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Whilly Bermudez
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🏡 ResidenceMiami
🏳️ NationalityUnited States
🏫 EducationUniversity School of Nova Southeastern University
💼 Occupation
Marketing Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster in Miami
📆 Years active  1995-present
🏢 OrganisationWhilly Bermudez Group
Podcast, Social Media Posts
WorksWB & The 10 Good Things, WB Podcast, BIZ 305
👶 Children1
👴 👵 Parent(s)Manola & Freddy Bermudez
🌐 Websitehttps://www.whillybermudez.com/
🥚 Twitterwhillybermudez?lang=en
👍 Facebookwhilly.bermudez/about/?ref=page_internal
📷 Instagramwhillybermudez/?hl=en

Whilly Bermudez aka “WB” (born Jan 05, 1977) is an American marketing entrepreneur, Author, and Podcaster. He is a renowned name of South Florida and largely attributed to his Social media motivational posts and his past nightlife events and concerts.[1][2][3][4]

Early Life[edit]

He is the son of Cuban Americans immigrants Manola and Freddy Bermudez. He is born in Miami, coming from a Land Owners family background also owning ‘Palacio Cantero’.[1]

Whilly is a decedent of Justo Germán Cantero[2] (1815-1871), a famous poet, Author, Industrialist, and doctor. He was also Knight Regidor and Perpetual Royal Ensign of Trinidad, Gentleman of Chamber with exercise and servitude of His Majesty, Knight Grand Cross of the Orders of Carlos III and Isabel la Católica.


Whilly attended Miami Senior High and Coral Park Senior High before entering the University School of Nova Southeastern University to continue pursuing a career in marketing.


(1995 - 2008)

Whilly Bermudez started his career as a nightclub and concert promoter. He initially became exposed to marketing while being a Security Bouncer at several nightclubs.

“I became exposed to marketing early on when I was a bouncer at several clubs. Since creativity has always been my strong suit, I really enjoyed watching the promoters create themes and concepts that would take serious planning. I figured that I wanted to try my hand at promoting a nightclub - I was probably 18 years old at the time”.


In 2005, he published a children’s book WB & The 10 Good Things[5] where he really wanted to put it out and give it to the kids free of cost. He donated close to 50,000 copies[6] since they started to print. But the concern for creating any work of art is always the same, which is hoping that "the public will see what you see and actually like it too".

The story uses a Sweater as a costume to transform a little boy into a Superhero. The main character, WB, is oblivious to the moral opportunities that abound all around him. Once he puts on the sweater his grandfather gave him, he becomes a superhero with the ability to fully understand the good in everyone, and how doing good should be done just for its own sake. His lesson is learned when the magical sweater is damaged, and he fears he has lost his superhero powers, only to learn that the sweater really had no magical powers, that the magic came from within.



Whilly built a client base of several fortune 500 companies. Among other ventures, he founded WB Digital Media[7][8], a marketing and web/mobile development agency. His company has served notable clients that include Welch's Juices and Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.


He is a professional marketer and he is supervising as a head of marketing in corporate America. Being in this industry for the last 23 years with a scope of service clients of any industry, Whilly led the Best Doctors International Health Insurance Company to the "Marketing Team of the Year Award".


WB Podcast[9][edit]

In 2021, he launched his podcasts WB Podcast & BIZ 305 which he enjoys like having his own TV Show or Radio station:

WB Podcast based on life topics and concepts. Each week, he and his guests tackle the most interesting topics related to World News, Business, and Positive Living.

Topics covered namely;

  • WHAT IS A GOOD WOMAN? with Robert Escobar
  • MENTAL HEALTH with Dr. Kay Rubin
  • St. Jude Children's Hospital with Marlene De Cespedes
  • RACE IN AMERICA with Mayra Joli, and there are many other.

BIZ 305[10][edit]

BIZ 305, a weekly podcast focuses on Miami business owners and their businesses. Whilly interview business owners and highlight their services, strengths, and their customer testimonial videos, a pretty unique concept to the South Florida market.

Features Namely;

  • BIZ 305 features RME Credit Repair - Lynnslie Hunt
  • BIZ 305 features Social Center Adult Day Care - Ozzie Herrera
  • BIZ 305 features The Stares Group - Jose Tee Ares, and many other.

The inspiring and motivational words by Whilly Bermudez;

Only that anything that looks good or sounds good (professional speaking) never materializes overnight. The part that no one sees are those challenges, those late nights, and even some tears!


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