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Bossa Hearing

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Bossa Hearing
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IndustryHearing aids
Founded 📆2021
Founder 👔
Headquarters 🏙️Scottsdale, AZ
Area served 🗺️
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Bossa Hearing is an American hearing aid manufacturer founded in 2021 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is known for manufacturing rechargeable hearing aids such as the TX-5 Mini and the ProTon Max.


Bossa Hearing was founded by a woman named Kathy in 2021.[1] The company designs its hearing aid products to be lower-priced than all major competitors and affordable for everyone living in the United States.[1] The company currently has a staff of 15 employees. Its office building is at 15953 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite A, Scottsdale AZ.


Bossa Hearing’s flagship product is the TX-5 Mini, which retails for $89.[1][2] The TX-5 Mini’s features include 2023 X5 microchip technology, which includes built-in tinnitus management and background noise elimination.[1] The TX-5 Mini also comes with a portable charging case that provides more than 35 hours of use per charge.[1] The TX-5 Mini is the successor to Bossa Hearing’s original TX-1 product and is 30% smaller than the TX-1.[1]

Bossa Hearing also sells the ProTon Max, an all-digital hearing aid that is a bit more expensive at $247.[3] Because of the ProTon Max’s advanced digital technology, ProTon Max users have access to clear sound, less background noise, and different settings for the best results in different situations and environments.[3] Similarly to the TX-5 Mini, the ProTon Max comes with a portable charging case that provides 35+ hours of use, but the key difference is that the ProTon Max’s charging case comes with LED battery indicators that signify how much battery charge each individual hearing aid has.[3]

Bossa Hearing also sells accessories for its hearing aid products, including TX-5 charging kits, a TX-5 accessory pack with a screwdriver and brush for cleaning and replacing parts, an ear cleaner, and a wax guard kit for TX-5 users.[4] The company also sells all of these accessories for TX-1 users, although production of the TX-1 has been discontinued.[4] In December 2023, the company launched Bossa Hearing Aids Reviews at which features reviews from their clients.

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