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Yasser Bustanji

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Yasser Bustanji
Yasser.jpeg Yasser.jpeg
BornYasser Bustanji
🏡 ResidenceJordan
🏳️ Nationality
Other names
🏫 EducationPh.D
💼 Occupation

💵 Salary :
🏢 OrganisationThe University of Jordan / School of Pharmacy
🌐 Websitehttp://eacademic.ju.edu.jo/bustanji
🥚 Twitterhttps://twitter.com/YasserBustanji
👍 Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/YasserBustanji
📷 Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/YasserBustanji

Personal Statement[edit]

I have has been working as a faculty member and a principal research investigator in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Jordan since 2002. I was the Chairman of the department of Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy prior to my current position. I am currently the director of Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific Research (HMCSR) at the University of Jordan. HMCSR is a unique multidisciplinary research center devoted to conducting supporting and encouraging different fields of scientific research and transforming it to applied science and engineering projects. We strive to narrow the gap between academia and industry by facilitating and promoting cooperation between the two sectors and providing a platform for joint projects. To achieve these goals, HMCSR host various companies and institutions to present their recent research advances through workshops and lectures to the local researchers and community. In addition, we support faculty members and researchers to conduct their scientific research in the fields of material science and nanotechnology, plant biotechnology, cell culture, pharmaceutical solution and drug discovery. In addition, we have established central laboratories equipped with the latest technology and made them available to interested researchers. Our long-term plan in our center is to accelerate the pace of scientific progress by generating research over the few coming years that will have the greatest public impact and continue to fuel fund for scientific research. I have published more than 90 research articles at a plethora of esteemed peer-reviewed international journals and has coordinated and participated in a vast number of conferences and workshops. In addition, I have supervised more than 60 master and Ph.D theses. My research interests include various research lines as: cytotoxicity studies and cancer research, evaluation of acute and chronic toxicities of compounds, formulations/extracts and the evaluation of biological activities and potencies of a wealth of biological products, in addition to nanotechnology research. I was a member of the bioequivalence and biowaiver committee in the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration (JFDA). I have an extensive record of trouble-shooting projects for many pharmaceutical industrial companies and has been designated a “Distinguished Researcher of the Year” three years in a row 2009-2011. In addition to Ali Mango award "Distinguished Researcher" for the year 2014

Positions and Employment[edit]

Sep 2016- Current      Director of Hamdi Mango Center for Scientific research

Jul  2011 - Current      Professor, Department of Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy

Aug 2011-2013               Vice Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Jordan

Nov 2010 - 2011         Chairman, Department of Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jordan University, Amman Jordan.

May 2007 - 2011             Associate Professor, Department of Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacy

Sep 2007- 2008              Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Applied Science University

Nov 1998- 2002          Ph.D. candidate, Department of Pharmaceutical sciences, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.

Sep 1996-Nov 1998    Teaching assistant at the faculty of Pharmacy, Jordan University

Other Experience and Professional Memberships[edit]

1996 – Current.             Jordan Pharmaceutical Association (Jordan).

2008 – Current             Consultant, SANA Pharmaceutical Research

2008 – Current          Member in National Centre of Biotechnology

2008 – 2013              Member of the Bioequivalence and Biowaiver Committee, Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA), Amman, Jordan.

2010 –  Current           Consultant with Accreditation and Quality  assurance Commission of  Higher education Institutions.

2011 – Current          Member in Intel International Science and Engineering Fair evaluation committee


  1. Distinguished Researcher for 2016 in the University of Jordan 
  2. Ali Mango Prize for Distinguished Researcher for the Academic Year 2014
  3. University of Jordan Prize for Research Distinction for three successive (years  2009-2011)
  4. AL-Najah University Research Award for the year 2009 for the paper entitled: "Combining Ligand-Based Pharmacophore Modeling, QSAR Analysis and In -Silico Screening for the Discovery of New Potent Hormone Sensitive Lipase Inhibitors".
  5. The primer of Carla Milanase award for the best oral presentation at the 5th Multinational Congress on Electron Microscopy, September 20th-25th, 2001. Lecce, Italy.
  6. Ph.D. Graduate Scholarship, 1998-2002, Ministry of Italian foreign Affairs and University of Jordan.

Field of Expertise & Research Interests[edit]

  1. Discovery of novel bioactive synthetic compounds / plant extracts coupled with in vitro and in vivo testing of promising candidates for management of chronic human illnesses
  2. Development and in vitro / in vivo evaluation of drug delivery platforms for medications used in the management of chronic diseases.
  3. Investigation of immunomodulatory effects and immunosafty of medications using in vitro and in vivo animal models
  4. Application of computer-aided molecular design techniques and molecular modeling studies towards the discovery and design of new biologically active compounds. Special emphasis on developing new agents with hypoglycemic/hypolipidemic dual activities for the management of diabetes.
  5. Analysis of drug and herbal products: optimization of methods of analysis and standardization of natural and pharmaceutical products using various analytical techniques.
  6. Discovery of new plant-originated drugs based on the traditional use of the plants coupled with in vivo testing of promising compounds using select animal models including toxicity studies to insure safety for human us
  7. Clinical Chemistry research which involves screening of biological markers that correlate with diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome


1.   N Mamdooh, V Kasabri, Y Al‐Hiari, I Almasri, S Al‐Alawi, Y Bustanji. Evaluation of selected commercial pharmacotherapeutic drugs as potential pancreatic lipase inhibitors and antiproliferative compounds. Drug development research. DOI: 10.1002/ddr.21499. In press[1]

2.  Jihad AM Alzyoud, Saleh A Al Najjar, Seham Talat, Yasser Bustanji, Abd Al-Rahman S Al-Shudiefat.  Effect of light-emitting diodes, platelet-rich plasma, and their combination on the activity of sheep tenocytes. Lasers in medical science. DOI: 10.1007/s10103-018-2657-8 In press

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