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Amantle Amogelang Moalusi

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Amantle Amogelang Moalusi
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Amantle Amogelang Moalusi is a Russian American Screenwriter and Politician born on 26 December 2000, the last born child of Moabi Edwin Moalusi and Pofololo Moalusi. Her father is the first son of Lucas Tshupoeng I and Gladys Tyro, and her mother is the first daughter of Zambian aristocrat and oligarch Boy Christmas. Lady Amantle Moalusi received her Ladyship title in November 2022 from the Peerage of Scotland.

Early Life and Childhood[edit]

Amantle was educated at Kidz Academy English Medium School, where she had experienced a brain trauma accident at the age of four years, but luckily survived it. Although doctors were uncertain she would truly survive, the owners of the school were unsure if she would cope well with her studies just as every other normal child. This caused the school not to accept her into the next level of education and made the excuse that "she's too young", however only five years old at that time. She was later transferred to another English Medium in Kanye, Forest Hill International School were she began her grade one and attended until grade three, before returning back to Kidz Academy, after saying to her father that "The education system in Forest Hill is not too solid". Kidz Academy did accept her back without hesitation, but the Lady did not feel well accepted due to the level of physical abuse she received from some of her teachers, irrespective of her medical history and condition. Moalusi had always been well disciplined during her years in school, and was enrolled in Sunbeam Community work- a community where young girls were taught skills that played a role in gender development. Skills such as cooking, knitting, etiquette of raising the national flag on a pole and the like.

She sat for her CIPP examinationation, scoring a high grade and was supposed to further into secondary by skipping the seventh grade, however, the alumni of the school chose not to make it happen forcing her to sit for PSLE examinations where she still scored first class.

Lady Amantle then soared to Crescent Secondary School where she became the first and only female prefect nominated for leadership amongst all her classmates in grade 9. A minority of her classmates were yet to be nominated for prefectship in the 10th grade and while some were in disbelief as to how she even became a prefect, she would simply tell them "I prayed for that, I pray for discipline."

The Lady succeeded as a leader to multiples and was known to be a positive influence to the youth in the Crescent Secondary School environment, graduating in high school with her IGCSE diploma on a G.P.A scale of 5.0 out of 5.0(Distinction) at the tender age of fourteen. Moalusi soon began the development of her writing skills in the year 2017, right after graduating and ventured into pageantry.

However, the Lady did not always have much support from her family in regards to modelling or pageantry as they were strict towards her academics. She entered the Miss Botswana Bikini Models pageantry in 2017 at her will without informing her family, where the contestants were assigned to work on a project entitled "Putting a Smile on A Girl Child". Her contribution to the project was social work, causing her goal to be more controversial than expected, that the Pageant manager suggested she focus on both genders male and female. It become an unfortunate journey for her when her mother and one of her sisters violently pulled her out of the pageant before she could could complete the project and was exiled overseas to Kursk,Russia at the South-West State University at the age of sixteen.

College life[edit]

Reaching Kursk, she survived the weather and culture of Russia and confessed to having not experienced racism but did not consider herself welcome around some of the people she lived with. However, she always fit in well with the "white community" and got along with the elderly, although her tender age was believed to have made her shy to adapt at the time. Her performance was as usual satisfactory, that she was one of the two to be nominated as the pack leader in opposition with an Afghanistan in his late twenties who later then served in the military before becoming recruited in government. Moalusi seemed to have been strong and powerful as she was the first of the five children to survive in a racist country before reaching the legal age while speaking fluently the Russian language.

The English language, Chemistry and Geography were some of her strongest points, in actual fact almost every subject was, just as in High School. It was not until her graduation that Amantle began to be more confident in herself outside the aspect of academics, where she begun the art of writing and continued the path of scientific discovery. She was always known for her outstanding well behavior, standing up for those she loved by carrying the possessive quality of having a brave heart, even shockingly standing up for the Legalization of Cannabis to the Parliament of Botswana. Rumors suspected that her request for Cannabis legalization in 2018 in letter format, was what motivated the De Beers Diamond Company(one of the World's largest diamond mining companies in the Republic of Botswana) to charge a billion Pula lawsuit to the government of the ruling party; The Botswana Democratic Party over Cannabis.

