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I Get It In

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I Get It In
📅 Released2021/11/11
🎙️ Recorded2021/09/07
⏳ Length2:55
🏷️ LabeliSizzle Music

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"I Get It In" is a song by West African rap group Girlxhighlight and music producer DJ iSizzle. The song was written by Girlxhighlight, Ethan Michaels, Brian Lee, and its producers DJ iSizzle and Andrew Watt. The song was released by iSizzle Music on November 11, 2021.


The story behind "I Get It In" is one of serendipity and musical chemistry. DJ iSizzle, known for his signature style that effortlessly blends genres, had been looking for the perfect collaborator to bring a fresh vibe to his beats. Enter Girlxhighlight, a rising star in the music scene with sultry vocals and a magnetic stage presence. The two artists crossed paths at a music industry event, and it was clear from the start that their synergy was something special.[1]


"I Get It In" is a testament to DJ iSizzle's ability to craft infectious tunes. The composition seamlessly marries Girlxhighlight's captivating vocals with DJ iSizzle's groovy beats. The result is a track that's not just catchy but irresistibly danceable. The song's melody is designed to get bodies moving on the dancefloor while also delivering a dose of lyrical depth.[2]


DJ iSizzle and Girlxhighlight entered the online digital studio with a shared vision—to create a track that would captivate listeners and transport them to a musical paradise. The recording process was marked by the artists' passion and commitment to perfection, ensuring that every note and beat resonated with energy and enthusiasm.[3]

Track listing[edit]

"I Get It In" is more than just a single track; it's a part of a larger musical experience. As part of DJ iSizzle's EP "Sizzlin' Hot Party Mix", the song is surrounded by other tracks that complement and enhance the overall vibe. The tracklisting may include other chart-toppers or hidden gems that collectively create a sonic journey for listeners.[4]


Commercially, the song has trended and charted on while reaching the top 10 on the Hip Hop, R&B charts; as well as the top 20 on The Northwest Mecca Radio's hot 20 most played songs of the week.[5]

"I Get It In" by DJ iSizzle Featuring Girlxhighlight isn't just a hit on the charts; it's a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and musical passion. The background, composition, recording process, and track listing all come together to form a musical masterpiece that's worth exploring and enjoying on repeat.[6]

As fans continue to groove to the infectious beats of "I Get It In," it's a reminder of the magic that happens when talented artists unite to create something truly extraordinary. DJ iSizzle and Girlxhighlight have left their mark on the music world with this track, and it's a groove that's here to stay.[7]


On October 15, 2021, both Girlxhighlight and DJ iSizzle took to social media to officially announce the song and its release date. Girlxhighlight shared pictures of her wearing a pink version of DJ iSizzle's helmet, another photos shows the two sitting on a couch eating popcorn.[8]

The song premiered via the radio show NSea Hip Hop Show, the hosts TazDatMC and Big S.I.N. named it the day's "World Record" and "A Breath Of Fresh Air"

The song has since been getting heavy rotation on numerous radio stations including Flava's Lounge in Las Vegas, The Robert Rivers Show on Star Power Radio WSPR 107.6 FM in New York, Lava Lounge Radio in Australia, Air It Out Radio in Philadelphia, DaGr8FM in Florida, The K Alex T Show in Kansas, Shady Pines Radio In Oregon, K-100 Ill Or Kill, The Ray Daniels Morning Show With Tiffani Real And Friends #DaCoSign with Venom Vixen in Atlanta.


DJ Laroc Detroit, MI, US, DJ Cardio Queens, NY, US, DJ Delite, DJ Tony O, DJ Lyles

West Orange, NJ, US, DJ Phatty Slim D in Durham, NC, US, Waaw Concord, NC, US, Predator (Big Pred), DJ Speshal K, Dj Sweet J Yorktown, VA, US, Kiyoshi Perth, AU, CLUB CLOBY Waterbury, CT, US, DRTYBSMNT New York, NY, US, DJ Mwabi, DJ HOZAE New York, NY, US, DJ RED Camden, NJ, US, DJ Edtraordinary, Roby Elle Turin, IT, DJ Paul Bridgwater, GB, Djournee San Diego, CA, US, RONDISCO2, DJice inthemix Houston, TX, US, Wez Detroit, MI, US, A-ok Toronto, CA, The Don Show Boca Raton, FL, US


Bushwackers in Worcester, GB, Chuck’s Alibi in Philadelphia, PA, US, Cloud Lounge Jakarta (Rooftop) in Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, ID, Club 129 in Greenville, MS, US, Crestmont Country Club in Willow Grove, PA, US, Dirty Martini Oakville in Oakville, CA, Earthly Goods Health Foods in Gurnee, IL, US, El Rio in SF, CA, US, Envy Nite Club in Harlingen, TX, US, High Heels Gentlemen's Club in Somonauk, IL, US, Isaacs in Ipswich, GB, Rebel in Toronto, CA, Rumba in Macclesfield, GB, Rumba Congleton in Congleton, GB, Schooners Patio Grille in Lancaster, CA, US, Sin in Worcester, GB, Slug & Lettuce Worcester in Worcester, GB, The Drake Hotel in Toronto, CA, The Velvet Lounge in Worcester, GB, The Windsor Hotel in South Perth, AU, The Zanzibar Club in Liverpool, GB, Tramps Nightclub in Worcester, GB, Triple Crown Lounge in Macon, GA, US, Larkin's Hall Detroit, MI, US[9]


‘I Get It In’ remix hit number 1 for four continuous weeks on DigitalDJ Pool, The world’s best record pool, and DJ network. And it has reached the top 10 on the Hip Hop, R&B charts. Moreover, it’s been number 1 for 5 months in a row on the top 20 on The Northwest Mecca Radio’s hot 20 most played songs of the week.[10]