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Tropical cyclones in 2010

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Template:Tropical cyclones by year During 2010, tropical cyclones formed within seven different tropical cyclone basins, located within various parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. During the year, a total of 104 tropical cyclones had formed this year to date. 64 tropical cyclones had been named by either a Regional Specialized Meteorological Center (RSMC) or a Tropical Cyclone Warning Center (TCWC).

The most active basin in 2010 was the North Atlantic, which documented 19 named systems, while the North Indian Ocean, despite only amounting to five named systems, was its basin's most active since 1998. Conversely, both the West Pacific typhoon and East Pacific hurricane seasons experienced the least number of cyclones reaching tropical storm intensity in recorded history, numbering 14 and 8, respectively. Activity across the southern hemisphere's three basins—South-West Indian, Australian, and South Pacific—was spread evenly, with each region recording seven named storms apiece. That hemisphere's strongest tropical cyclone was Cyclone Edzani, which bottomed out with a barometric pressure of 910 mbar (hPa; 26.88 inHg) in the South-West Indian Ocean.

The strongest of these tropical cyclones was Typhoon Megi, which strengthened to a minimum barometric pressure of 885 mbar (hPa; 26.13 inHg) before striking the east coast of Luzon in the Philippines. The costliest tropical cyclone in 2010 was Hurricane Karl, which struck the Veracruz, Mexico area in September, causing US$5.6 billion in damage.[nb 1] Hurricane Alex and tropical storms Matthew, and Agatha were the only other tropical cyclones worldwide in 2010 to accrue over US$1 billion in damage. Agatha was also the year's deadliest storm, killing 190 people primarily in Guatemala after lasting for only one day over the waters of the East Pacific.

2010 Summary[edit]


ImageSize = width:1050 height:370 PlotArea = top:10 bottom:80 right:20 left:20

Legend = columns:3 left:30 top:58 columnwidth:270

AlignBars = early DateFormat = dd/mm/yyyy Period = from:01/01/2010 till:07/01/2011 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal ScaleMinor = grid:black unit:month increment:1 start:01/01/2010

Colors =

 id:canvas value:gray(0.88)
 id:GP     value:red
 id:TL     value:rgb(0.38,0.73,1)  legend:Tropical_Low_=_<63_km/h_(<39_mph)
 id:C1     value:rgb(0,0.98,0.96)  legend:Category_1_=_63-87_km/h_(39-54_mph)
 id:C2     value:rgb(0.80,1,1)     legend:Category_2_=_88-142_km/h_(55-74_mph)
 id:C3     value:rgb(1,1,0.80)     legend:Category_3_=_143-158-km/h_(75-98_mph)
 id:C4     value:rgb(1,0.76,0.25)  legend:Category_4_=_159-204_km/h_(99-127_mph)
 id:C5     value:rgb(1,0.38,0.38)  legend:Category_5_=_≥205_km/h_(≥128_mph)

