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Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow

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Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow
Directed byWilliam Lau
Produced byMainframe Entertainment
StarringKelly Sheridan
Lee Tockar
Kathleen Barr
Christopher Gaze
Tabitha St. Germain
Venus Terzo
Andrew Francis
Sharon Alexander
Peter New
Nancy Sorel
Saffron Henderson
Andrea Libman
Lalainia Lindbjerg
Alistair Abell
Cathy Weseluck
Mainframe Entertainment
Mattel Entertainment
Release date
  • March 13, 2007 (2007-03-13)
Running time
75 minutes

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Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow is a 2007 computer-animated film directed by William Lau and produced by Mainframe Entertainment and Mattel Entertainment. It is the direct sequel to Barbie: Mermaidia, and is the third film in the Barbie: Fairytopia series. The plot focuses on a fairy named Elina, who is chosen, along with six other fairies, to learn how to perform the Flight of Spring, a magical ritual that brings spring to Fairytopia.[1] A children's book adaptation of the film was also released in 2007.[2]


Elina is visited by the guardian fairy Azura, who tells Elina that each of the seven guardian fairies has chosen an apprentice to learn the Flight of Spring. Azura asks Elina to be her apprentice, and Elina accepts. Unbeknownst to the two of them, one of Laverna's Fungi, Fungus Maximus (or Max), overhears their conversation. Laverna, who has been transformed into a toad because of the events of the previous movie, orders Max to follow Elina.

Elina and Bibble travel to the Crystal Palace, where Elina will be learning the Flight of Spring. On the way, Elina meets Linden, another apprentice who is Oread that can understand the languages of other animals. He tells Elina that the other apprentices seem friendly, reassuring Elina. When she reaches the dorms, she can't figure out which one is hers. She follows Bibble into one, accidentally barging in on two apprentices: Lumina, a moon fairy, telling Shimmer, a pixie fairy, her future. Lumina is distracted by Elina's entrance, and tells Elina that she sees terror, tragedy, and doom in Elina's future. Shimmer, angered by Elina's interruption, kicks her and Bibble out of the dorm room. Elina then meets Faban, an extremely vain fairy who ignores everything she says. She tries to get help from Sunburst, a sparkle fairy, but Sunburst takes an immediate disliking to Elina and refuses to help her. Glee, a flower fairy like Elina, introduces herself and helps Elina find her dorm. Bibble meets Glee's puffball, Dizzle, and the two immediately become friends. After all the apprentices go to bed, Max reports back to Laverna, who tells him to return to the Bog of the Hinterlands.

The next morning, the guardians meet the apprentices. Azura explains that the Flight of Spring is an annual ritual that releases a magical rainbow, giving Fairytopia another year of vitality. She explains the ritual. Magic is used to extract light from water to create the chamber the ritual takes place in, then the guardians perform flance (a combination of flight and dance), and then through luminescence, light energy is channeled into the Blush to release the first rainbow of spring. She also warns them of the consequences if the Flight is performed incorrectly; the Blush will wither, and the land will be doomed to ten years of bitter winter. Azura then gives the apprentices their class schedules and wishes them good luck.

Elina has a magic class first with Glee, Shimmer, Sunburst, and Linden. Guardian fairy Tourmaline teaches the five to separate light from water, and asks Sunburst, his apprentice, to demonstrate. He then asks Elina to try. Elina separates light from water more successfully than Sunburst, but loses control. Sunburst tells Elina that sparkle fairies lose their powers if they touch water, and to stop her magic. When Elina can't, Tourmaline swoops in. He tells Elina she has control issues, but her technique is impressive. Afterwards, Elina learns flance with guardian fairy Topaz. Elina does very well, but Sunburst isn't impressed and Faban calls her a show-off. At night, Elina and Sunburst learn luminescence with Azura. Azura asks Elina to try to cast her inner light onto a flower, but Elina loses control and accidentally casts it upon Sunburst, who turns blue. Infuriated, Sunburst retaliates by turning Elina orange. Azura separates the two fairies, and uses a spell to reverse the effects of the luminescence. Meanwhile, Laverna decides to leave the Bogs. Although she will become a mere toad once this happens, she is confident that a fairy spell will revert her back to her usual form.

