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Baling Wire Direct

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Baling Wire Direct is an American manufacturing company of wire products for packaging, recycling, and agricultural applications and an online resource for companies to buy baling wire.[1][2][3] The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Denver, CO.

Companies including General Mills, Pepsi, Safeway, and United States Postal Service make up the company’s clientele. They sell over 100 million pounds of products in a year,[4][5] specializing in Galvanized Single Loop Bale Ties, Hi-Ten Galvanized Stem Wire, Black Annealed Box Wire, and Hi-Ten Black Annealed Carrier Wire.[6] Each of these products meets the ASTM standards for the market they are made to serve.[7]


Baling Wire Direct was founded by two entrepreneurs in 2015 from a napkin sketch. They started out with serving locally in the Rocky Mountains with all USA production, fast delivery, and cost-effective prices.[8] Baling Wire Direct was made national in 2016.[9] They currently have two trademarks registered for ''.[7]

The company has a large clientele and serves multinationals such as Ford Motors, Safeway, Pepsi, United States Postal Service, General Mills, Toyota, Nordstrom, Whirlpool, Sherwin-Williams, BOSE, FedEx, Kroger, and Hanes.[7][10][11][12][13] They specialize in cardboard baling wire, recycling baling wire, auto-tie baler wire, two ram baler wire, and e-waste baling wire.[14]

Mission and Values[edit]

The mission statement of the company is, “To empower our customers and employees to make smarter and faster decisions through real-time data, transparent production and product specifications, and an obsession with quality”.[4][6]

The values include:

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Simplicity
  • Partnership
  • Respect
  • Exceeding Expectations [6]