road transport in Spain
    • Roads in Spain (carreteras)
      • List of national roads in Spain (carreteras nacionales)
      • Highways in Spain (autopistas and autovías)
    • Vehicle registration plates of Spain
    • Road vehicle manufacturers
      • Car manufacturers
        • SEAT
      • Motorcycle manufacturers
        • Montesa Honda – Spanish subsidiary of Honda, manufactures motorcycles and bicycles
    • History of road transport in Spain
      • Abadal automobile
      • Biscuter automobile
      • Bultaco – defunct motorcycle manufacturer
      • Hispano-Suiza – defunct car manufacturer
      • Pegaso – defunct car manufacturer

Education in Spain[edit]

Education in Spain

  • Spanish universities
    • List of universities in Spain (organized by autonomous community)

Health in Spain[edit]

  • Healthcare in Spain
    • Hospitals in Spain

See also[edit]

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  • List of Spain-related topics
  • Member state of the European Union
  • Member state of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Member state of the United Nations
  • Outline of Europe
  • Outline of geography


  1. "Spain". The World Factbook. United States Central Intelligence Agency. July 2, 2009. Retrieved July 23, 2009.

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