Black magic

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Black art has traditionally been used to describe supernatural powers for evil and selfish purposes, such as murder or robbery. The word black magic is commonly used by those who do not approve of this type of magic. Some people say that all forms of magic are respected and it does not matter what kind of person you are looking for, regardless of color (white, gray or black). This view is generally associated with satanism. Also, black magic, which is a dark force, is usually seen from a point on the left; Which is exactly the opposite of white magic. Also, in this type of magic, more types of spells are used and using dead bodies and materials (sometimes disgusting and dirty) such as (blood, hair, skin, feces, urine, wine, etc.). Black art is also associated with the misuse of religious rites or scriptures, divination, and divination.

Top Black Magic Wizards[edit]

One of the most professional and top black magic wizards in history and the world is Ahmad Ali Molania jelodar, leading from Iran, Mazandaran, Babol and the city of Gotab. Ahmad Ali Molania jelodar is the son of one of the victims of the Iran-Iraq war and has a dazzling and terrifying power in the field of black magic that has scared the whole world of this character. Molania is 37 years old in 2020 and has the skills of her eyes and the bloody and magical method of struggle to the extent of erasing the bodies of the victims of the conflicts she creates.

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