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2b2t (server)

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2builders2tools, or "2b2t" for short, is the oldest anarchy server in the Minecraft video game, and one of the oldest servers (exactly which one is highly disputed) in all of Minecraft.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19]The current map has been active since December 2010 without a single reset[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][20][13][16][14][15][17][18][19]and occupies over 5518 GB of storage.[19] It has been hosted in Stockholm, Sweden for its entire history.[21][9][16][17]


The real name of 2b2t's creator is unknown, but his in-game username is "Hausemaster".[9][11][1][16][17][18][19] Later, a player by the username of "georgebush420" became a co-owner of the server.[1][16][17] Being an anarchy server, 2b2t has no rules[6][9][1][11][18][19], which means that Griefing (destroying somebody's build without permission) is allowed, as well as exploits/hacked clients.[3][1][4][2][5][6][7][8][9][11][14][13][18][19] There are three official contacts of 2b2t: 2b2t.org (currently down), the 2b2t subreddit (r/2b2t),[19] and the official 2b2t email (2b2t.org@gmail.com).[11] There is also an unofficial 2b2t wiki.[13] The server has received over 350,000 unique players in its lifetime, according to the official subreddit.[19] 2b2t was originally a server in the game Garry's Mod before it became a Minecraft server.[22]



In December 2010 Hausemaster created 2b2t.[23][24]At this time, there were around twenty to fifty people actively playing, with fewer than 10 online at any given time.[23][24]


In 2011, the first dupe on 2b2t, the Piston Dupe, was discovered by a member of Facepunch.[23][24]This involved pushing the piston quickly to duplicate items.[23][24]


During 2012 many users from 4chan as well as the video game forum Facepunch Studios started joining 2b2t.[1][10][7][8][9][23][11][12][24]This led to unrest in several old players, because the "facepunchers" were starting to outnumber the original players. At this time there were around twenty to eighty players actively playing.[23][24]

2013 - 2015[edit]

In August of 2013, 2b2t was featured on an IGN video,[23][24] calling the server one of the 6 most amazing things in Minecraft.[9][25][26][23][24]This video could have blown up 2b2t considering the size of IGN's channel[27][28][29], but it surprisingly did not.[23]

2013-2015 was considered by many the golden age of 2b2t.[23]People formed groups and alliances. During this time, 2b2t was hacked and backdoored many times. Between fifteen and fifty people were on at any given time.[23]


2016 was often called "The Youtube War", "The Age of Hype" or "The Rusher War"[30][23][24][31]. On June 1st, 2016, a YouTuber known as TheCampingRusher started a series about 2b2t. This led to many fans joining the server.[1][2][3][4][5][7][9][23][24][31][11][12][20]The original players of 2b2t were disgruntled, fearing a second facepunch-like era.[9][23][11][24]The old players assembled together, and dubbed themselves "Team Veteran", and declared war on "Team Rusher".[9][23][11][24][31]FitMC, a 2b2t YouTuber since 2013 and leader of "Team Veteran", pointed out that the sudden influx of new players caused massive lag, and that "Rushers" had no respect for historic monuments of the server. [32][9][23][11][12][31] Many of TheCampingRusher's friends who were also YouTubers, including LandonMC, MrMitch and NoBoom also joined and made videos on the server, further blowing up the server.[31]

A 'queue server' was added to handle the massive influx of new players.[23][11][30][24]This queue originally required the player to continuously reconnect every few seconds, thus encouraging the use of hacked clients with the AutoReconnect mod.[30] TheCampingRusher then offered to purchase 2b2t from Hausemaster.[30][24]He declined and Rusher suggested a new queue system. Within this system, all players that joined prior to June 1st, 2016 were given priority over the newer players.[30][24]This would enable them to join in minutes rather than hours, an attempt by Rusher to calm the angry "Veteran" players.[30] A paid priority system was also added where a player could purchase access to the "priority queue" for $20 per month, allowing instant access to the server.[30][24][33]The money raised would go towards maintaining the server costs. This and the basic queue is the system that is still used to this day.[30][24]

In November, just after TheCampingRusher stopped making videos on 2b2t and it was considered that the "Veterans" had won the "war", a French Minecraft YouTuber named AgentGB joined 2b2t and made a video.[34] In response, FitMC declared another "Incursion", or war against the French players, fearing another Rusher-type invasion.[23][34]AgentGB and his fans experienced a large amount of hate from both Rushers and Veterans. In response, he made a video stating that he respected the history of 2b2t and decided not to make any more videos on 2b2t.[34]


During September 2017, a Spanish Minecraft YouTuber called ElRichMC joined 2b2t and made a video, but, contrary to the community's expectations, he did not make a series and so the impact on the server was minimal.[35][23]


In September, a French Minecraft YouTuber named Fuze III joined 2b2t and made a video. In response, FitMC declared another "Incursion", or war against the French players, fearing another Rusher-type invasion.[36][23] Fuze then started a group called "Team Baguette" after the popular French bread to fight against the Veterans.[23][37] The group was extremely disorganized, had no real goal set, no leaders apart from Fuze and failed to accomplish anything. The "war" was ended on November 29th, 2018, after an in-game battle between Fuze and Fit resulted in Fit winning and Fuze deciding to leave.[37] Unlike AgentGB, Fuze was angry at the toxicity of 2b2t's players and claimed he "Came in peace".[37]


In 2019, videos from 2b2t YouTubers FitMC, SalC1 and BarrenDome began to become recommended to many Minecraft players thanks to YouTube's algorithms, causing the amount of players on the server to skyrocket. In May, YouTubers PrivateFearless[38] and more notably Etika[23][9]made videos on the server, causing even more players to join. There became as many as 1000 players in the queue.[23][9]

More YouTubers now publish content about 2b2t, causing more and more players to join. The map was temporarily replaced in 2019 in order to upgrade 2b2t's hardware so it could handle the stress of the massive amount of players. [39][23]

In the summer of 2019, a 'secret invasion' happened on 2b2t[23], just as the player count started to drop due to the death of Etika[23]. Many Taiwanese Youtubers made videos on the server and Taiwanese players joined[23]. English 2b2t players were confused at how these players were joining, due to the fact that users in Mainland China are unable to play regular Minecraft due to the "Great Firewall of China", they actually have their own version of Minecraft called 'Minecraft China'.[23]Therefore, players began spreading the "Tianmen Square Massacre" meme, claiming that it would disconnect the Chinese players.[23] However, it did not work due to the players actually being from Taiwan.[23] The Taiwanese 'invasion' eventually died down.[23]

In September 2019, a 'test world' was added that players could connect to using test.2b2t.org. It would go through several stages including just a regular world, a backup of the 2b2t world, a 1.13 world and more.[23][39]

Many small YouTubers made videos about their first experience on 2b2t, including Corncycle, Boffy and many others. These videos blew up thanks to YouTube's algorithms, causing these YouTubers to suddenly accumulate hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of subscribers.[23]

In October 2019, the popular YouTuber DanTDM joined 2b2t.[40] He messaged players on the server asking if he should make a video.[41]


2b2t is briefly mentioned in several books, mostly Minecraft guide books,[42][43][44], but also briefly in a game development guide[45] and is the main subject of an Academia research paper by Katherine Apostolacus.[10]


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