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Tour Morocco’s mission is to have a positive impact on the local communities and the environment in different regions of Morocco where it operates.

its development goals for the local communities are in line with the 2030 United Nations’ Sustainable and Development Goals. Through its actions, Tour Morocco works to fight poverty and promote gender equality and economic growth for the habitants of these communities.

In addition to supporting directly local artisans and suppliers, women co-ops, local tour guides and accommodations by paying fair wages and prices, it works closely with various charitable organisations and NGOs like Les Enfants Du Desert,  CARE, Afoulki, Nouss Nouss and many others that serve these communities.

Tour Morocco organises for its tour participants as part of their itinerary (if they desire) visits of the supported NGOs so they can participate actively in their social actions in the local communities.

A part of its revenues is donated to these NGOs. So, when a client joins one of the tours, he/she donates indirectly to support these organisations.[1]

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The 2022 Ultimate Guide to Marrakech Top Experiences

This quick read article is your ultimate 2021-2022 guide to Marrakech top experiences which you can do or explore in one day while visiting Morocco’s capital of the south aka the “Red City”.

In this travel guide we will review:

1.    The origin of the name “Red City”

2.    Experiencing Marrakech from above

3.    Roaming the medina

4.    Learning Moroccan cuisine

5.    Authentic hammam and spa experience

6.    1001 nights show

Marrakech, “The Red city”

Marrakech, or the red city, was given that name because it was built of beaten clay during the residence of the Almohads. This architecture creates an atmosphere where time seems to have stopped 100 years ago. Its buildings and murals make this an indescribable and breathtaking experience to tell.


The Ultimate Guide to Marrakech Top Experiences

Starting your day waking up early for the first stop of this journey, flight over the High Atlas Mountains and villages of Marrakesh in a hot air balloon. Have you ever imagined enjoying the silence from above in a place where sounds do not sleep? It’s absolutely something you have to experience…

The views from the top will be incomparable to other perspectives, for that reason don’t forget to bring your camera to immortalize these magnificent memories. Having the best of the panoramas of Marrakech and its valleys is the trigger you need to get inspired and explore the corners of Morocco.

After this incredible perspective to explore the city, it is time to roam through its enigmatic streets that will take you to one of the many markets that are found throughout, also known as souks. They are an unmissable stop for those who want to enter into this labyrinth full of diversity. Here you can find a wide variety of objects, from clothes, souvenirs, cooking spices and exotic things like snake charmers.

This medina quarter, which was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a vibrant and ancient city that is surrounded by corridors full of small merchants. It is where the activities that define it as an important economic center take place.

With all those aromas and food venues on every corner, you will want to satisfy your appetite with an exquisite food. And the best way to do it is by learning to cook the traditional Moroccan dishes of this fascinating gastronomy. This captivating cooking workshop is the one to get deeper into this mystical culture. Guided by an expert cook, you will discover the mysterious flavors and the extensive repertoire of spices that will delight your palate.

Let’s take a break

Allow yourself to take a moment of tranquility and relaxation. It is time for one of the most pleasant Arab traditions, the hammam or public Arab bath. Let a rose water bath revitalize your body, mind and senses. Pamper yourself with an experience that you can share with your partner in double cabins, creating an intimate atmosphere. And don’t miss out on enjoying a deep and relaxing massage, your body will thank you for it.

This space can also be shared with the family taking advantage of the various skin treatments with local ingredients or with your friends, sharing a moment of relaxation in the historic Kasbah Bab Agna.

A magical night

A unique way to end your day in Marrakech is to witness the 1001 nights show at Chez Ali. Live a night full of magic that will make you feel part of their acts. You will be able to appreciate the rich folklore through the dances and acrobatics while enjoying a delicious dinner under a Berber tent creating a mystical and fantasy atmosphere.

This will undoubtedly be an evening that will make your senses travel to another world, but what am I saying?

You are in the right place!

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By Rubi Olvera


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