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Sherilyn Claire Fritz
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Sherilyn Fritz is known for her research on ecology and paleoecology, with a particular focus on the use of diatom to reconstruct current and past environmental change.

Education and career[edit]

Fritz earned a B.A. in Biology from Macalester College in 1974[1] and an M.S. in Biology from Kent State University in 1979.[2] In 1985, she earned a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of Minnesota.[3] From 1985 to 1994, Fritz was a research associate at the University of Minnesota, and then she moved to Lehigh University where she remained until 1998. Fritz moved to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1999 and was named the George Holmes Professor in 2010.[1]

In 2020, Fritz was named a fellow of the American Geophyiscal Union who honored her for:[4]

...contributions in paleolimnology and paleoclimatology, shaping our understanding of the sensitivity of lake systems worldwide to environmental change


Fritz is known for her research on using the distribution of diatoms in lake and marine sediments to infer past and present environmental changes. She first used this during her master's research at an acid strip-mine lake in Ohio when she was able to document the lake's recovery from strip mining.[5]

For her Ph.D. work, Fritz worked at Diss Mere in Norfolk, United Kingdom.[3] This research used pollen records to track the region's shift from a grassy woodland to a forested ecosystem, and identified the impact of humans on local vegetation.[6] A related publication used the shifting presence of diatoms in the stratified lake sediments to provide details on periods of oxygen depletion in the lake and regional deforestation.[7]

-uses data on the types of diatoms found in sediments to establish climate conditions in the past,[8][9]and links the distribution of diatoms with salinity measurements over the last hundred years to assess ability of the model to establish salinity conditions in the past[10] [11] uses fossil records in lakes to establish past changes in climate[12]

Little Ice Age in the North American Great Plains[13] more on that region[14] and more[15] on the salinity over the last two thousand years[16]

vegetation and climate in southern Italy[17] Yellowstone [18] Glacier Bay, Alaska[19][20]

South American: precipitation[21][22] warming of area[23] glaciation[24]

in Minnesota[25], North America[26]

(up through 2008)

Selected publications[edit]

Awards and honors[edit]

  • Bert Bolin Climate Lecture, Stockholm University (2021)[27]
  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (2013)[28]
  • Hans Oeschger Medal, European Geophysical Union (2014)[29]
  • Fellow, American Geophysical Union (2020)[4]


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