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Copying a page from Wikipedia[edit]

If you copy a page from Wikipedia or any other source under CC-BY-SA license, try adding the template {{Source Wikipedia}} (in wikicode) at the bottom of the article. This will display a link to the corresponding article on Wikipedia. Please do that in order to respect the license CC-BY-SA.

This rule doesn't apply to modules/templates/categories for which a link is automatically displayed.

Everybodywiki doesn't want to create duplicated articles of Wikipedia, so you can copy articles from Wikipedia (which are not considered for deletion) only if you are planning to fork (rewrite) it enough to be interesting for users and not considered as duplicate content by search engines.

How to protect a page against editing[edit]

After saving click on the "protect" Tab to protect a page you have created against editing from other user.

See conditions and watch how to protect a page on Help:How_to_protect_a_page_against_editing


You (as EverybodyWiki user) are solely responsible for your edits and file uploads especially concerning (but not exclusive to) copyright infringement, illegal, harmful or privacy leaked content.


By uploading a file (like a picture) on EverybodyWiki, you grant EverybodyWiki the right to use this file (like displaying a picture) on all the EverybodyWikis.

When cleaning a page[edit]

On articles that were copied from Draft, namespace categories are marked as link (in wikicode they start with "[[:")

Don't remove:

  • categories even if the page is the only one which belong to this category. These categories will be used to show pages of the same category in the future and a page that relies on this category could be imported or created some day.
  • The template {{Source Wikipedia}}
  • Portal bar, if any

External links[edit]

Don't put too many external links especially to the same source. Anyway external links are "nofollow", it means search engines don't follow them and your SEO won't be improved.

Don't put external links in the main content but only in the infobox or the bottom of the page at the "External links" or "references" sections.

Don't replace former Wikipedia internal links by external links to Wikipedia

Blanking a page[edit]

You can blank a page (removing all its content) only if it contains bad or illegal content, for example negative and unsourced content. Anyway you have to explain the reason, in case of copyright violation, please put the link to the original source.

Blanked page could be reverted automatically by WikiMasterBot if they are still on Wikipedia, in this case contact us.

Don't blank "edithistory" subpages !

Removing some part of an article[edit]

You can remove some parts of an article if the content is irrelevant, outdated or illegal, but please describe your changes in the Summary field after clicking "Save changes" button or your edits could be reverted.

User name format[edit]

Don't try to create a user name close to another username which already exists. See full list of current username.

If your user name contains the name of an organisation, you must currently belong to this organisation. The best way to prove you belong to some organisation is to have the name of this organisation in your email address like :

Personal information Privacy[edit]

Don't leak personal or confidential information without authorizations like phone number, email or postal address and more sensitive information...


...edit your page every 10 seconds[edit]

Find a balance between...

  • ...too much revisions of your page (You add a word, you save, you add a word you save...) to avoid an unnecessarily long history. Please use the preview button to see flagrant mistakes you don't want to save.
  • ...wait too long before saving your page, if your computer/device switches off or goes offline or Everybodywiki goes offline then you could loose all of your work not saved. (Even if with chrome, you can restore your sessions and your work)

Tip : save your work (on wikicode) on a text file on your desktop and save it on the wiki only when finished.

...create duplicates of the same page[edit]

Redirect (move) page to the main one black hat SEO tricks to try to kick your article on first page of search engine[edit]

Please add information about a page you want to put up on search engine results pages on the table here : Everybodywiki:Search_Engine_Optimisation_(SEO) so that we can help you to improve.

...write titles in upper case[edit]

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