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YGB Yayo Guns Blunts

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YGB Yayo Guns Blunts
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Straight Drop
Native nameYGB
BornCalvin T. Andrews Jr.
New Orleans
🏡 ResidenceNew Orleans
🏳️ NationalityBlack
Other namesYayo Guns Blunts
🏫 EducationCollege Graduate
🎓 Alma materEdward Waters College
💼 Occupation
Artist,Producer, Actor
📆 Years active  1999-present
👔 EmployerJunyor Boy Records/Sony BMG
💰 Net worth › net-worth Calvin Andrews Net Worth 2023: Wiki Bio, Married, Dating, Family, Height, Age, Ethnicity Calvin Andrews Net Worth 2023, Age, Height, Relationships, Married, Dating, Family, Wiki Biography · Calvin Andrews Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, ... Calvin Andrews net worth is $7 Million. Calvin Andrews Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family. . Structural Info ...
Height6' 4
👩 Spouse(s)None
❤️ Partner(s)Single
👶 ChildrenTa'ron Andrews , Victor Allen, Skye Andrews, Christian Andrews
👴 👵 Parent(s)Calvin T Andrews Sr. Chavella Andrews
🥚 TwitterTwitter=
label65 = 👍 Facebook

Early Life[edit]

Calvin T. Andrews Jr. was born on May 22, 1978 in New Orleans, LA. Addresses: Record company--Junyor Boy Records, P.O. Box 43413, St Rose, LA 70087. Phone: (904) 608-5840. Website:[edit]

New Orleans-based rapper Y.G.B. AKA Yayo Guns Blunts, "C." "C. Andrews Jr." stormed onto the national and International music scene with his wildly popular 2004 singles "My Wayz" and "It's a Game," both from his 2004 independent album Lay it Down. The singer is one of the 3rd Eye Legion, a group of rap artists in the New Orleans  local rap scene and Cash Money label noted for their flamboyance and playboy lifestyle. YGB and Junyor Boy Entertainment introduced Southern rap, or bounce music, into a scene largely dominated by East- and West-coast rivalry. YGB's sixth solo album, Yayo Guns Blunts, was released in August of 2021.[edit]

Born Calvin Andrews in 1978 in New Orleans, Louisiana, YGB was raised in the Magnolia housing projects in the Uptown area of that city. His songs draw on his experiences there, incorporating Southern slang and referring often to life in Magnolia.  YGB started rapping when he was just nine years old, and in the late 1990s formed the local group 3rd Eye Legion. When he was 21, this band released Watch Your Step; his real success, though, would be based on his solo talents. Starting  his own label Junyor Boy Entertainment, YGB would released his first solo album, Lay it Down, in 2004. The album sold locally and was part of the growing bounce music trend: heavy with steady, driving beats and YGB persistent patter. Perhaps most importantly, the album caught the attention of local underground label Cash Money Recordings, and The New No Limit Records.[edit]

Ronald "Suga Slim" and Brian "Baby" Williams run Cash Money, and have dedicated the label to producing Southern rap with a flamboyant streak. The label unsuccessfully attempted to paired YGB with producer Mannie Fresh, who is known for his wild funk production--reviewer Jason Birchmeier of All Music Guide calls his style "dense electro-funk"--and for bringing bounce music into the national scene. YGB first release on Junyor Boy Entertainment, 2004's It's a Game and My Wayz, included appearances by other Junyor Boy acts such as Cold Cash, Boobie, Assassin, members from the 3rd Eye Legion. The album sold 200,000 units across the Southern United States, but YGB had not yet arrived on the national scene. Lay it Down was followed by several 3rd Eye Legion singles,and is Second full-length release, Street Lessons disturbed by Sonic Wave/Song BMG[edit]

The success of Lay it Down in the South brought YGB and his label to the attention of music giant Universal, Sony BMG, Interscope, Warner Brothers, and local record label Cash Money. YGB signed a $250,00 International recording/marketing/distribution deal with the Sonic Wave International/Sony BMG and with Sony BMG backing YGB next record, Street Lessons, blasted onto the national charts in 2007. The album produced two wildly popular singles, "Going Off" and "C. Andrews Jr." (also released as "C."). With bouncy, driving beats, the songs hit the top ten charts and received frequent radio play; YGB highly suggestive Lyrics in both singles put them into heavy rotation on Bet and MTV.[edit]

YGB songs refer to his newfound wealth after a youth spent in the projects, and especially the sexual attention that accompanies such wealth and success. Although some critics predictably called "Going Off" misogynistic, YGB himself didn't seem bothered by the charges. He also seems to love his image as a International artist from New Orleans 3rd ward: YGB wears pounds and pounds of gold jewelry, gambles and parties lavishly, and, when making his entrance in concert, bursts out of a giant Rolex.[edit]

