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Adiguru Prakriti

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Adiguru Prakriti born 15th March 1975 is a yogi[1], a mystic, an author and spiritual teacher from Melbourne, Australia[2]. She is an Indian sage[3] and jivanmukta[4][5]. She was born as Prakriti Nigam but is most commonly known as Adiguru Prakriti[6].

BIOGRAPHY[edit | edit source]

Early Life

Adiguru Prakriti was born in 1975 in India to doctor parents, Dr. Nitendra Mohan Saxena as her father and Dr. Brijbala Saxena her mother. She studied Masters in Computer Applications, did her MBA, and successfully led the corporate world in Information Technology companies for 20 years around the world. For over a decade she lived in the USA.

Spiritual Journey

Passion for life made her question the reality of death and she embarked on her spiritual journey which started in Jacksonville, Florida in 2011 when the search for unknown made her completely restless and the renunciation[7] tear away the boundaries of the way she knew the world. In October 2011 she started doing Kriya Yoga by herself and on 10th December, 2011 she had her first Nirvikalpa Samadhi (breached Enlightenment). That experience gave her the conviction that she is not living into the "absolute reality[8][9]", a reality that never changes, and that she is not living the ultimate truth. This expanded consciousness[10] helped her, guided her throughout her spiritual journey for next three and half years and on 5th March 2015 she was Enlightened[11][12] and stayed in a deep abiding Nirvikalpa[13] Samadhi[14] for next seventy-five days. She lived beyond time & space during those days. When it ended, she realized she has some past life karmic seeds[15] to parch and she travelled to various places for that. Through her Enlightenment she learned that Lahiri Mahasaya[16] was her past life Guru, who initiated her into the Kriya Yoga[17] Sadhana. Finally the day arrived when she fell into Void/Emptiness[18] and experienced the real death, no-self[19] and came out Self Realized[20] [21]around 18th April 2016 -

"Experiencing[22], Knowing[23] and Being[24] are three stages of existence[25]: Three stages where we exist, three planes where we exist, three levels of consciousness as we exist, three reflections of Self/THAT[26]. Experiencing is the gross reflection of Self, Knowing is the subtle reflection of Self, Being is the causal reflection of THAT. These are also the three stages of waking consciousness, deep sleep consciousness, and consciousness of the fourth state which is called turiya[27], the beyond. These are also the three Hindu gods Brahma[28], Vishnu[29], and Mahesh[30] (Shiva). From the Tantra[31] perspective, the Experiencer belongs to the three lower chakras[32], the Knower belongs to the upper three chakras, and Being is the seventh chakra where Shakti[33] is in union with Shiva. These three stages correspond to the spiritual path: we are born as an Experiencer; with Enlightenment that dies and we live as a Knower; then with Self Realization even the Knower & the separate Being dies. So these three stages have two events in between, Enlightenment and Self Realization. The net result of living as a Being is Liberation/Moksha[34] , Nirvana[35]. After the death of The Experiencer, The Knower and The Being, you rest in Absolute! [36]"

Her Spiritual Journey was unique in a way and she named it as Echoflections[37]™ (नाद प्रतिबिंब[38]). Adiguru Prakriti moved from the USA to Melbourne, Australia in 2016 and started her non profit organization by the name Being Shiva Foundation and is helping others pursue their spiritual journey.

Works[edit | edit source]


Adiguru Prakriti prefer to share the wisdom freely and a lot of questions & answers and her teachings with her disciples are published on the website, blog[39] regularly so that others can benefit from it. Some of her highly valuable teachings are as below:


Self Realization is the opposite of Black Hole


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