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Baby Parenting Help

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Baby Parenting Help
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Here at Baby Parenting Help, you can find out everything you need to know about being a parent. We want to give you the best articles and advice about family, parenting, how kids grow and learn, and fun things to do with kids.

We are happy parents who have been through pregnancy, childbirth, and all the stages of a child's growth. We want to help new moms and dads become parents by giving them trustworthy resources and real-life experiences.

We hope you like what we make as much as we enjoy making it. Don't be afraid to contact us if you have any questions or thoughts.


Help Raising a Baby

About the Writer (Maryann Lisa - Owner of Baby Parenting Help)

Meet Maryann Lisa

I'm a mum and a licenced occupational therapist for kids with more than 10 years of experience. My name is Maryann Lisa. I really want to help parents find real answers to all their feeding and sensory problems.

I've helped tens of thousands of families all over the world, and I've also faced the same problems with my own kids at home.

I know how hard it is to get dinner on the table, have a baby who won't eat, or have a child who won't wear jeans. I GET IT!

Feeding and dealing with their senses are important parts of our kids' lives. Getting to know them and knowing how to help them can really change your life and theirs.

I think every parent can feel confident that their child will reach important feeding milestones, such as learning to eat table foods, drink from a straw, and use a spoon.

I also think all parents can enjoy family meals and deal with picky eaters in a stress-free way.

I also think that sensory processing doesn't have to be hard and confusing. Instead, I think it can be understood and used to help more children than most people think.

I know that this can only be done through education, which is why I started Your Kid's Table. I really want to train parents like you so that we can start to change the way parents help their kids eat and do sensory activities.

That doesn't seem like too much, does it? I hope not, because the time has come!


The next best thing to spending time with my family is reading a good book. Most of the time, you'll find me in jeans. I live in them, unless it's a hot, humid summer day in Pittsburgh, where I was born, grew up, and still live.

I'm a big fan of Trader Joe's and sometimes get a tall coconut milk latte at Starbucks, but I drink herbal tea all day, every day.

My friends will tell you I like to talk a lot. A lot. And in detail… Does that come through?

My husband is pretty great. Part of what makes him so great is that he is very good at making things. I like art and design, so we're always making something ourselves. Before I decided to become an OT, I had always wanted to be an artist, and I'm glad I did.

I'm always trying to make sure I slow down enough to remember that these are the days because of my kids.