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21 ICONS is a visual celebration of remarkable individuals who have shaped the world around them for the better. Inspired by Nelson Mandela, the project tells the stories of people who have continued his legacy – whose lives have made the world a better place.

About 21 ICONS[edit | edit source]

21 ICONS is an editorial content format that uses photographic portraits, short films, and behind-the-scenes photography to shine a light on exceptional people who have attained success at the highest level, and made a meaningful contribution to their community.

21 ICONS was conceived by Adrian Steirn, the principal photographer for the format. To date three seasons of the project have run in South Africa. Discussions are currently in place for the format’s expansion into other territories including the USA and UK.

Distribution[edit | edit source]

21 ICONS is a multimedia, multi-platform format that was distributed across a variety of channels. In South Africa it was distributed through national media on TV, radio, print, online, and out of home. Its partners included the SABC.[1], the Sunday Times[2], City Press[3], 5FM, South African Airways, and Airport.tv[4]. Internationally, 21 ICONS South Africa has been distributed by News Corp publications including the Wall Street Journal[5], The Times[6], and the Australian[7]. As of July 2018, 21 ICONS is available on Showmax.

21 ICONS South Africa[edit | edit source]

21 ICONS launched in South Africa in 2013[8]. Over the course of three seasons it traced the nation’s history, moving from the fight for freedom to the country’s growth during democracy, and concluding with a vision of the future.

21 ICONS South Africa attained nationwide impact. It appeared in school curriculums and campus dialogues, launched Google Connected Classrooms[9] in South Africa, and hosted exhibitions at the Museum of African Design[10], the V&A Waterfront, and Design Indaba. The signed print of Nelson Mandela’s last official photographic portrait was sold for a South African-record ZAR1 million [1][2]. All proceeds from the sale were donated to WWF and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. 21 ICONS was endorsed by South Africa’s Department of Arts and Culture[11]

Season I: A Journey to Democracy[edit | edit source]

21 ICONS Season I celebrated the founders of South Africa’s democracy. Inspired by the collective effort of the people who devoted their lives to securing South Africa’s freedom, it recognised Nelson Mandela and his contemporaries – the generation who liberated a nation. Adrian Steirn was the principal photographer for 21 ICONS Season I.

It featured the following individuals:

