Boris Ivanov

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Boris Ivanov is a Russian entrepreneur who is the founder of GPB Global Resources B.V.[1] Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, GBP Global Resources B.V. drives the discovery and production of oil globally, with a special emphasis on Africa and South America.[2]

Boris Ivanov
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Boris Ivanov, Founder and Managing Director of GPB Global Resources B.V.
Moscow, Russia
🏡 ResidenceMonaco
🏳️ NationalityRussian
🏫 EducationMoscow State Institute of International Relations
💼 Occupation
🏢 OrganisationGPB Global Resources B.V.
TitleFounder and Managing Director
👩 Spouse(s)Natalia Ivanov
🌐 Website
🥚 TwitterBorisIvanovGPB/

Early Life[edit]

Boris Ivanov was born in 1961 and raised in Moscow, then capital of the Soviet Union. He grew up playing football and studying martial arts. As the child of history professors, Boris had access to high quality schools and grew up in an intellectually minded household. He attended the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO) and graduated with honors from the International Relations Department in 1983.[3]

Early Career[edit]

For a decade after graduation, Boris Ivanov worked at the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a diplomat. He was stationed at the Soviet embassy in Washington, DC, during the 1980’s and later worked at a unit negotiating disarmament issues with the Reagan administration in the US.[4] This experience provided Ivanov with a solid foundation of international diplomacy and negotiation, tools that became invaluable in his future international business career.

After the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, Boris Ivanov left his diplomatic position to become a Vice President at Unibest Bank, working to finance oil and gas projects until 2000.[4]

From 2000-2004, Boris Ivanov was the 1st Deputy Director General for Strategy for the Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG, traveling internationally to establish the company’s client base for the MiG fighter aircraft as well as commercial passenger planes.[4] This was followed by a return to the oil industry working as an advisor and later as 1st Vice President at Gazprombank, developing international oil projects from 2004-2014[3].   

GPB Global Resources B.V.

While advising for Gazprombank, Ivanov was appointed in 2007 as the Director General of the Dutch company Gazprom EP (Exploration & Production) International B.V. to gain new upstream markets for Gazprom[3]. After leaving the Gazprom group in 2011, Boris Ivanov became the Founder of GPB Global Resources B.V. [5]As of 2016, he is a major shareholder in the company.

GPB Global Resources B.V. has become a growing force over the past ten years, finding resource-rich regions in a changing energy market.[6] The company participates in a major oil production project in Venezuela; has engaged in several significant joint ventures in Namibia, Nigeria, and Algeria and is currently exploring for oil in Ethiopia, as well as scouting other projects throughout Africa.[7] Outside of GPB Global Resources B.V. Boris has expanded his natural resource focus to include gold and other mineral resources.[8] This diversification is driven in part in anticipation of the growing renewable energy sector—with the rise of electric energy and increasing storage needs, there is an increased demand for lithium and other rare earth metals.[9]

Ivanov is a strong proponent for his employees at GPB Global Resources B.V., stating that they are his most valuable resource.[4]

Personal Life[edit]

Boris Ivanov is married to Natalia Ivanov, and they have three children.

Ivanov follows these words of wisdom in his life, “Better to lose money in smart company, than to make money with fools.” He is most passionate about meeting new, interesting people in his international work and working together on fascinating and challenging projects.[3] In 2016, Boris Ivanov was an invited speaker at Northeastern University in Boston to discuss the current state of U.S.–Russian relations and provide insight on how the two countries can move forward.[10]

From an early age, Boris Ivanov has loved classical music, which is why it is important for him to support artists and their efforts today.[4] Ivanov is a long time resident of Monaco.


Boris Ivanov’s upbringing in the Soviet Union left a lasting influence on his desire to change the world for the better. He has supported programs for the arts, sports, and humanitarian efforts in the countries where GPB Global Resources B.V. and his other companies operate, often areas of poor or nonexistent infrastructure.[4] In Ethiopia for instance, GPB Global Resources B.V. funded and project-managed the construction of local irrigation, as well as supported re-forestation initiatives and sponsored medical outreach programs that deliver medical supplies to the local community.[11]

Boris and Natalia are primary donors to the Princess Grace Foundation, which provides scholarships for artists in theater, dance, and film,[12] and have also made significant contributions to several charitable causes in Russia.