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EurodanceHits + EurodanceMix

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(Redirected from Eurodancehits) also known as EurodanceMix is now defunct website dedicated to Eurodance music. Founded in 1995 by guy named Kris.It was oldest US based source for European dance music.Eurodancehits is known as website with nine lives.After 24 years the website is shutdown on July 29th, 2019.[1]

More about Eurodancemix[edit] was a website dedicated to Eurodance music. It started officially on July 18, 1997 from the merge of Eurodancemix Montréal (ran by Frédéric Renaud) and Dance Music Artists (ran by M. Fuljahn). Eurodancemix Montréal (formerly known as Eurodance Montréal/Eurodance Muzik Montréal) was dedicated mostly to Candance (Canadian Dance) artists such as Capital Sound and Temperance. Dance Music Artists has lots of information about international artists that were popular in South America and Europe. The website closed it's doors in 1999 because there wasn't that much Eurodance music released at the time.

The story behind Eurodancemix Montréal[edit]

Eurodance Muzik Montréal was inaugurated on August 10, 1996 and used to reside on Nethosting servers ( In the beginning, the site started as a French-only website devoted to Candance music, and it was the first website devoted to Eurodance music in Canada written in French. On January 1, 1997, the site became bilingual and the English language was added to the site mainly to improve the visitors count; the name then changed to Eurodancemix Montréal.Later in 2000s and 2010s the website ran under name EurodanceHits and is available on domain website closed his doors in 2019.

Facts about Eurodancemix[edit]

  • At its peak, the site had more than 150 static pages dedicated to different artists.
  • More than 125,000 people visited the site.
  • It was part of the nominating committee of the 1st and 2nd Annual Cyberspace Euro-Energy Awards at
  • The domain name was chosen because and were already in use at the time.

Facts about EuroDanceHits[edit]

  • Website was founded 1995 and is oldest US source for European dance music.
  • They have own charts known as Euro-Hinrg Top 50 Club Charts
  • Home of Annual Cyberspace Euro-Energy Awards

caption: Logo of awards
caption: Logo of awards


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