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Angelina Jolie's Net Worth and Other Amazing Facts

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If you are into watching Hollywood movies, then you must be aware of this stunning actress called Angelina Jolie. If not her, you must have seen a movie with her ex-husband: Brad Pitt. Along with Jolie's remarkable feat in the world of Acting, she is also doing wonders in charities. She mostly keeps herself occupied with a lot of charities and events.

Here, we will share some net worth details and other crazy facts about the ever-gorgeous Angelina Jolie so that you can know her even better!

1- Acting is in the Blood![edit]

Not a lot of fans of Angelina Jolie are aware of this, but the famous actress always acted in her Blood. This is because; both of Jolie's parents are actors! Yes, it is true. This means that she has always been around the world of theater and Acting. Hence, this is why one can see that the Acting comes to her very naturally compared to other actors.

2-Not always Confident[edit]

We may like to believe that a beautiful actress like Angelina Jolie was always stunning. However, this is not true. In the case of Angelina Jolie, she had it a bit rough when it came to her looks. Moreover, you may find it hard to believe, but she was even bullied for her looks! Who knew back then that the whole world would want to look like her after a few years!


Angelina Jolie has been an eminent part of the Hollywood industry for a long time now. Hence, it is obvious that Angelina Jolie's net worth or assets would be very high. By doing several blockbuster hits for a long time now, Jolie has managed to gather a whopping 240 million dollars worth of net worth to her name. Moreover, with a few projects still in the pipeline, it is safe to say that Jolie's net worth is only going to increase in the coming years!

4- A range of Awards[edit]

As we mentioned earlier, Jolie's contribution to the world of films and Hollywood is unbeatable. Moreover, because of such a golden run in the world of Acting, Angelina has been awarded the best actress in leading and supporting roles a number of times.

There are hardly any awards that she has not won. She has also managed to bag prestigious awards like Golden Globes and even the Oscars!

5-More than just Acting[edit]

Along with the long list of accomplishments that she has under her belt, Jolie has also managed to do another one. However, this feat has nothing to do with the world of Acting or Hollywood in general. You would be surprised to know that Angelina Jolie is a licensed pilot too! Yes, we know that it is a bit hard to believe, but it is true. With her packed schedule of acting and charity events, Jolie has also managed to get her own flying license as well! She surely becomes an inspiration in every sphere of her life.