Season I: A Journey to Democracy
Episode Episode Name Release Date Description
1. Nelson Mandela "A Reflection of Dignity" 28 July 2013 Adrian Steirn takes an exclusive journey to Nelson Mandela's home in Qunu, Eastern Cape. We experience the warmth and intimacy that permeated the atmosphere during the portrait shoot. We also hear what others have to say about the greatest icon of them all.
2. FW de Klerk "A Man Alone" 4 August 2013 FW de Klerk remembers the day in parliament he put South Africa on a new course and reveals what gave him the courage to do so. Portrait photographer, Adrian Steirn, meets FW de Klerk at a remote destination and convinces him to pose for a photograph that is not of his nature. It portrays a side of De Klerk never seen before and we meet the man and share in the anecdotes that lead to freeing of a nation.
3. Desmond Tutu "The World Needs Another Tutu" 11 August 2013 Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu talks to filmmaker Adrian Steirn about why he believes in the basic goodness of people despite so much evidence to the contrary in the world, his inspiration for having led the selfless life he has, and his view on his legacy as South Africa's moral conscience. Tutu talks about goodness in the world, why we admire the people we do, and has an encounter with another tutu.
4. Sophia Williams De Bruyn "In Prayer and Protest" 18 August 2013 Sophia Williams De Bruyn reminisces with Adrian Steirn about the great women's march to the Union Buildings in 1956 and recounts the dignity, bravery and courage of these women who changed the course of South African history.
5. Kumi Naidoo "To The End Of The Earth" 25 August 2013 Kumi Naidoo discusses with filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn his belief that questioning the status quo is the fundamental expression of democracy, how his mother's influence shaped him into the person he is today, and why he has confidence in his choice of causes he supports.
6. Lillian Cingo "It Will Be Better" 1 September 2013 Filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn spends time with healer extraordinaire Lillian Cingo, an internationally renowned neurosurgical nurse specialist, at the children's NGO Noah's Ark in Kliptown, Soweto. She tells him about her lifelong passion for securing the health and wellbeing of people, especially the poverty-stricken and often forgotten inhabitants of deep rural areas.
7. Nadine Gordimer "On Her Word" 8 September 2013 Filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn pays homage to South Africa's celebrated and Nobel prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer. He shoots an "Alice in Wonderland" portrait of her as she reveals her profound love of books and writing that has focused her entire life. We meet a woman of strong convictions and uncompromising morality, always ready to speak her mind.
8. Ahmed Kathrada "Life Sentence" 15 September 2013 Filmmaker and photographer, Adrian Steirn, in conversation with former political prisoner Ahmed Kathrada who spent 18 of his 30 years as a political prisoner on Robben Island with, among others, Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu. The interview reveals how this extraordinary and modest man was able to maintain his dignity and freedom of mind while he was denied all other liberty.
9. George Bizos "If Needs Be" 22 September 2013 Filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn explores the remarkable journey and wisdom of advocate George Bizos, a staunch defender of human rights whose work in law has left an indelible mark on South Africa. At his office in the Legal Resources Centre, Johannesburg, George Bizos tells photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn about his remarkable life, his friendship with Nelson Mandela, and the process that went into the drafting of the South African constitution.
10. Hugh Masekela "African Jazz" 29 September 2013 Filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn extracts highlights from the incredible life and times of iconic musician Hugh Masekela, who, among other gems, reveals why he was called "Slow Poison" on the soccer field, and why he would talk to imaginary friends in New York’s Central Park during his 30-year exile from South Africa. In conversation with Hugh Masekela, Steirn learns about the musician’s incredible life, his love for music, and his response when Nelson Mandela was released from prison.
11. Johnny Clegg "A Musical Journey" 6 October 2013 Adrian Steirn explores Johnny Clegg's dual passion for music and anthropology through a career spanning more than 30 years, which has earned him a huge and loyal following both in South Africa and abroad. Clegg describes his music as a unifying force, and talks about the energy that all South Africans share. He speaks about the importance of cultural diversity, and the unity that music brings.
