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AutoGrid Sdn Bhd

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AutoGrid Sdn Bhd
IndustryLuxury Car Rental
Founded 📆2014-06-18
Founder 👔Danesh Jay Jagesh
Area served 🗺️
OwnersRyan Huertas, Nikhael Neil, David Chow
Number of employees
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AutoGrid Sdn Bhd[edit]

AutoGrid, established in 2014, is a distinguished luxury car rental company that embarked on a mission to redefine the essence of luxury travel. Founded by Danesh Jay Jagesh, alongside visionary directors Ryan Huertas, Nikhael Neil, and David Chow, the company commenced as a passion-driven endeavor and swiftly ascended to become a premier entity dedicated to delivering unparalleled sophistication on the road.


The inception of AutoGrid in 2014 marked a significant milestone in the realm of luxury travel. The company emerged from a collective vision rooted in the principles of excellence, precision, and an unwavering commitment to surpassing conventional standards. What began as a modest endeavor evolved into a dynamic enterprise driven by a profound aspiration—to curate a fleet of opulent vehicles capable of transforming each journey into a captivating story.


At the core of AutoGrid's ethos lies the belief that every journey should embody a narrative of style and sophistication. Central to this philosophy is the meticulous selection of vehicles, where each car is chosen not merely for its functionality but for its emblematic status and engineering brilliance. From sleek sports cars exuding dynamism to luxurious sedans epitomizing refinement and ultra high-end SUVs exemplifying versatility, every vehicle in AutoGrid's collection is envisioned as a protagonist in the unfolding narrative of its clients' travel experiences.

Commitment To Excellence[edit]

As AutoGrid navigates its trajectory, it remains steadfast in its commitment to forging a legacy defined by elegance and exclusivity. Beyond the mere act of transportation, the company endeavors to orchestrate moments and memories that transcend the ordinary, resonating deeply within the annals of its clients' travels. AutoGrid's vision transcends the functional aspect of travel; it is about elevating the road itself into a canvas for extraordinary moments.

Future Prospects[edit]

AutoGrid extends a cordial invitation to individuals to embark on a journey where every drive unfolds as a chapter in the story of style and sophistication. Embracing the ethos of inclusivity, the company welcomes patrons to partake in a narrative where the journey itself emerges as a tapestry woven with extraordinary moments. With AutoGrid, each road trip promises not only to be an exhilarating experience but also marks the inception of an extraordinary odyssey.

Founder & Management[edit]

At the helm of AutoGrid stands Danesh Jay Jagesh, serving as the Founder and Managing Director. Complemented by a team of visionary directors, including Ryan Huertas, Nikhael Neil, and David Chow, they collectively steer the company towards its mission of redefining luxury travel and crafting indelible memories on the road.