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Andrew Cain
General Hospital character
Portrayed by
First appearanceAugust 12, 2014 (2014-08-12)
Created byRon Carlivati, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman[lower-alpha 2]
Introduced byFrank Valentini
ClassificationPresent; regular
Other names
  • Andrew Moore
  • Andrew Frank
  • Jake Doe (2014–15)
  • Jake Barnes (2015)
  • Jason Morgan (2015–17)
OccupationMedia proprietor Navy Seal Logo.png Search Andrew Cain on Amazon.

Andrew Cain, is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. The character was created and introduced by head writer Ron Carlivati as a recast of the presumed Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). Andrew is the Son of Susan Moore and Alan Quartermaine. Andrew, was introduced in 2014 as a hit-and-run victim with amnesia. When Andrew wakes up, he has trouble remembering what happened to him.


Andrew remembered the accident but cannot remember his own name. He has memory flashes of Elizabeth Webber and her son, Jake, which leads him to believe that his name is Jake. On October 13, Andrew bandages are removed. During this time, he and Elizabeth bond and he also has an encounter with Sam and his nephew Danny. After being kicked out of the hospital, Andrew moves in with Elizabeth. He also spends Thanksgiving with Sam and Danny. In December, Helena tells Andrew who he really is and that she is his boss. She orders him to forget who he is, to kidnap Sam and help Faison escape. He then goes to the police station wearing a mask and a black suit. He abducts her at gunpoint, but is stopped by police, who command him to let Sam go. He refuses unless he is given the keys to the Pentonville van so Faison can escape. Andrew shoots Det. Nathan West and the police hands him over the keys. Andrew knocks Sam out and evades the police in the Pentonville van. Later, Helena helps Faison flee the country with his daughter. Weeks later, Sam suspects Andrew as the gunman, but he denies it and suddenly forgets what he did to Sam. On Christmas Eve, Andrew almost kisses Liz under the mistletoe, but Ric Lansing (Liz's ex-husband) interrupts them.

On New Years Eve, after talking with Ric, Andrew decides to move out of Elizabeth's house so he can start to find out who he is and also to find a better job. After he leaves Elizabeth's house, he goes to the Metro Court Hotel to see if Carly Corinthos can give him any job so he can pay rent. Carly asks why he needs to pay rent and Jason(Andrew) tells her that he moved out of Elizabeth's house because he might have family out there somewhere and also because of Ric. Carly tells Jason/Andrew that Ric isn't a good person and she tells him she doesn't like Ric because of things he did to her in the past. Jason/Andrew says that he doesn't like him either. Then Ric and Elizabeth show up because of the New Years Eve party and Elizabeth was shocked to see him there. Carly tells them that Andrew works at the hotel as a bartender. When Carly gave him the drinks to pass around, he runs into Sam and Patrick. Sam asks if he works here and he tells her that Carly hired him. He say's he will miss her accusing him holding her hostage at gunpoint. At midnight, Jason/Andrew watches everyone kissing and feels sad as he looks at Ric and Elizabeth kissing. Carly comes over and kisses him to comfort him. A couple of days later, Andrew goes to Sam's penthouse and breaks in after Sam and Patrick go upstairs. He sees pictures of Sam and of Jason who he believes is him. Andrew starts to hear Sam’s voice in his head. Then Robin appears and Andrew stands up to shoot her but she tells him that she’s not really there. Robin asks him why he's doing this. He tells her Helena told him too and she asks him why he's taking orders from Helena. Just then the phone rings and it was Helena calling to see if the job was done and he says no. Andrew tells her that Sam has company so she tells him kill both of them. After the call, Robin disappears, so Andrew goes upstairs to kill Sam and Patrick. When he opens the door and sees them in bed, he starts to have flashbacks of him and Sam on the night he got shot, them putting their wedding rings back on, and fooling around in bed. Sam and Patrick head for the shower while Andrew (Jason) enters the room and has more flashbacks of Sam giving him the phoenix before he left. He hears Sam and Patrick coming out of the shower so he takes the phoenix and leaves. Andrew (Jason) goes to the docks and has more memories be he passes out.

