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RSA Award for Excellence in Mathematics

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RSA Award for Excellence in Mathematics
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Awarded forOutstanding achievements in cryptographic research defined broadly
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The RSA Conference Award for Excellence in Mathematics is given annually at the RSA Conference (the leading IT security forum, dedicated to the practice of Cryptography and Information security, see[1]), and it recognizes innovation and ongoing contribution to the field of cryptography. The judging committee of experts which is associated with the Cryptographer's Track at RSA Conference (CT-RSA)[2] seeks to acknowledge those nominees who are pioneers in their field, and whose work has applied or theoretical lasting value. Nominees are typically affiliated with universities or industrial research labs. The award is one of the top recognitions for a researcher in the field of Cryptography defined broadly. Leading cryptography researchers have won the award over the years, based on their innovative works. Note, in addition to this award, some pioneers in the field have won other awards in the same conference, most notably a lifetime achievement award which was given over the years to the RSA namesakes (in 2012): Ronald Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman, and to the inventors of the notion of Public-key cryptography: Martin Hellman (2013) and Whitfield Diffie (2010), as well as to an early contributor to the field and its practice: Taher Elgamal (2009).

The RSA Award for Excellence in Mathematics recipients[edit | edit source]

Year Recipients Citation/ Major Achievements
1998 Shafi Goldwasser For pioneering theoretical foundations of modern cryptography.[3]
1999 John Pollard For major contributions to algebraic cryptanalysis of Integer factorization and Discrete logarithm.

2000 Ralph Merkle For co-inventing Public-key cryptography: the idea of Key exchange and the Merkle's Puzzles.
2001 Scott Vanstone For outstanding contributions to applied cryptography.
2002 Don Coppersmith For exceptional contributions to symmetric and asymmetric Cryptanalysis.
2003 Mihir Bellare For major contributions to practice oriented secure cryptography.
2003 Phillip Rogaway For major contributions to practice oriented secure cryptography.
2004 Silvio Micali For pioneering theoretical foundations of modern cryptography.
2005 Dan Boneh For innovative designs of cryptographic primitives.[4]
2006 Oded Goldreich For basic contributions to the foundations of cryptography. [5]
2007 Jacques Stern For contributions to mathematical techniques underlying proofs of Cryptographic protocols and cryptanalysis. [6]
2008 Arjen Lenstra For contributions to Computational number theory, including to Integer Factorization.[7]
2009 Neal Koblitz For co-inventing Elliptic-curve cryptography. [8]
2009 Victor Miller For co-inventing Elliptic-curve cryptography.
2010 David Chaum For innovating Cryptographic Anonymity primitives. [9]
2011 Charles Rackoff For Computational complexity oriented cryptography, including co-inventing Zero-knowledge proofs.[10]
2012 Eli Biham For symmetric key cryptanalysis, in particular for co-inventing Differential cryptanalysis. [11]
2012 Mitsuru Matsui For symmetric key cryptanalysis, in particular for inventing Linear cryptanalysis.
2013 Jean-Jacques Quisquater For contributions to Cryptographic engineering: hardware, standards, and practical zero-knowledge authentication. [12]
2013 Claus P. Schnorr For contributions to hardware oriented efficient practical zero-knowledge authentication and signatures.
2014 Bart Preneel For contributions to applied cryptography and to the cryptanalysis and design of Cryptographic hash functions.[13]
2015 Ivan Damgård For contributions to cryptographic hashing principles and to Cryptographic protocols. [14]
2015 Hugo Krawczyk For contributions to hashing based Message authentication codes and to applied Key-agreement protocols.
2016 Ueli Maurer For contributions to Information-theoretic Cryptography and to analysis of cryptographic schemes. [15]
2017 Tatsuaki Okamoto For contributions to numerous primitives and protocols within Public-key cryptography. [16]
2018 Ran Canetti For contributions to the foundations of Secure multi-party computation. [17]
2018 Rafail Ostrovsky For contributions to the theory and to new variants of Secure multi-party computations.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The award is given annually to an individual or individuals, as the history of award recipients indicates. Over the years, almost all areas of Cryptographic research have been acknowledged by an award (mathematical foundations, number theory and algebra, computational complexity foundations, information theoretic foundations, cipher design and cryptanalysis, cryptosystems, symmetric and public key systems (design and analysis), cryptographic protocols, applied protocols, secure computations protocols, hardware oriented designs, standards, and so on). The various committees, over the years, have recognized pioneering contributions for their theoretical and practical lasting importance and high impact on the field development and external influence on related fields and actual applications of cryptographic technology.

Some video clips and additional reporting are available about award winners, their stories, or their award ceremonies: [18], [19], [20], [21], [22], [23], [24], [25], [26], [27].

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