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C.J. Miller

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Craig Joseph Miller, (Born: August 15, 2002) better known as C.J. Miller, is an American rock musician who is the drummer for the up and coming Pop-Punk band Farmer Shire.

C.J. Miller
Native nameCraig Joseph Miller
🏡 ResidenceUSA
🏳️ NationalityAmerican
🏫 EducationShenendehowa High School
💼 Occupation
Drummer for Pop-Punk band Farmer Shire
📆 Years active  2020-present
Known fordrummer for Farmer Shire
🏡 Home townClifton Park, NY
🥚 TwitterTwitter=
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Early Life[edit]

C.J. Miller was born on August 15th 2002 to Karin Miller, a retired flight attendant at American Airlines, and Donald Miller, who works in the beer industry. Miller has 5 siblings, including a twin brother who has Autism. Miller experience in life in the town of Clifton Park, NY where he was struggling early on. Most of his grandparents died when he was 3 years old. and couldn't speak until he was 5. when he was old enough, he made a best friend named Rylee, and fit in like the kids in his age. Miller music experience has been there all his life. He first came into public attention 2012 when his Mom's submitted a contest for the Top Teacher that the daytime talk show Live was doing. He was giving a interview at his twin brother's elementary school (both went to the same school district), couple days later, that teacher eventually won the contest. During the late-10's While his friends are listening to Trap rappers and Pop heartthrobs, He is listening to Pop-Punk, Post-grunge, and alt rock bands, the kind of music that fit for his generation. One of his first Music concerts he ever attended was for a rock-n-roll children group in 2007. In 2018, he went to see the band Everclear, and got the chance to see the band members.


C.J. Miller was the mind behind the band Farmer Shire. He has been Drumming for 3 years, and was struggling to form a rock band during his time at Shenendehowa High School. Every time he put a Musician wanted note at the School. nobody listen. The look for the band was inspired by the 2000s pop-punk music scene, late-2000s Emo album designs and one of Miller's favorite animated show Corn & Peg. He asked his mom's cousin Annika Orr, who lives in the west coast to be the co-lead singer to the band, and has a similar taste of music as he was. He then asked one of his older brother's friends, Chelsea Keefe, who was also a high school sweetheart to the lead singer of the local pop-punk band State Champs, had little guitar experience, and worked at a chemical plant. Miller got the inspiration for the band's name from a character on Corn & Peg that is played by Katie Griffin, one of his biggest inspirations in music.


He has influenced very early by alt-rock bands like Live, Fuel, Dishwalla, Weezer, Gin Blossoms, Greenwheel, Stir and one of Miller's all time musicial hero Juliana Hatfield. He later listened to bands like Home Grown, Steirogram, Halifax, Dynamite Boy, Cartel, Just Surrender, The Starting Line, Stellate, Midtown, Katie Griffin and Sugarcult. One of Miller's favorite song was The Best Of Me by The Starting Line.

Personal Life[edit]

He is still living in Clifton Park, NY