Lady Amantle Proceeded further into medical school, studying MBBS at Tambov State Medical University named after G.R. Derzhavin after leaving Kursk from mastering the Russian Language and being convinced to enroll as a Medical Cybernetics practitioner during her stay. During her time at Tambov State Medical University named after G.R. Derzhavin, she was obliged to choose and participate in two sporting activities of which she chose fitness and shooting. Apparently, the Lady had always fallen in love with shooting and had a non-violent passion for guns but, had not once come across a gun before, until reaching Russia. Her skills were not as strong from the beginning, firing at no point but with time she became a competent expert at handling firearms.

She had a nick name wherever she sat foot for her astonishing attitude, behavior and character. In high school for instance, they called her "Queen A", "The Strong One" and "Your Highness" at the Medical University where she served full time in addition, as a medical volunteer that assisted in community work and the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 Virus. Predicting something strange was about to occur, she decided to fleet back to Botswana where she would spend time with her mother Pofololo who had unfortunately developed a critical sickness.

Spiritual Life[edit]

Lady Amantle was baptized at the Apostolic Faith Mission Church. A church which is of Pentecostal Christian Denomination. She has been a member of the Congregation from the day she was born, but was worshiped for while still her mother's womb at a Zion Christian Church. Before her Baptism, she had acquainted herself with other religious beliefs as she was labelled as an omnist but practiced meditation quite often and was usually surrounded by non-Christians. Her frequent meditation practice however posed an uncertainty in behavior and character understanding towards her family members and her loved ones.

Political Life[edit]

Not knowing she would ever be pulled into the political world, some knew she would after being denied a high position in Secondary School and exploited to participate in athletics under an older age group which she did not belong under.

Not only did spending time in Russia cause people to be afraid of her but it caused her to become like the Russians. Her skills improved in every aspect of life improved day by day that even some of the Russians began to fear her slightly more especially as she studied books of Political Science. In the year 2020 before her return to Botswana and soon before the Russia-Ukraine invasion, she was affiliated to technocratic and dictator-like nature of politics and somehow pierced through into the Parliamentary system of Botswana.

At the age of 20, she was nominated for the position of CEO at ABSA Bank Botswana but her official appointment was delayed due to employees protesting on unfairness. However, this did not change her judgment by the Public who were excited for her but disappointed on the delay of her official appointment. Amantle was believed to be extremely political and influential when it came to the understanding and use of linguists. She would win multiple of arguments from the lack of use of correct literature or logical thinking used by her opposing subjects. With time, she portrayed her exhaustion towards the community that seem not to use common sense and with her skills, she was nominated as a Masters candidate of Education at the University of Botswana where she also served part time as a Journalist working under radio.

Career History[edit]

Lady Moalusi's first occupation was working as a bikini model. She paused on pageantry after leaving for Higher studies but resumed the profession of modelling and ventured into the nude specialty, something rare to find in the modern era. Nude art was embraced during the medieval times but her work triggered minds. When asked by the photographer what the concept was in her first piece, she simply could not explain it but said: "I've just always had this in my mind". The photograph was later transformed into Pencil drawing, which is believed to worth $146 billion and is set to have it's authenticity mold into the life of a sculpture. The drawing depicts her holding a red apple by her womanhood which curved analysts to further enumerate the hidden philosophy behind the Bible in the book of Genesis, where Eve gave Adam the apple to eat. This observation concludes to the belief that the apple was not any fruit, but the fruit of a woman's private part. Artists have been attempting to have the drawing be sold and refurbished into a life size painting, however its cost raises the question of whether or not it would be purchased respective of its uniqueness and complexity.

She then took a break on nude modelling and became a commercial model after graduating from a small sized modelling agency ran by a Motswana, PIMP Models, becoming the first of all recruited models to headline on the cover page of the agency's magazine.

While writing has always been a hobby to her before it became a profession, many believe it to be her superpower. She has published a total of four books: Awake, Poems of Love, The Science of Geopolitics and If I knew How To Ride A Bicycle; her only children's book, four film screenplays: Love Me Forever, The Chocolate Detective, Lady Sniper and Del El Nino, including academic Journals and articles.

Private Life[edit]

It is with no doubt that the Lady's beauty has attracted and still attracts many men but those around her always knew and suspected she would end up with a beau of a different race. Not only did her family and friends respect this but her teachers too. The Lady might be extremely talented but she is in addition talented at keeping her love life discreet. While everyone always wants to be in the know of her love life out of curiosity and interest, allegations state that Lady Amantle Moalusi could be married to a monarch Prince of Arab Nationality.


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