Agatha Magtibay Almeda

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Agatha Magtibay
The Blood Sisters character
First appearanceThe Blood Sisters (2018)
Created byReggie Amigo
Portrayed byErich Gonzales
Full nameAgatha Magtibay Almeda / Agatha Magtibay Almeda Bermudez
AliasThe Bad Sister
OccupationProtagonist and Main antagonist of a story.
FamilyErika Castillo / Erika Almeda / Almira Magtibay (Twin Sister), Dr. Carrie Ann Almeda / Agnes Magtibay (Twin Sister), Adele Magtibay (Mother), Norman Almeda (Father)
NationalityFilipino Logo.png Search Agatha Magtibay Almeda on Amazon.

Agatha Magtibay Almeda professionally known as Agatha is fictional character who appears as a supervillainess and a protagonist of The Blood Sisters.[1] Agatha's personality is very callous and aggressive and will do anything to achieve her goals including the usurpation of the Bermudez Wealth. She also torments her mother, Adelle and even her two twin sisters (Carrie and Erika), her friends and other people. She possess a ruthless and cunning personality and very shameless in her wrongdoings. Agatha is born in Davao City along with her two twin sisters, but she raised in Baguio City, Philippines after the incident of lost two sisters. Her mother went to Dubai to work as a OFW, later on she was bullied by her classmates because her mother was not beside her, only her grandmother. Agatha then hold a grudge to Adelle (her mother), because when her birthday and Christmas time her was not present. After several years, Adelle comes back to see her daughter but the personality and ways of her daughter changed, Agatha is now vindictive and fearlessly committing several crimes in her life.[2] Until she found out that she had two sisters and dares to see them to become weathly like them. Later, she found her twin sisters but she was arrested after she stole the money of her rapist boss in the mall. Later, Agatha was discharged and ready to strike back, she planned to steal Carrie's credit card and began to use it illegally by severely shopping. Now, the two sisters confronted the three sister (Agatha), but Agatha tries to gain sympathy by telling them a lie that Adelle severely maltreated her. But Carrie and Erika decided to call Agatha when they are ready, after a day Agatha shows herself infront of Norman and Deborah (Carrie and Erika's mother who is unawere that the triplets are not her real daughters), and start making their lives miserable including their evil & villainous cousin (Andrea Bermudez) and the manipulative & rude grandmother (Rosemarie).

She is one of the three main protagonist and is also the primary antagonist who committed many mistakes in her life. Her aggressive and vicious characteristics are extremely high. Agatha is a type of person who you should not cross with. Dangerous and extremely cunning to escaped all her crimes and fight her enemies. But she can be kind sometimes, helping her friends when they are in trouble. She can be a mean good friend but a formidable enemy.[3]


Agatha has cruel and mean personality, she thinks that she is the most precious person in the world. And has a high morose and hot headed self. Agatha is highly clever/cunning, calculating, manipulative, callous, cruel, selfish, scheming, vicious, mean spirited, evil minded, bitter, arrogant, ruthless, hard hearted, merciless, ambitious, affectless, anticipates betrayal, sadistic, fearless, aggressive, deceitful, violent, can be kind sometimes, narcissistic, cold-hearted, unsympathetic, spiteful, greedy, rancorous, materialistic, and vindictively vengeful sociopath.[4] All the most possible evil personalities are all in her, capable in her power to get what she wants. Unlike Erika, she was indulged by an absent mother who worked abroad, private school educated. Agatha is cunning, aggressive, full of enviousness and anger, spoiled and ambitious. She is Adele’s rebellious and mean spirited daughter who seeks a mother’s love, yet punishes her for growing up without her. Far from poor, Agatha has ambitions to belong to a higher social level. Agatha is an evil greedy sister, domineering girl, bitter, criminal, fearless woman, manipulative and vicious daughter who spreads terror to the family. Unlike her two sisters, she is not friendly. Her only goal is to steal all the Bermudez’ riches. She will make Andrea, Erika, Carrie, Rosemarie, Deborah and Adelle's lives a living hell. Later, her cousin, Andrea suspects her because of Agatha's criminal record.


27 years ago, a childless couple, Debbie and Norman Almeda (Dina Bonnevie and Jestoni Alarcon) hire Adele (Cherry Pie Picache), their housekeeper, to serve as surrogate mother to carry their fertilized eggs in her womb. What originally started as a Surrogacy Agreement between Adele and the couple falls through when Adele suffers a miscarriage. With no viable fertilized eggs left for another In vitro fertilisation and desperate for a child, Norman seduces Adele and gets her pregnant again. They continue the surrogacy charade, with Debbie none the wiser, but Adele changes her mind shortly before she delivers and escapes from the Almedas. Unaware that Adele gives birth to triplets, Norman hires men to get their child back and he undertakes a search himself. Norman tracks Adele in Davao City and takes the infant Agnes away from her arms. By a cruel twist of fate, Almeda’s men snatch the other infant Almira from Adele’s mother at the wet market nearby. Norman assumes his men made a mistake and notifies them that he already has the infant, so the kidnappers leave Almira in an empty carton in a garbage dump.

For the next 26 years the triplets Almira, Agnes and Agatha (all played by Erich Gonzales) live separate lives with no idea about each other. Agnes is renamed Carrie, and raised by the wealthy Almedas in Santa Rosa, Laguna and grows up in affluence. She is a sophisticated, highly educated and intelligent woman with a medical degree in obstetrics and gynecology from Sweden. In contrast, Almira, the infant abandoned in the streets, is fostered by a Tanod (a Barangay or Barrio Police Enforcer) in Davao City and grows up in poverty. Almira is renamed Erika, simple and kind, but having not gone past high school, she is not able to get out of the poverty that forces her to work in a seedy night club to make ends meet for her son’s medical needs. A polar opposite to her siblings’ lives is Agatha, the only infant left with Adele. After the kidnapping, Adele moves to Benguet with her mother and baby. Agatha is raised in a middle class comfortable environment with her grandmother because Adele works as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) in Dubai for the past 26 years. Agatha is full of resentment towards her mother, taking every opportunity to reject her. In contrast to her two sisters’ personality, Agatha is mean spirited, entitled, spoiled and overly ambitious, she takes her easy and comfortable life in Baguio for granted and desires to escape to Manila for a more glamorous, upscale life.

While the twins are curious to meet the woman who carried them, that project takes a back seat to Norman’s and Deborah’s desire for Erika’s immediate integration into the Bermudez-Almeda family, legally adopting Erika and her son Jolo. At the same time in Baguio, Adele’s world shatters when her carefully guarded secret is exposed: Agatha discovers she has triplet siblings and demands to meet her father and sisters. Escaping to Manila and searching for her lost siblings isn’t as difficult as she thinks: a high-profile hospital and a fertility doctor who looks exactly like her. She locates them quickly, but as she observes her sisters’ from a distance, she becomes envious of their wealthy life and determined to take that life she feels entitled to.


Cunning - She is skilled in manipulating people and using her own schemes to achieve her goals.

Fighting Skills - She is also skilled in self-defense as she kicks or punches her enemies.


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