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Bill Starkey

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Bill Starkey, CEO - Montgomery, TX

A resident of Montgomery, Texas, Bill Starkey led Starkey Construction as CEO for more than three decades. In this capacity, he handled the optimization of operations and maintenance at the Waxahachie-based company. Dedicated to resource efficiency, he promoted waste reduction programs at the company, along with materials efficiency, water efficiency, and energy efficiency measures. Montgomery’s Bill Starkey is a firm believer in the importance of sustainable construction, and often employs indoor environmental quality enhancement in the structural design of projects.

Through his business, Bill Starkey predominantly handled the construction of schools, churches, and hospitals. He and his team also built high-end, custom residential homes. When it came to these projects, Mr. Starkey adhered to the idea that quality was as important as quantity. In his mind, a property that is not constructed well and lacks premium materials is not a high-end home, regardless of whether it has a large amount of rooms or not.

Along this same vein, Mr. Starkey recognized that small details set custom homes apart from the standard cookie-cutter houses in suburban developments. These details can be unique designs or features of a home that showcase the homeowner’s personal taste, or they can be facets of different architectural styles that give the home a truly custom feel.