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The Boys character
First appearance
Last appearanceThe Boys #6 (February 2012)
Created byGarth Ennis
Darick Robertson
Adapted byEric Kripke
Portrayed byJessie T. Usher
Full nameReggie Franklin

TV Series:
Fastest Man in the World
Fastest F***ing Man Alive (self-proclaimed)
World's Fastest Man
Just Another Nobody from the South Side of Chicago (by Alastair Adana)

Speedy cunt
TitleThe A-Train
OccupationMember of The Seven

Member of Teenage Kix (formerly)
TV Series:

FamilyTV Series:

Nathan Franklin (Brother)

Unnamed Mother

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A-Train is a fictional character in the comic book series The Boys, created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The member of a group of hedonistic and reckless superheroes funded by Vought dubbed The Seven, and the archenemy of Hughie Campbell. After the death of Robin, he was kicked off in the head by him to death.

In the Amazon Prime Video streaming television adaptation, Jessie Usher plays A-Train.


Comic book series[edit]

The Boys and Herogasm[edit]

A-Train is a superhero with super-speed whose carelessness was responsible for the accidental death of Wee Hughie's girlfriend in the first issue. A-Train was formerly a member of the Teenage Kix, but was promoted to the Seven as a replacement to Mister Marathon. He is the most juvenile and crudest member of the Seven, being the one who most openly enjoys humiliating Starlight. A heavy drug user and bitter over Starlight, A-Train openly expresses a desire to assault her again.

In issue #61, he leaves The Seven's headquarters amid the imminent crisis saying "I am gonna check into the Mandarin, chill for a couple weeks." In #62-3, Butcher captures him and presents him to Wee Hughie with the intention of finally getting Hughie to kill him. Hughie has doubts, despite Butcher playing audio footage of A-Train and the Seven discussing Robin's death and laughing about it after being encouraged by his teammates to disregard the incident when he started to feel some small regret over it. As Hughie berates him for all the pain he caused him with Robin's death, A-Train begs for his life, crying that he doesn't want to die. Upon hearing the audio of the Seven's conversation of their decision to bring in Starlight and their intention to victimize her, Hughie finally murders A-Train by decapitating him with a kick to the head.

Television series[edit]

The Boys (2019–present)[edit]

In the streaming television series adaptation, Jessie Usher portrays the character. Unlike the comic series. This version's real name is Reggie Franklin.[1] As a member of the Seven, A-Train became addicted to Compound V out of desperation to maintain his status as the world's fastest man. This leads to him accidentally killing Hughie's girlfriend Robin in the series premiere and later murdering his girlfriend Popclaw after learning the Boys blackmailed her. A-Train continues to abuse Compound V until he suffers a heart attack in the season one finale. In season two, he awakens from a coma, but is removed from the Seven due to his failing speed. Following this, the Deep recruits A-Train into the Church of the Collective, promising to help him rejoin the Seven. After obtaining information for Hughie and Annie, A-Train is reinstated into the Seven.

Powers and abilities[edit]

As the self-proclaimed "world's fastest man" and described as "a fierce competitor" by Shockwave, A-Train is able to move at inhuman speeds, appearing as a distorted blur of motion to onlookers. He first discovered his power when he was three years old, where he outran a bullet fired at him,(even standard 9 mm bullet moves at 1,500 miles per hour). This allows him to run across entire city blocks in mere seconds. On Compound V, his speed is further enhanced, which allowed him to defeat Shockwave in a race for the title of "the fastest man alive," simultaneously setting a new record for himself. However, he had trouble controlling himself as he accidentally killed Robin Ward, Hughie's girlfriend by running into her, which reduced her to a shower of blood and made him accidentally swallow one of her molars. Before his race with Shockwave, he shot up Compound V in a blur. He additionally could use this speed as a weapon, such as when he repeatedly smashed the Female's head against a wall. According to the announcer, A-Train reaches speeds in excess of 1,000 mph (1,609.34 kph/Mach 1.3), which is faster than the speed of sound. The results of his race with Shockwave stated that he ran 371 meters per second (829.9 mph/1,335.6 kph/Mach 1.08), while Shockwave only ran 342 meters per second, where 343 meters per second is the speed of sound (765.03 mph/1,231.2 kph). Billy Butcher has estimated that A-Train can cover all of Manhattan in 30 minutes, and A-Train himself stated he could cover all of New York City in three hours. It is also implied that A-Train can run on water, as he ran from New York to Havana, Cuba.


He is a parody of speedster superheroes. He appears to be mostly modeled on two DC character version's of The Flash. Taking nod's from both the Barry Allen and Wally West version, with elements such as his position in The Seven (Justice League), Former role in the Teenage Kix (Teen Titans) and the revelation that A-Train will be continued as a mantle held by another hero. Some elements of his costume, including the blue color and eye goggles, resemble Marvel Comics' Quicksilver.


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