Street Lessons captures the uniquely Southern bounce sound for which YGB is known, as well as his deep identification with New Orleans. Discussing the title of the album in a Soul Train magazine interview, he said, "It represents my hometown. It's streets you have to learn the rules. The streets be hot and It be burning up there.... I'm hot as a pre heated oven. " Certainly the album heated up YGB's career: the album got to number nine on the Billboard Top 100 chart. With the record's popularity, Junyor Boy Entertainment outsold the other top rap labels, Def Jam and Bad Boy, and became one of the biggest success stories of Duval county in 2007. Billboard named the C.Andrews Jr single  ringtone ofmthe Year for 2007 in the rap/hip-hop category, and YGB was praised, as a reviewer noted, for his "peerless technical ability and mastery of various styles."[edit]

YGB and SonyBMG rushed to capitalize on the success of Street Lessons. In 2009   YGB released his his insanely follow-up album Street Lessons 2nd Edition, which made it to number ten on the Billboard chart. This release sold fairly well, and produce the mega hits It Takes two Freestyle, and Purpose of da Game.  Second Edition received some praise for YGB production, and YGB lyrics were called incredible and creative by some: they focus on his status as a Play Boy, Hustler, Street Life, and Millionaire and the related accoutrements.  Birchmeier called it "incredible" and "a classic."[edit]

In 2013, though, YGB returned to the charts with his album Reflections of Sin. The record debuted at number two on Billboard's Top 100 Rap Albums chart. YGB returned to his New Orleans roots in the album, noting in comments included on the Junyor Boy Entertainment website, "Every ghetto has it's [sic] own slang.... What I'm doing with this album is putting out slang out there so people can understand what we are trying to say.... Hip-hop is all about words said on top of some dope-a** music." The album produced more success for the rapper when two singles from the album, "Fast Lane" and "Tighten Up," reached the top ten at the end of 2013.[edit]

YGB also branched out in 2012 to secure distribution for his own record label, with his friend and co label producers Anthony Link as production manager of the fledgling company. Called Junyor Boy Entertainment, and his cousin Hard Nard.  The label's albums are distributed by Sony BMG/MCA/KVZ. Their first two release was by YGB soon to be followed by the Junyor Boy Entertainment Presents the Regime (Take Over).[edit]

The album contain other musicians on the Junyor Boy Entertainment roster. The  roster included producer and artist Shawn Pistol King Onei, and Carlito Castro. Other Hip Hop and R&B artists  consisted of Cold Cash, Young Rease, Poppiseed, Tru Boy, Da Sho, Gutta, Jim Dave, Luciano,Flame,Koaf Crooms, YGB himself, though, remains signed to Sony BMG.[edit]

YGBs particular brand of Southern bounce music, with its funky beats and signature flow, challenged the domination of the coasts in the rap scene of the 2000's Hip Hop era. His personal success and flamboyance helped establish Junyor Boy Entertainment as a major force in the rap world and himself as a 3rd ward urban icon. When asked by a Soul Train interviewer about where he is headed, YGB said simply, "I wanna be a legend. I'm not in it for a minute, I'm in it for life, you know."[edit]

by Christine Kelley[edit]

YGB's Career[edit]

First solo album, Lay It Down, released by Junyor Boy Entertainment, 2004; signed with Sonic Wave International/ Sony BMG label, released Street Lessons, 2007; joined with King Soloman., Cold Cash and Assassin as the 3rd Eye Legion  to release Watch Your Step, 2011; released 3rd album Street Lessons 2nd Edition Degreez by Sony BMG, 2013; released Reflections of Sin,[edit]

in that same year release Street Lessons  Straight Drop. In 2021 Released Yayo Guns Blunts[edit]

YGBs Awards[edit]

Billboard magazine, Ringtone of the Year for C. Andrews Jr, 2007.[edit]

Famous Works[edit]

Selected discography[edit]

Lay it Down , 2004.[edit][edit]

Street Lessons , Sonic Wave International/ Sony BMG,, 2007.[edit][edit]

Street Lessons  (2nd Edition), Sonic Wave International/ Sony BMG, 2009; reissued, Sony BMG.[edit][edit]

(Reflections of Sin (The Don Files), Junyor Boy/Sony BMG/KVZ, 2013.[edit][edit]

Street Lessons (Straight Drop), Junyor Boy/Sony BMG/KVZ, 2013.[edit][edit]

Junyor Boy Entertainment Presents the Regime (Take Over), Junyor Boy/Sony BMG/KVZ, 2013.[edit][edit]

Yayo Guns Blunts, Junyor Boy Records, 2021.[edit][edit]

C. Andrews Jr., Junyor Boy Records, 2022.[edit]

Criminal Enterprise, Junyor Boy Records, 2022..[edit]

Recent Updates[edit]

Personal Life[edit]