VoxPop Games, Inc.

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VoxPop Games, Inc.
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Video Game Distribution, Online Advertising, Game Development
IndustryInteractive Entertainment / Game Development
GenreVideo Games Platform
Founded 📆New York State (October 2019)
Founder 👔Charles Fang Yu, Marc Anthony Rodriguez
Headquarters 🏙️Operating Office, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
Areas served 🗺️
Key people
Charles Fang Yu (CEO), Marc Anthony Rodriguez (COO)
Products 📟 https://www.voxpopgames.site/store/top
BrandsVoxPop Games Client Application (e-commerce Storefront)
Production output
ServicesVideo Game Distribution, Online Advertising
OwnersPrivately Held
MembersElisee Augustin, Holly Welch
Number of employees
🌐 Websitehttp://www.voxpopgames.net/
📇 Address873 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
📞 telephone650-445-1500
🥚 Twitterhttps://twitter.com/VoxPopGames
👍 Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/voxpopgamesinc
📷 Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/voxpopgames



VoxPop Games, Inc. [1] is an American, New York based[2] profit sharing, peer-to-peer, game distribution, and development platform. It was founded in October of 2019 with initial core beta development taking place, March 2020, and full public release January 2021 [3] as a platform for small-scale independent game developers & video game influencers. [4][5]


VoxPop Games was founded by Charles Fang Yu and Marc Anthony Rodriguez and operates out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. [6] The company's peer-to-peer distribution platform is designed to help independent developers to drive sales by sharing a percentage of sales to those who recommended the game or seeded files. [7] It is a distribution & development platform designed to allow gamers to invest in upcoming games and Influencers to monetize their content creation [8]. A percentage of profit is shared based on the percentage owned by the upcoming game. [9] The VoxPop Games platform is the first worldwide games distribution and development platform founded in Brooklyn, New York. [10] It is a member of F50 Elevate Cohort 1.[11]


Charles Fang Yu is the founder and CEO. He completed his bachelor's in computer science and game design degree from Tisch School of the Arts in New York City, New York. [12]  Marc Anthony Rodriguez is the co-founder and COO. In 2005, he received a bachelor of philosophy degree from Stony Brook University in Stony Brook, New York [13] & is a 2015 TEDx Presenter on the Gamification of Life [14]

Released game titles

Game Company
Pixel's Hallow Eve Salt & Pixel
Smugglers of Cygnus Longplay Games
Miasma Caves Windy Games
Guardians of Lodino Forest Adrien Dittrick
Prep School Horrors Adrien Dittrick
UNDER - Depths of Fear Rogue Games

The Storefront boasts an ever-growing content line, with over 220+ indie game titles (as of October 2021) [15], along side many "Made For" VoxPop Content Exclusive titles & Exclusive games not found on any other Storefront. [16][17][18]


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