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Asian Medical Students' Association

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Asian Medical Students' Association
MottoKnowledge, Action, Friendship
Founded1985 at Manila, the Philippines
HeadquartersKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
29 Chapters
Official language
Overall Chairperson
Marjorie Ong Jia Yi

Asian Medical Students' Association (AMSA) also known as Asian Medical Students’ Association International (AMSA International).[1][2][3][4][5][6] is an international medical students organisation. Asian Medical Students' Association a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation having its operation in Asia, Asia-Pacific and beyond Asia. [7] It is led by an international medical student board under vision of Knowledge, Action and Friendship. AMSA International functions to promote inter-personal relationships amongst its Chapters and encourages sustainable cooperation among future also conducts international medical conferences [8]under strict code of medical ethics[9].


AMSA International[10] was officially founded at the sixth Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC), that was held at Manila, the Philippines in 1985. Medical students (Chapters) from nine different nations – Australia, Hong Kong[11], Indonesia [12], Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, gathered at the conference and founded this international organisation. Currently, It covers nations from Asia ,Asia-pacific and beyond[13] AMSA International has branched and introduced subsidiaries and activities to be undertaken regionally and nationally within the Chapters. Some of which includes the Asian Medical Students’ Conferences (AMSC), East-Asian Medical Students’ Conferences (EAMSC), Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Programme (AMSEP), academic and health awareness projects.[14] AMSA International also produces student publications and collaborates with many other medical student and health organisations for various projects and organises exchange projects as well.[15]


AMSA International[16] is led by an international board of medical students[17][18] - International Executive Board (I-EB), from Asia-Pacific and United Kingdom. This board is renewed every year.

It is composed of Senior Officers (Overall Chairperson, Vice Overall Chairperson Internal, Vice Overall Chairperson External, General Secretary and General Treasurer), Executive Committee & Regional Chairperson. It overlooks the functioning of AMSA International. Each chapter has a Regional Chairpersons, responsible for activities of respective chapter. [19] [3]

List of Overall Chairpersons[edit]

The Overall Chairperson [17][20] is the official representative of AMSA International.

Tenure Name Chapter
1985/1986 N/A N/A
1986/1987 N/A N/A
1987/1988 N/A N/A
1988/1989 N/A N/A
1989/1990 Yoshihiro Takashima Japan
1990/1991 Ari Fahrial Syam Indonesia
1991/1992 N/A N/A
1992/1993 N/A N/A
1993/1994 N/A N/A
1994/1995 N/A N/A
1995/1996 Yuthana Sethanand Thailand
1996/1997 Leung Wai Man, Raymond Hong Kong
1997/1998 Badrul Akmal Hisham Yusoff Malaysia
1998/1999 Celia Kemp Australia
1999/2000 Yasmin Mabutas The Philippines
2000/2001 N/A N/A
2001/2002 Eugene Makalingga The Philippines
2002/2003 N/A N/A
2003/2004 Aprilianto Eddy Wiria Indonesia
2004/2005 Dara Rosmailina Pabittei Indonesia
2005/2006 Julia Huang Taiwan
2006/2007 Waka Shibata Japan
2007/2008 Alessandro Demaio Australia
2008/2009 Muhammad Umair Pakistan
2009/2010 Omar Mansour Australia
2010/2011 Aditya Kumar Nepal
2011/2012 Joseph Assad Australia
2012/2013 Juin Yi Ng Malaysia
2013/2014 Samuel Vo Australia
2014/2015 Garda Widhi Nurraga Indonesia
2015/2016 Marco Christian Michael Indonesia
2016/2017 Xinyuan Liu China
2017/2018 Wong Soon Kuen Malaysia
2018/2019 Wong Soon Kuen Malaysia
2019/2020 Khaw Shen Chuen, Adrian Scotland
2020/2021 Marjorie Ong Jia Yi Malaysia


Australia - Bangladesh - China - Egypt - England - Hong Kong - India - Indonesia - Japan - Kazakhstan - Korea - Kyrgyzstan - Macau - Malaysia - Mongolia - Myanmar - Nepal - New Zealand - Northern Ireland - Pakistan - Palestine - Philippines - Singapore - Taiwan - Thailand - Ukraine - Uzbekistan - Vietnam - Scotland

AMSA International[21] currently has 29 Chapters around the globe.

General meetings[edit]

There are two general meetings of AMSA International. The first is referred to as the Executive Board Meeting (EBM) The EBM is the main decision-making arena of AMSA International. The second general meeting is named as the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM marks the annual regeneration point for the office bearers of AMSA International.