In May, at the Nurse Ball, the truth about Ric hiring Hayden to pretend to be Andrew's (Jake) wife, comes out thanks to Carly. After the truth comes out, Elizabeth ends things with Ric for good. Then she tells Nikolas that she can finally be with Jake but Nikolas tells her that Andrew is Jason. Elizabeth is furious and has every intention of telling the truth but doesn't and decides to keep Andrew (Jason) and everyone else in the dark so she can finally be happy with Jason/Andrew and Nikolas agrees to keep their secret. After the Ball, Jason/Andrew and Elizabeth go back to her house and talk. They decide to be together and they make love. A couple weeks later, Commissioner Sloane decides to drop all the charges against Jason(Andew).

In November, after finding out his true identity, he decides to stay with Elizabeth but he kisses Sam. Days later, he wanted to search for answers so he went to Cassadine Island to see Helena anwould tell him anything unbeknownst to him, Sam and Elizabeth, thanks to Spinelli, followed Jason(Andrew). Helena played mind games with them, she even cursed Sam because, she said something to Helena which she didn't take well, but before she could tell Andrew(Jason) the secret she fell unconscious the doctor try to revive her but it was too late Helena died. Jason/ Andrew accuses Nikolas of trying to kill Helena he attacks him again but, Elizabeth got him to calm down and they left. Jason/Andrew, Elizabeth and Jake spend Thanksgiving with the Quartermaine's.

In December, a very angry Jason(Andrew) confronts Elizabeth, who continues to deny all of his accusations and dodge all of his questions. However, Elizabeth finally cracks and admits that she knew his identity for months, she begged him to forgive her. She said didn't want to lose him again and also for love. But Jason/Andrew couldn't and leaves. In early May, Jason/Andrew gets into a motorcycle accident with a prison van carrying Officers Dante Falconeri and Nathan West and prisoner Carlos Rivera to Pentonville. Jason ditches his bike to avoid the van and ends up unconscious. When he awakes, his head is pounding and he finds Dante, who is unconscious and pinned under the van. As he works to free Dante, he is visited by visions of Robin, Carly, Sam, Sonny and Helena who claims he is still under her control. Jason fights Helena's control and finally manages to break free of her hold and free Dante from the van right before it explodes. After this event, all of Jason's memories as Jason Morgan begin to get restored. He tells Sam that night and they go home together and celebrate. The next day at Sam's insistence, she and Andrew(Jason) go to the hospital, so he can get checked out. They later share the news with Monica, Sonny, Carly and Michael that his memories are returning.

In 2016, Sam finds out she’s pregnant with their baby. Jason(Andrew) and Sam are remarried on September 6, surrounded by their closest friends and family. In attendance was; Danny, Jake, Sonny, Carly, Michael, Alexis, Kristina, Molly and Spinelli. Monica was unable to make it due to a crisis at the hospital.

On February 28, Jason(Andrew) helps Sam deliver their daughter, Scout Morgan, after Sam was pushed off a bridge by Olivia Jerome and went into labor. On August 29, Jason(Andrew) and Sonny went to a mob meeting, where Sonny announced his retirement and talked about the future of the business, but after Jason(Andrew) left to see Sam, he returned to the meeting, where one mobster was holding Max hostage. Sonny soon tackled the mobster, but was pushed aside and the mobster fired a shot at Sam, who followed Jason(Andrew). Jason(Andrew) is able to get Sam out of the way, however, he gets shot instead and is critically wounded. After Sonny kills the mobster, Jason(Andrew) is rushed to the hospital, where he falls into a coma and wakes up nearly a month later. In October, after fully recovering, Jason(Andrew) and Sam take control of Julian's media company and at a party at the Metro Court, they renamed it Aurora Media.

In 2017, when Steve Burton returned to the series, the head writing team of Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman retcon Miller's portrayal of Jason into an entirely separate character, Jason's previously unknown twin brother, Andrew.

On December 1, it was revealed that the man everyone thought was Jason, was actually his twin brother, Drew.


  1. The role was originated by an uncredited actor from August 12 to September 25, 2014. Miller debuted on October 1, 2014.
  2. The character was conceived as a recast of the Jason Morgan character in 2014 under head writer Ron Carlivati. In 2017, the writing team of Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman retconned the Jason recast into an entirely separate character, that of Jason's identical twin brother Drew.


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