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Bad Boy Running Podcast

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The Bad Boy Running (BBR) Podcast first aired on September 1st 2015[1] and has now run to over 150 episodes[2]. It began with co-presenters David Hellard and Jody Raynsford, and the intention was to talk about their love for running, the races they've run, and their experiences and advice, with the aim of encouraging other runners to be more adventurous and ambitious, and also to encourage non-runners to get out there and give it a go. Despite the name 'Bad Boy', the Podcast and Facebook group are both of mixed gender, and to avoid confusion members are referred to as 'Do Badders'.

The podcast has had several guests of renown and interest to the running community, such as Camille Herron[3], Dean Karnazes[4] and Barkley Marathons organiser Lazarus Lake[5][6]. It has covered a range of subjects such as the Marathon Des Sables, the Beer Lovers' Marathon and the Western States ultra.

The "Bad Boy Running Podcast Facebook Group" was begun to allow listeners to interact with the presenters and discuss content and request future content. The Facebook group has grown into an independent community of over 2000 members[7] from around the UK and internationally. The Bad Boy Running ethos is that running should be fun, should be accessible to all ages and levels of ability, that more experienced runners should help and encourage newcomers, and that too serious an attitude should be treated with good-natured mocking, and possibly a beer.

The Bad Boy Running podcast is a free service and the group is free to join. Running costs are covered by sale of BBR-brand merchandise.

The podcast has given live shows at the Love Trails festival[8] and National Running Show[9] and was rated the #1 running podcast to run to by Runner's World[10] (4th overall podcast.)

The Podcast[edit]

The Bad Boy Running Podcast has aired 114 episodes so far (though it has yet to officially declare and number its '100th Episode'. With a new episode every 2-3 weeks (on average) the podcast has covered a wide range of running-related topics. These have included well-known, and less-well-known, big races around the world; charities, mental health, race nutrition, kit and gear, training styles, online journalism, OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) and many more.

The podcast was initially presented by serial marathoner David Hellard and ultra-runner Jody Raynsford. In 2018 a third co-presenter joined the podcast, adventure-runner Allie Bailey. Guest speakers and interviewees have included Jonathan Albon, Huw Brassington, Susie Chan and Lazarus Lake.

The podcast is free, and can be found on Spotify [1], iTunes [2] and Stitcher [3].

The Facebook Group[edit]

The Bad Boy Running community has a little over 2000 members, primarily from the UK. Discussion of the podcast content is one of the main topics of conversation. As well as this, members post about their recent or upcoming races, ask for help and advice with training, share funny stories, and generally encourage new and existing members to get involved in running as well as in the community.

Bad Boy Running hosts its own events sporadically through the year, usually involving some combination or running and drinking (though consumption of alcohol is not mandatory). The majority of these events are in the London area, where a large concentration of members reside, though are occurring in the South West of England, again due to a large number of members in the area.

The Facebook group can be found here: [4]

Out In The World[edit]

Do Badders who don't know each other recognise one another by their distinctive red BBR vests and tshirts, and greet one another with a friendly shout of '"FYB"', or (if there are no children present) the full version '"Fuck You Buddy"'. This is jointly a way of saying 'Hello!' while also giving sincere encouragement, but without having to actually say something pleasant or complimentary. It is common for Do Badders to prearrange running together on races, in training, pacing one another, as well as getting together for a face-to-face catch-up and a beer. Despite the general appearance of not taking races very seriously, Do Badders pride themselves on being quick to help others, especially mid-race when it becomes clear that another runner is having a kit-malfunction, has suffered an injury, or is basically having a bad time of it.

The Bad Boy Running podcast and community exhibited at the National Running Show in Birmingham [5], where the presenters gave talks at the conference and exhibition, and members travelled to the show to meet in person the people they had been listening to for years.

Other Running Organisations[edit]

Many members of Bad Boy Running are also involved with other running clubs/groups, and some are race directors themselves. BBR has particularly good relationships with White Star Running [6], Rat Race (for whom BBR co-presenter Allie Bailey is an Ambassador) [7] and several chapters of the Hash House Harriers Hash House Harriers.

In-jokes and Lexicon[edit]

Unsurprisingly a podcast and Facebook group which have been running for several years have picked up a lot of jokes and phrases which make little sense to the uninitiated. There are episodes of the podcast dedicated to helping new members catch-up with all the extant phrasiology. Some of the most common in-jokes are as follows:

At the end of a race, a Do Badder should perform press-ups on the finish line. A Do Badder should always greet another with '"FYB"'. Cyclists/Cycling should be referred to as 'Cheats/Cheating'. Every race should be begun with the mindset, "PB or DNF" (which stands for Personal Best or Did Not Finish, as might be marked on one's race report). This is in effect a rephrasing of "Go Hard or Go Home". The only thing better than DNF is DNS (Did Not Start). The only thing better than DNS is DFL (Drank Fucking Loads). Getting drunk the night before a race and beginning race day with several cups of strong coffee is guaranteed to secure you a PB. This is known as the Banks Method.


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