12. Mmapula Mmakgoba “Helen” Sebidi "Life's Work" 13 October 2013 Adrian Steirn provides an intimate look at the incredible philosophy of artist Helen Sebidi who, under difficult circumstances, has dedicated her life to creating art and through her works has given us a better understanding of who we are and where we fit in the world. Sebidi tells photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn about the challenges that she has overcome during her extraordinary journey to becoming one of South Africa’s most prominent artists.
13. Yvonne Chaka Chaka "Her Voice And a Broomstick" 20 October 2013 Singer and goodwill ambassador Yvonne Chaka Chaka tells Adrian Steirn, filmmaker and photographer about her long and difficult journey as a musician and why she has chosen to become a voice for the voiceless through her charitable work. In conversation with Adrian Steirn, Yvonne Chaka Chaka relives her extraordinary career, which saw her rise from the townships of Soweto to becoming the Princess of Africa: a world famous singer, performer and human rights activist.
14. Gary Player "In Play" 27 October 2013 Sporting great and philanthropist Gary Player reveals to filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn how he almost did not take up golf -- "the sport for sissies" -- but how once he took it up, he couldn’t stop. He reveals the motivation behind his work ethic, which carried him to the very pinnacle of professional sport, and why he has managed to turn his sporting talent into an international empire that has benefited thousands of impoverished children
15. William Kentridge "In Spite Of Myself" 3 November 2013 Fine artist William Kentridge displays his characteristic self-effacing manner and dry sense of humour when he tells photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn that he wanted to be an elephant when he grew up, and why he does not trust his own judgment as far as his globally sought-after works are concerned. In the course of an enlightening interview at his Johannesburg studio, Kentridge tells Steirn what it means to be an artist working in South Africa.
16. Phillip Tobias "The Thrill Of Discovery" 10 November 2013 In an interview filmed two years before his death in 2012, filmmaker Adrian Steirn explores the fascination with learning, wicked sense of humour and love of people that constituted the world of paleoanthropologist Phillip Tobias, South Africa's most decorated scientist of the 20th century. Steirn's interview with Phillip Tobias recalls once more the great scientist's sense of humour, his love of teaching, and his unique perspective on the world.
17. Evelina Tshabalala "Moving Forward" 17 November 2013 HIV positive athlete Evelina Tshabalala tells Adrian Steirn about the first race she ever ran, which she won running barefoot, and relates the many hardships that she has found the will to overcome through the course of her life. Steirn discovers the inner strength and bravery of the HIV-positive long-distance runner whose life serves as an inspirational example to others to never give up despite hardships, and who continues to serve her community selflessly through sport and setting an example of living positively.
18. John Kani "A Shackled Performance" 24 November 2013 Steirn joins the multi-award-winning actor, director and playwright John Kani at the Market Theatre in downtown Johannesburg, where they talk about his lifelong work in theatre and how it was shaped by the struggle against apartheid.
19. Zackie Achmat "Alive with HIV" 1 December 2013 Photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn engages with Aids activist Zackie Achmat, who co-founded the Treatment Action Campaign and championed a fight that ensured that millions of South Africans got access to affordable antiretrovirals. In this short film he discusses his motivation as a fighter against injustice and the process behind his decision to refuse antiretroviral medicine as part of his stand for HIV. Achmat shares some of his toughest moments working in the campaign, but on a lighter note also reveals a penchant for dress design.
20. Karel Benadie "In Pursuit" 8 December 2013 Photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn travels to the Karoo National Park to meet Karel Benadie, master tracker. Benadie reveals his knowledge of the bush and gives his insight into the hard work of conservation, to which trackers make a vital and often unsung contribution. Steirn learns how a tuft of kudu hair caught in a small bush in the Karoo National Park represents a magical story that plays itself out in nature all the time.
21. Gcina Mhlophe "Between The Lines" 15 December 2013 Gcina Mhlophe speaks to photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn about the art of storytelling, and why it is a vital part of South African life. Mhlophe comes alive as an impassioned storyteller of not just history, folktales and myths, but of present-day South Africa.