The subsidiaries of AMSA International drive the activities of the organisation. AMSA International defines the boundaries of each subsidiary.


There are two conferences held yearly under AMSA International. These biannual conferences are managed and supervised by the Director of Membership and Development (Conferences). Each conference is based on a specific theme.

Asian Medical Students’ Conferences (AMSC)[edit]

The Asian Medical Students’ Conference[22] is a conference conducted by AMSA International. It is a yearly conference conducted usually during summer. It is about a week long and has Academic, Socio-cultural and Community Service programmes. It involves participation from all the chapters affiliated to AMSA International.

The first Asian Medical Students’ Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1980, 5 years before the establishment of the organisation. There were only a small group of medical students from four countries – India, Japan, Singapore and Thailand then. The group of medical students gathered and discussed issues of community medicine, nutrition, water and infection. It is the hallmark activity of AMSA International.[23][24][25]

List of Asian Medical Students’ Conferences (AMSC)
Year Chapter Theme
1980 Thailand Community Medicine in Asia
1981 Thailand Water Sanitation and Water-borne Disease
1982 Thailand Nutrition
1983 Malaysia Drug Abuse
1984 Singapore Child Health
1985 The Philippines Role of Youth in Population Control: Asian Viewpoints
1986 Hong Kong Mental Health in Asia
1987 Malaysia Medical Curriculum for Year 2000
1988 Taiwan Present Status and Future Prospects of Medical Service in Asia
1989 Japan Primary Health Care in Asia
1990 Indonesia Towards Promoting Mother and Child Health Status
1991 South Korea Endemic Disease of Each Country and Its Control
1992 Malaysia The Role of Medical Students in Primary Health Care
1993 Taiwan Environmental Medicine
1994 Thailand AIDS
1995 Hong Kong Life Styles of Health
1996 Indonesia Doctor Professional and Its Challenge Towards the Year 2000
1997 The Philippines Hand Cross Asia: Work Together For Better Health Care
1998 Malaysia The Challenges of Health Care Management in the next Millennium
1999 Thailand Effective Use of Health Care Resources
2000 South Korea New Wave in Medicine
2001 Australia Health Priorities in the Twenty-First Century
2002 Japan Community Medicine in Asia
2003 Indonesia The Advances of Tropical Medicine in Asia
2004 Thailand Traditional Medicine
2005 Malaysia Technology in Medicine
2006 Hong Kong Tobacco
2007 South Korea Cancer in Asia – Incidence, Suffering and Prevention
2008 Japan Non-Communicable Diseases and Health Promotion
2009 Taiwan Stigmatized Illnesses
2010 Indonesia Geriatrics Health
2011 Hong Kong Integrative Medicine: Evidence-based traditional, complementary and alternative medicine (TCAM) in modern medical practice
2012 The Philippines Surmounting Health Inequalities across Asia as One Region
2013 Malaysia The Incoming Tide of Community Medicine
2015 Singapore Geriatric Medicine: Embracing the Silver Tsunami
2016 The Philippines Beyond Our Clinics : The Social Determinants of Health
2017 South Korea Hospital, No longer a safe area
2018 Malaysia Infection Control: Old Problems, New Challenges
2019 Singapore Healthcare without Borders: The Problems
2021 England Trauma: Same Problem, Different Solution

East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC)[edit]

The East Asian Medical Students’ Conference[26]l[27] is another conference conducted by AMSA International. It is a yearly conference conducted usually during winter. It is based on the three programmes pillars of AMSA International, similar to Asian Medical Students' Conference. It began as a series of mini conferences between two east Asian chapters.first of which was the “Korea-China Medical Students’ Conference” or ”Sino-Korea Medical Students’ Conference”.Gradually,other east Asian chapters were involved and thus ,it got renamed as East Asian Medical Students’ Conference. The first official EAMSC was conducted in 2002.[28][3]