Backgroundcolors = canvas:canvas

BarData =



 barset:Hurricane width:11 align:left fontsize:S shift:(4,-4) anchor:till
 from:01/01/2010 till:14/01/2010 color:C5 text:"Edzani"
 from:07/01/2010 till:10/01/2010 color:C1 text:"03F"
 from:14/01/2010 till:22/01/2010 color:C1 text:"Neville"
 from:15/01/2010 till:15/01/2010 color:TL text:"09"
 from:15/01/2010 till:21/01/2010 color:TL text:"04U"
 from:18/01/2010 till:30/01/2010 color:C1 text:"Olga"
 from:18/01/2010 till:20/01/2010 color:TL text:"01W"
 from:18/01/2010 till:24/01/2010 color:C3 text:"Magda"
 from:23/01/2010 till:28/01/2010 color:TL text:"05F"
 from:26/01/2010 till:30/01/2010 color:C1 text:"10/11 S"
 from:27/01/2010 till:31/01/2010 color:C1 text:"Nisha"
 from:29/01/2010 till:07/02/2010 color:C4 text:"Oli"
 from:01/02/2010 till:03/02/2010 color:C1 text:"Fami"
 from:02/02/2010 till:04/02/2010 color:TL text:"08F"
 from:06/02/2010 till:11/02/2010 color:C3 text:"Pat"
 from:09/02/2010 till:17/02/2010 color:C3 text:"Rene"
 from:15/02/2010 till:21/02/2010 color:C5 text:"Gelane"
 from:17/02/2010 till:03/03/2010 color:C1 text:"Sarah"
 from:22/02/2010 till:24/02/2010 color:TL text:"08U"
 from:07/03/2010 till:15/03/2010 color:C2 text:"Hubert"
 from:09/03/2010 till:21/03/2010 color:C5 text:"Ului"
 from:09/03/2010 till:17/03/2010 color:C4 text:"Tomas"
 from:20/03/2010 till:27/03/2010 color:C3 text:"Imani"
 from:22/03/2010 till:26/03/2010 color:C1 text:"Omais"
 from:23/03/2010 till:03/04/2010 color:C3 text:"Paul"
 from:30/03/2010 till:05/04/2010 color:TL text:"15F"
 from:01/04/2010 till:07/04/2010 color:C2 text:"Robyn"
 from:21/04/2010 till:25/04/2010 color:C2 text:"Sean"
 from:26/04/2010 till:26/04/2010 color:TL text:"TD"
 from:17/05/2010 till:21/05/2010 color:C2 text:"Laila"
 from:19/05/2010 till:23/05/2010 color:C1 text:"Bandu"
 from:22/05/2010 till:29/05/2010 color:C2 text: "Joël"
 from:29/05/2010 till:30/05/2010 color:C1 text:"Agatha"
 from:30/05/2010 till:07/06/2010 color:C3 text:"Phet"
 from:03/06/2010 till:05/06/2010 color:TL text:"TD"
 from:16/06/2010 till:17/06/2010 color:TL text:"Two-E"
 from:17/06/2010 till:21/06/2010 color:C1 text:"Blas"
 from:18/06/2010 till:28/06/2010 color:C5 text:"Celia"
 from:23/06/2010 till:28/06/2010 color:C4 text:"Darby"
 from:25/06/2010 till:02/07/2010 color:C3 text:"Alex"
 from:08/07/2010 till:09/07/2010 color:TL text:"Two"
 from:11/07/2010 till:18/07/2010 color:C3 text:"Conson"
 from:14/07/2010 till:16/07/2010 color:TL text:"Six-E"
 from:17/07/2010 till:23/07/2010 color:C3 text:"Chanthu"
 from:18/07/2010 till:20/07/2010 color:TL text:"TD"
 from:22/07/2010 till:24/07/2010 color:C1 text:"Bonnie"
 from:23/07/2010 till:24/07/2010 color:TL text:"TD"
 from:26/07/2010 till:28/07/2010 color:TL text:"TD"
 from:02/08/2010 till:03/08/2010 color:C1
 from:05/08/2010 till:08/08/2010 color:C1 text:"Colin (TS)"
 from:03/08/2010 till:05/08/2010 color:C1 text:"Domeng"
 from:21/08/2010 till:30/08/2010 color:C4 text:"Danielle"
 from:25/08/2010 till:04/09/2010 color:C4 text:"Earl"
 from:28/08/2010 till:02/09/2010 color:C3 text:"Kompasu"
 from:29/08/2010 till:31/08/2010 color:C1 text:"Namtheun"
 from:30/08/2010 till:31/08/2010 color:TL text:"TD"
 from:30/08/2010 till:03/09/2010 color:C1 text:"Fiona"
 from:01/09/2010 till:02/09/2010 color:C1 text:"Gaston"
 from:01/09/2010 till:10/09/2010 color:C2 text:"Malou"
 from:03/09/2010 till:04/09/2010 color:TL text:"Ten-E"
 from:03/09/2010 till:09/09/2010 color:C2 text:"Hermine"
 from:07/09/2010 till:10/09/2010 color:C2 text:"Meranti"
 from:08/09/2010 till:21/09/2010 color:C5 text:"Igor"
 from:12/09/2010 till:20/09/2010 color:C4 text:"Julia"
 from:14/09/2010 till:18/09/2010 color:C4 text:"Karl"
 from:14/09/2010 till:21/09/2010 color:C4 text:"Fanapi"
 from:20/09/2010 till:25/09/2010 color:C3 text:"Malakas"
 from:20/09/2010 till:23/09/2010 color:C1 text:"Georgette"
 from:20/09/2010 till:26/09/2010 color:C3 text:"Lisa"
 from:23/09/2010 till:26/09/2010 color:C1 text:"Matthew"
 from:28/09/2010 till:30/09/2010 color:C1 text:"Nicole"
 from:05/10/2010 till:10/10/2010 color:TL text:"14W"
 from:06/10/2010 till:10/10/2010 color:C3 text:"Otto"
 from:07/10/2010 till:08/10/2010 color:TL text:"TD"
 from:07/10/2010 till:09/10/2010 color:TL text:"BOB 02"
 from:11/10/2010 till:15/10/2010 color:C3 text:"Paula"
 from:12/10/2010 till:24/10/2010 color:C5 text:"Megi"
 from:13/10/2010 till:16/10/2010 color:C1 text:"BOB 03"
 from:20/10/2010 till:26/10/2010 color:C3 text:"Richard"
 from:20/10/2010 till:27/10/2010 color:TL text:"17W"
 from:20/10/2010 till:31/10/2010 color:C4 text:"Chaba"
 from:20/10/2010 till:23/10/2010 color:C4 text:"Giri"
 from:25/10/2010 till:29/10/2010 color:TL text:"01"
 from:28/10/2010 till:30/10/2010 color:C2 text:"Shary"
 from:28/10/2010 till:04/11/2010 color:C1 text:"Anggrek"
 from:29/10/2010 till:07/11/2010 color:C3 text:"Tomas"
 from:01/11/2010 till:08/11/2010 color:C2 text:"Jal"
 from:03/11/2010 till:04/11/2010 color:TL text:"TD"
 from:12/11/2010 till:14/11/2010 color:TL text:"18W"
 from:24/11/2010 till:30/11/2010 color:C1 text:"01F"
 from:28/11/2010 till:04/12/2010 color:C3 text:"Abele"
 from:07/12/2010 till:08/12/2010 color:TL text:"BOB 06"
 from:12/12/2010 till:13/12/2010 color:TL text:"19W"
 from:15/12/2010 till:20/12/2010 color:C1 text:"03U"
 from:18/12/2010 till:21/12/2010 color:C1 text:"Omeka"
 from:20/12/2010 till:25/12/2010 color:C1 text:"Tasha"
 from:22/12/2010 till:24/12/2010 color:TL text:"04U"
 from:30/12/2010 till:02/01/2011 color:TL text:"06U"
 from:30/12/2010 till:02/01/2011 color:TL text:"07U"
 from:31/12/2010 till:02/01/2011 color:TL text:"08U"
 from:31/12/2010 till:02/01/2011 color:TL text:"02F"
bar:Month width:5 align:center fontsize:S shift:(0,-20) anchor:middle color:canvas
 from:01/01/2010 till:01/02/2010 text:January
 from:01/02/2010 till:01/03/2010 text:February
 from:01/03/2010 till:01/04/2010 text:March
 from:01/04/2010 till:01/05/2010 text:April
 from:01/05/2010 till:01/06/2010 text:May
 from:01/06/2010 till:01/07/2010 text:June
 from:01/07/2010 till:01/08/2010 text:July
 from:01/08/2010 till:01/09/2010 text:August
 from:01/09/2010 till:01/10/2010 text:September
 from:01/10/2010 till:01/11/2010 text:October
 from:01/11/2010 till:01/12/2010 text:November
 from:01/12/2010 till:31/12/2010 text:December
 from:01/01/2011 till:07/01/2011 text:January