Season II: The Promise of Freedom[edit | edit source]

In Season II, 21 ICONS told the stories of the people whose lives moulded South Africa’s first two decades of democracy. The men and women whose work laid the foundations for an open and just society based on the values of equality, dignity, and freedom. Adrian Steirn was the principal photographer for 21 ICONS Season II.

Season II featured the following individuals:

Season II: The Promise of Freedom
Episode Episode Name Release Date Description
1. Albie Sachs "Beautiful Sacrifice" 3 August 2014 Former Constitutional Court judge and anti-Apartheid activist, Albie Sachs, talks to filmmaker Adrian Steirn during a portrait sitting about the meaning of fairness and democracy, as well as his role in ensuring these values are enshrined in South Africa.
2. Imtiaz Sooliman "The Good Doctor" 10 August 2014 Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of the humanitarian aid organisation Gift of the Givers, talks to filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn during a portrait sitting about his work in the world's disaster zones; his view that, regardless of race, religion or geography, humankind is one nation; and the notion that South Africa may be one of the only countries to have embraced this fact.
3. Herman Mashaba "Black Like Us" 17 August 2014 Herman Mashaba, founder of Black Like Me - a leading ethnic haircare brand - talks to filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn about his determination to rise above his circumstances and his ongoing dedication to helping others do the same.
4. Frene Ginwala "The Speaker" 24 August 2014 Frene Ginwala, former Speaker at the National Assembly, talks to filmmaker Adrian Steirn about how she helped struggle leaders into exile during Apartheid, her role as the first speaker in South Africa’s democratic parliament, and her multifaceted career.
5. Francois Pienaar "43 Million South Africans" 31 August 2014 Francois Pienaar, former Springbok rugby captain, talks to filmmaker Adrian Steirn about the unifying effect of sport and its importance to society; his relationship with Nelson Mandela, and how South Africa’s triumph at the 1995 Rugby World Cup helped to heal a divided nation.
6. Grace Masuku "Of The Earth" 7 September 2014 Educationist, conservationist and environmentalist Grace Masuku shares with filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn the early influences that shaped her understanding of the importance of nature, and how man cannot live separately from the land. She also explains how this interconnectedness extends to create a web of community, and discusses her philosophy that true happiness is simply accepting these connections, and your own role within them.
7. Pops Mohamed "In The Beginning" 14 September 2014 Acclaimed musician and producer Pops Mohamed discusses culture and tradition with filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn, explaining how he came to protect indigenous music as his contribution to the struggle against Apartheid, and why he believes we cannot have a future if we don’t appreciate our past.
8. Kitty Phetla "The Black Swan" 21 September 2014 In an intimate conversation with Steirn, Award-winning ballerina, choreographer and model Kitty Phetla talks about her journey from Soweto onto the world’s stages, and how it transformed her from a chubby nine-year-old tomboy to the first black ballerina to perform Anna Pavlova's famous solo The Dying Swan for former president Nelson Mandela.
9. James Matthews "The Dissident Poet" 28 September 2014 James Matthews, known as the Dissident Poet, talks to photographer and filmmaker Adrian Steirn about his District Six childhood, establishing his own publishing and art galleries during the Apartheid era, and using words as a weapon.
10. Tebello Nyokong "The Shepherdess" 5 October 2104 Scientist, researcher and Rhodes University professor Tebello Nyokong talks with filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn about how she went from shepherding sheep to become one of Africa's pre-eminent scientists.
11. Pieter-Dirk Uys "Piet-a-Boo!" 12 October 2014 Satirist Pieter-Dirk Uys talks to renowned filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn about growing up under apartheid, the birth of his alter ego Evita Bezeuidenhout, and how South Africa’s favourite socialite and political activist continues to tackle issues in the ‘new’ South Africa.
12. Pregs Govender "A Balanced Life" 19 October 2014 Pregs Govender, human rights and gender activist talks to filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn about her 30-year career devoted to women's emancipation and equality and her continued dedication to the fight against racism, the ills of capitalism as well as prejudice and gender inequality after 20 years of democracy.
13. Lucas Radebe "The Chief" 26 October 2014 Lucas Radebe takes Steirn on a journey across a soccer pitch telling stories of his 70 appearances for the South African national side Bafana Bafana and making headlines when he captained Leeds United, being the first black South African to captain an English side in the English Premier League.
14. Zubeida Jaffer "The Full Report" 2 November 2014 Zubeida Jaffer discusses her truth as a journalist and an activist who was a key figure in the struggle movement in the Western Cape during Apartheid. She talks to filmmaker and photographer, Adrian Steirn about her journey as a journalist who always seeks to uncover the truth and give people who can’t extend their own voices an outlet by which to share and express their views, opinions and thoughts.
15. Anant Singh "Durban to Hollywood" 9 November 2014 In an intimate conversation with filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn, Anant Singh talks about his life as a film producer. With a passion for film, he is a pioneer in the South African filmmaking industry.
16. Jill Farrant "Resurrected" 16 November 2014 Distinguished scientist Jill Farrant shares with filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn her incredible journey of discovery on a river bed to finding a solution to world problems, like food security, with her resurrection plants.
17. Peter Magubane "A Thousand Words" 23 November 2014 Adrian Stern talks to Peter Magubane about his career as an internationally acclaimed photographer taking him into the heart of the anti-apartheid defiance campaigns and treason trials. Today he concentrates on documenting post-apartheid culture and publishing books on this.
18. Zanele Situ "Against All Odds" 30 November 2014 Zanele Situ speaks to Adrian Steirn about growing up in rural Transkei and being struck down by TB at the age of 12. The disease left both her legs paralysed but she was determined not to let that get her down. Overcoming great adversity she became the first black South African female athlete to win a Paralympic gold medal at the Sydney Games in 2000.
19. Miriam Tlali "Her Story" 7 December 2014 Miriam Tlali shares her life story with Filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn about being the first black female author in South Africa to publish a novel. Tlali accomplished this despite being denied education at the university of her choice due to racial predispositions. In this film she discusses her love of the classics, Thackeray and Dickens, and the incredible power of storytelling in unveiling the truth.
20. Taddy Blecher "What Wouldn't You Know?" 14 December 2014 Taddy Blecher talks candidly to Adrian Steirn about how education is dealing with fundamental attitudes of hearts and minds; the need to awaken what is inside us and unleash the passion, focusing on our greatness - sharing the message that every student is a genius waiting to happen.
21. Sandra Prinsloo "In Black & White" 21 December 2014 Sandra Prinsloo chats to filmmaker and photographer Adrian Steirn about her stage and film career which spans a period of 45 years. She describes her love of acting, which has led to a stellar reputation as an outstanding actress in many countries including England, France, Germany and the United States. She has also been recognised, according to De Kat magazine, as one of the 100 most influential people in South Africa and Barry Ronge described her as a national treasure.