List of East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC)
Year Chapter Theme
1988 South Korea The Present Status and Future Medical Service in Asia
1989 South Korea Hepatitis B: A Growing Epidemic in Korea and Taiwan
1990 N/A New Hope for Life: Organ Transplantation
1991 N/A Prevention of Tuberculosis
1992 N/A Prevention of Occupational Disease: On Its Revie of Present Status and Prospective
1993 N/A Geriatric Disorders: The Medicine of 21st Century
1994 N/A The Liver Disease
1995 N/A Alcohol and Drug Abuse
1996 South Korea Rehabilitation
1997 N/A The Evolution of Modern Medicine
1998 South Korea N/A
1999 Taiwan Geriatric Medicine
2000 Taiwan Reforming Healthcare with Information Technology
2001 Japan Death
2002 Hong Kong N/A
2003 The Philippines Medicine and Ethics: Enhancing Global Commitment Towards Enlightened Patient Care
2004 Taiwan Medical Education
2005 Japan The Nature of Health: Medical Profession and Social Expectations
2006 Indonesia Emergency: Medical Students’ Role on Disaster Management
2007 Taiwan The Prevention and Control of Newly-Arisen Epidemics
2008 Thailand Alcohol
2009 Malaysia Engaging Asia-Pacific Youth in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS
2010 Malaysia Men's Health: Defining the Past, Refining the Future
2011 Thailand Adolescent Health: Embrace the Future, Better the World
2012 Singapore Infectious Diseases: Battling the Enemy on All Fronts
2013 Japan Disaster Medicine: Transition from Emergency Care to Routine/Long-Term Medical Care in the Context of Overall Health Recovery and Development
2014 South Korea Chronic Disease
2015 Indonesia Sexually Transmitted Infections: Halt The Disease, Help The People
2016 Taiwan Medical care in the future
2017 Australia Climate Change in Medicine
2018 Nepal Maternal and Neonatal Health
2019 Thailand Diabetes and Obesity: The unrecognized burden
2020 India Emergency Medicine
2021 The Philippines Communication in Healthcare: Sending the Right Message

Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Programme (AMSEP)[edit]

The 'Asian Medical Students' Exchange Programme[3]' is a subsidiary of AMSA International established in 2003. The first exchange programme was conducted between AMSA Japan and AMSA Indonesia in 2006. An Asian Medical Students' Exchange Programme is generally a week long and encompasses three programme pillars of AMSA International - Academic, Socio-cultural and Community Service programmes.

The Director of AMSEP (DoAMSEP) of AMSA International is the head of Asian Medical Students' Exchange Programme, governing the subsidiary as a whole. The National DoAMSEP of respective Chapters has the responsibility to facilitate discussions and assist the DoAMSEP of AMSA International at Chapter level. Each National DoAMSEP is assisted by Local DoAMSEPs at university level.

It conducts interorganisational exchanges through inter-organisational partnerships with European Medical Students' Association (EMSA) and Federation of African Medical Students' Association. Both exchanges are commonly named as European-Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Programme (EAMSEP) and Federation of African-Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Programme (FAMSEP) respectively.


The Academics subsidiary conducts biannual competitions on specific topics complying to medical education. .[29] These competitions improve members' knowledge through scientific papers, public health posters, social campaigns and white papers.[30]

The Academics subsidiary is led by Director of Academics (DoA) of AMSA International. The National DoA of respective Chapters assist the DoA of AMSA International at Chapter level. The main aim of this subsidiary is to provide a borderless and gratis experience towards knowledge-transfer.

Global Health[edit]

The Global Health[10][31] subsidiary of AMSA International liaises through inter organizational partnerships to discuss pressing health issues. The subsidiary generally functions to coordinate and promote public health activities and global health initiatives at International level. It is led by The Director of Global Health (DoGH) of AMSA International. The National DoPGH (Director of Public and Global Health) of respective Chapters has the responsibility to assist the DoGH of AMSA International at international level, and Chapter level by initiating local public health advocacies. By cooperating with international health organisations like World Health Organisation (WHO), this subsidiary aims to provide gratis and impactful global health experiences.

Journal of Asian Medical Students’ Association (JAMSA)[edit]

The Journal of Asian Medical Students’ Association [ISSN 2226-3403][32][33][34] is a biannual student-led medical journal of AMSA International. It is coordinated by the Chief Editor of Journal of Asian Medical Students' Association. The Journal of Asian Medical Students’ Association was established in 2012.This medical journal is indexed in Google scholar, Ulrichsweb, IndexCopernicus and Gale Cangage learning. It allots DOI to the articles and publishes research annually. It provides a platform[35] for members of AMSA International to publish their original research articles, reviews, case reports, conference reports and perspective articles.

AMSA International eNewsletter[edit]

The AMSA International eNewsletter [ISSN 2710-2769][36] is a quarterly publication of AMSA International. It is coordinated by the Chief Editor of Newsletter. The AMSA International eNewsletter provides insight regarding latest opportunities under AMSA International and discussions towards current health issues. Members of AMSA International can contribute to the eNewsletter.

Asian Medical Students’ Association Alumni Club (AMSAAC)[edit]

The Asian Medical Students' Association Alumni Club[37] is an another association of AMSA International. AMSAAC aims to connect and network the alumni of AMSA, to support and aid the development of medical students under AMSA.


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