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Ashutosh Yadav is an Indian entrepreneur, motivational speaker and a business consultant. He is one of the world's youngest entrepreneurs and known as the founder of

Ashutosh Yadav
Ashutosh Yadav
Native nameAshutosh Yadav
🏳️ NationalityIndian
Other namesAshutosh
🏳️ CitizenshipIndia
💼 Occupation
🏢 OrganisationFamenator
🌐 Website
🥚 TwitterTwitter=ay_founder

Early Life[edit]

Bursting with innovation, confidence & ideas, this is Ashutosh Yadav, a teenage Indian Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Motivational Speaker. You must be thinking what drove such a young man to revert to motivational speaking. Well, like many others from my early teenage days, I lost the drive to make efforts for being a better version of myself. In fact I started feeling like a loser & very soon I found my life revolving around a vicious cycle of negativity.


As a student, I strived to power by dreams, ambitions and visions with knowledge. Also from a very young age, I wanted to become independent that shifted my focus more on starting my very own business. With this I started gaining deep insight about web & Internet. All-day long I would experiment with various technologies starting from crafting websites to designing games to social networking websites and a lot more. But nothing seemed to click. I kept trying & did not let fear and failure take a position in my heart.

The next step that I focused on was about becoming a successful young Indian Entrepreneur. And the dream of forming my own business had me waiting for some time. The more I discovered confidence in me, the more I wanted to inspire people, to offer hope to those who were in the realm of darkness. In the year 2018, I started working as a Radio Jockey at a popular Radio Station. After working for few months, I managed to gather self-esteem & funding for starting my own brand – AY Group.

Personal Life[edit]

With the help of social media, now I share blog posts, IGTVs, podcasts, Instagram stories on a regular basis for inspiring more & more people for the better. Working as a Social Media Influencer, has urged me to put down my guard, network with loads of individuals from the industry, become a YouTuber, a Technology expert and what not.