Season III: The Future of a Nation[edit | edit source]

Today, the challenges and opportunities faced by South Africans are completely different to the past. 21 ICONS Season III explores the creative and exceptional people who are shaping the South Africa of the future. All under 35 at the time of release, these men and women represent promise and hope for tomorrow. Gary Van Wyk was the principal photographer for 21 ICONS Season III.

Season III featured the following individuals:

Season III: The Future of a Nation
Episode Episode Name Release Date Description
1. Athi-Patra Ruga "Self Expression" 6 September 2015 Visual artist Athi-Patra Ruga talks to photographer Gary van Wyk at his studio in Woodstock about his work, the importance of using his own body to communicate his stories, and his belief that unity can be achieved through disruptive art.
2. Jes Foord "Cinderella Story" 13 September 2015 Jes Foord talks about the establishment of the Jes Foord Foundation at Casa Labia in Muizenberg with photographer Gary Van Wyk. They discuss what we can do to begin to dismantle the culture of rape in South Africa, and why her greatest triumph would be to no longer be needed.
3. Thulani Madondo "Africa Rising" 20 September 2015 Community leader Thulani Madondo and photographer Gary Van Wyk sit down at Ikhaya le themba in Mandela Park and discuss Madondo’s work with at-risk youth in Soweto, the importance of education in communities like Kliptown, and how these communities can work to uplift themselves.
4. Lucas Sithole "Against the Odds" 27 September 2015 Lucas Sithole, the former soccer-playing boy from a small mining town in KwaZulu-Natal, tells photographer Gary Van Wyk about his journey to becoming Africa’s top wheelchair tennis player, and why he won’t quit until he is number one.
5. Catherine Constantinides "Force of Nature" 4 October 2015 Sitting down with photographer Gary Van Wyk, Catherine Constantinides talks to him about what it means to be a climate activist, the power she believes that education can have to uplift society, and the vital role women must play in preserving our environment.
6. Laduma Ngxokolo "The Explorer" 11 October 2015 Surrounded by his own wares at Merchants on Long in Cape Town, Laduma Ngxokolo talks to photographer Gary Van Wyk about his start in the business, the importance of preserving our heritage, and what he thinks about the state of South African Fashion.
7. Thato Kgatlhanye "Bright Spark" 18 October 2015 An advocate for creating something out of nothing, the young founder of Repurpose Schoolbags, Thato Kgatlhanye, talks to photographer Gary Van Wyk about her journey of self-discovery, fulfilling her life’s purpose, and why South Africans need to look at recycling differently.
8. Ludwick Marishane "The Solution" 25 October 2015 Growing up in rural Limpopo, Ludwick Marishane wasn't expected to become South Africa's youngest-ever patent holder, let alone a successful entrepreneur. Here he tells Gary Van Wyk how he found opportunity in his surroundings, founding a business that has seen him recognised by the likes of Forbes and TIME Magazine.
9. Michaela Mycroft "Full Potential" 1 November 2015 At Camps Bay High School in Cape Town, Michaela Mycroft and photographer Gary Van Wyk discuss her global impact as an activist, why she believes such strong stereotypes with regard to the differently-abled exist, and her refusal to allow her circumstances to dictate her life.
10. Ashley Uys "Knowing & Not Knowing" 8 November 2015 Chatting at his diagnostic lab in Brackenfell, Cape Town, Ashley Uys tells Gary Van Wyk about his humble beginnings on the Cape Flats, the difficulties and setbacks he encountered on his path to success, and the dedication, commitment and sacrifice that it takes to reach your dreams.