TextData =

  text:"(From the"
  text:"Australian tropical cyclone intensity scale)"
Tropical Cyclones Formed in 2010
Storm Intensity Number Formed
Tropical Depressions 107
Category 1 68
Category 2 43
Category 3 33
Category 4 16
Category 5 7

The above table is based on the Australian scale.


A total of 107 systems formed globally in 2010 with 22 of them causing significant damage, deaths, and/or setting records for their basin.


Very Intense Tropical Cyclone Edzani – the first cyclone to form worldwide in 2010 – developed on January 1 in the Australian Region. It became the most powerful cyclone in the south-west Indian Ocean since 2005, reaching 10 minute sustained winds of 220 km/h (140 mph), before dissipating on January 14.

Tropical Cyclones Formed in January 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs
Edzani January 1 – 14 140 (220) 910 No land areas None None
03F January 7 – 10 40 (65) 1002 French Polynesia, Southern Cook Islands None None [1]
04U January 14 – 21 Unspecified Unspecified No land areas None None
09 January 15 – 16 30 (45) 1005 Réunion, Mauritius, Madagascar Minimal None
Olga January 18 – 30 60 (95) 983 Solomon Islands, Queensland, Northern Territory Unknown 2 [2][3]


Tropical Cyclones Formed in February 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs


Tropical Cyclones Formed in March 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs


Tropical Cyclones Formed in April 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs


Tropical Cyclones Formed in May 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs


Tropical Cyclones Formed in June 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs


Tropical Cyclones Formed in July 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs


Tropical Cyclones Formed in August 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs


Tropical Cyclones Formed in September 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs


Tropical Cyclones Formed in October 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs


Tropical Cyclones Formed in November 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs


Tropical Cyclones Formed in December 2010
Storm Name Dates Active Max wind mph (km/h) Min pressure (mbar) Areas Affected Damage (USD) Deaths Refs

2010 Storm Effects[edit]

Season Name Areas Affected Systems Formed Damage (USD) Deaths
2010 Atlantic hurricane season 7.39 billion 392
2010 Pacific hurricane season 1.62 billion 269
2010 Pacific typhoon season 2.96 billion 384
2010 North Indian Ocean cyclone season 1.65 billion 401
2009–10 Australian region cyclone season5 72 million 2
2010–11 Australian region cyclone season5 2.71 billion 3
2009–10 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season5 N/A 85
2010–11 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season5 Unknown 34
2009–10 South Pacific cyclone season5 132 million 7
2010–11 South Pacific cyclone season5 25 million 4
Worldwide / / 16.559 billion 1581

See also[edit]

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Some use of "" in your query was not closed by a matching "".Some use of "" in your query was not closed by a matching "".

  • 2010 Atlantic hurricane season
  • 2010 North Indian Ocean cyclone season
  • 2010 Pacific hurricane season
  • 2010 Pacific typhoon season
  • Australian region cyclone seasons: 2009–10, 2010–11
  • South-West Indian Ocean cyclone seasons: 2009–10, 2010–11
  • South Pacific cyclone seasons: 2009–10, 2010–11


  1. All damage figures are in their respective currency's 2010 value.
5All storms occurring outside of 2010 are not counted in the death and damage figures


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