Elina tells Linden her troubles with Sunburst, and confesses that she thinks Azura made a mistake in picking her. Linden reassures her, saying that she is the most talented apprentice. The two come across a limping toad. The toad tells Linden that it is from the Bogs, and it was cursed by an exiled fairy witch. The curse can only be broken by a fairy Undoing Spell. Elina, remembering the spell Azura used the night before, uses it on the toad. The toad transforms into Laverna, who flies away. In a clearing nearby, Sunburst is playing with a magic ball with Shimmer and Faban. The ball flies away, and Sunburst goes to retrieve it. She is kidnapped by Laverna, who takes on her appearance and rejoins the other apprentices. Elina and Linden find Azura and Tourmaline, and tell them that Laverna has escaped. Tourmaline doubts Elina, but Azura trusts her and decides to heighten security around the area. Azura tells the apprentices that they will have a patrol at night, and that Elina and Sunburst are the first watch. Laverna, still in the form of Sunburst, calls Max, and tells him to return to Fairytopia.

When Elina returns from her patrol, she finds a letter from Laverna, telling her to meet Laverna in the Rustic Forest. She waits, but Laverna doesn't show up. Instead, Linden, Bibble, and Dizzle arrive and tell Elina that something happened to Azura. Elina returns to find Azura, and the other guardians, in deep sleep. They have been poisoned by toad venom. The apprentices are at a loss, and unsure what to do about the Flight of Spring. The Enchantress arrives, and informs the apprentices that they will be performing the Flight of Spring instead of the guardians. She personally trains the apprentices for the next two days.

After two days of training, the apprentices arrive at the Crystal Courtyard, home of the Blush of Spring. The apprentices begin the Flight of Spring, and they successfully separate light from water and create the ritual chamber. They begin to perform flance, and Laverna, still in the body of Sunburst, reveals to Elina that she isn't Sunburst. Elina flies off to find the real Sunburst while the other apprentices (and Laverna) continue the Flight of Spring. She finds Sunburst trapped underwater, and frees Sunburst. The pair return to the Crystal Palace, where the other apprentices have finished performing flance and have moved onto the luminescence stage.

Seeing the real Sunburst, Laverna transforms back into herself and threatens to destroy the Blush of Spring. She tells the Enchantress to enter a spell chamber, where all the Enchantress's powers will be useless, and to abdicate the throne of Fairytopia. The Enchantress agrees, but Laverna decides to destroy the Blush anyways. Elina steps between Laverna and the Blush, stopping Laverna's magic, but she is too weak. She calls out to the other apprentices for help. They cast luminescence on Elina, strengthening her and changing the appearance of her dress and wings. Elina casts her own luminescence onto Laverna, destroying her.

Just when the apprentices begin celebrating, storm clouds appear overhead, and snow begins to fall. Elina and the other apprentices flance and use their luminescence, bringing the Blush back to life. It releases a cloud of butterflies, and then the first rainbow of spring, banishing the clouds. Fairytopia is saved. The Enchantress thanks all of the apprentices, telling them that they have graduated, and Elina flies back home with Bibble.[3]


As the movie was animated, all of these actors are voice actors.

  • Kelly Sheridan as Elina
  • Lee Tockar as Bibble, Fungus #1, and Fungus #2
  • Kathleen Barr as Laverna
  • Christopher Gaze as Fungus Maximus
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Dandelion and Topaz
  • Venus Terzo as Azura and Pixie #1
  • Andrew Francis as Linden
  • Sharon Alexander as Sunburst
  • Peter New as Tourmaline
  • Nancy Sorel as the Enchantress
  • Saffron Henderson as Lumina
  • Andrea Libman as Shimmer and Pixie #2
  • Lalainia Lindbjerg as Glee
  • Alistair Abell as Faban
  • Cathy Weseluck as Dizzle[1]


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