11. Phindile Sithole-Spong "Still Me" 15 November 2015 Through bouts of laughter, Sithole-Spong and photographer Gary Van Wyk talk frankly about life with HIV, the misconceptions that fuel people’s fear, and why she believes that living truthfully is the most powerful declaration one can make.
12. Kyle Shepherd "Making It Up" 22 November 2015 At his studio in Grassy Park, Kyle Shepherd and photographer Gary Van Wyk talk about Shepherd’s musical childhood and upbringing, the importance of indigenous music to his craft, and why he believes that the South African jazz scene is alive and kicking.
13. Jolynn Minnaar "Consider This" 29 November 2015 Born and raised in the Karoo, Jolynn Minnaar talks to photographer Gary Van Wyk about why Unearthed was such an important mission for her, the immense responsibility she feels as a documentary filmmaker, and why the South African youth is her ultimate inspiration.
14. Mikhael Subotzky "What Meets The Eye" 6 December 2015 A member of the prestigious Magnum Photos, Mikhael Subotzky is one of his generation’s most respected young photographers. He talks to fellow photographer Gary Van Wyk about his creative process, the emotional commitment he makes to his work, and the responsibility he feels to those whose image he captures.
15. Ezlyn Barends Higher Self" 13 December 2015 Impact entrepreneur Ezlyn Barends sits down with Gary Van Wyk to talk about the important role of women in moving our nation forward, her work to uplift girls through education with DreamGirls South Africa, and why being true to oneself is the key to success.
16. Oliver Hermanus "Deep Connection" 10 January 2016 Making his directorial debut with a horror film that starred his cousins and landed him a spot on KTV, Hermanus’ talent was evident even as a young boy. Here he tells Gary Van Wyk about his journey from wide-eyed teenage film-buff, to the golden boy of provocative South African cinema, and why he believes that South African moviegoers ought to be challenged by the reflections of themselves they see on screen.
17. Caster Semenya "We Need Spirit" 17 January 2016 Thrust into the spotlight at just 17-years old, Caster Semenya is an athlete who has overcome a unique set of challenges. Here, she talks to photographer Gary Van Wyk about her humble beginnings in rural Limpopo, the fierce focus that sustained her during times of adversity, and why, for her, running is freedom.
18. Kopano Matlwa Mabaso "Imagined Reality" 24 January 2016 A doctor, an author, and a mother, Kopano Matlwa Mabaso has accomplished an enormous amount at a young age. Here she sits down with photographer Gary Van Wyk to talk about her love for the written word, her passion for affecting social change as a doctor and how expression through writing sustains her.
19. Terry Pheto "Leading Lady" 31 January 2016 South Africa’s preeminent film actress, Terry Pheto, tells photographer Gary Van Wyk about her journey from a shack in Evaton to the bright lights of Hollywood, and why she believes there is room for all of us to chase our dreams.
20. Siyabulela Xuza "Within Reach" 7 February 2016 As a young boy in Mthatha, Xuza would concoct versions of rocket-fuel’ in his mother’s kitchen – today he is one of South Africa’s most respected engineers. He talks to Gary Van Wyk about those early science experiments, his passion for innovation, and why the onus is on each and every one of us to contribute to Africa’s development.
21. Simphiwe Dana "Royal Performance" 14 February 2016 From young Xhosa choirgirl to South African Afro-Soul queen, Simphiwe Dana has risen to the top. Here she talks to photographer Gary Van Wyk about her musical journey, her passion for South Africa’s youth, and why, at heart, she’ll always be the girl from the village

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