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Carmine Rosato Family

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Carmine Rosato Family
TitleCarmine Rosato family

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The Carmine Rosato family (1957–1959) was a fictional New York City mafia family from the video game The Godfather II. The family was headed by Carmine Rosato, known as one of the Rosato brothers. Their territory was in the Bronx. Their businesses were prostitution, drugs, and fronts. They were allies with the Tony Rosato family and Hyman Roth, and were rivals with the Corleone family.

The game's characters are loosely based upon the Rosato brothers from the film The Godfather Part II (who in turn were based on the Gallo Brothers). As in the video game, the movie Rosatos are allied with Hyman Roth and are enemies of the Corleone Family and particularly, Corleone New York caporegime Frank Pentangeli, whom they ambush and attempt to assassinate. Tony Rosato was played in the film by Danny Aiello, who ad-libbed his famous line "Michael Corleone says hello" to Pentangeli while he was trying to kill him.

Forming the gang (Corleone): 1955–1957[edit]

As soon as Carmine joined Peter Clemenza's organization for the Corleone family in 1955 as caporegime, Carmine began to gather up his army of enforcers and soldiers. He first associated with future underboss Norman Rossi and became partners. Carmine gave him the nickname, "General." Rossi had also brought future caporegime Franklin Credi into Carmine's gang. Carmine also realized that he could be making a lot of money with Franklin gambling at a game of craps. Then in 1957, Carmine was promised by Clemenza three territories in the Bronx. Then Clemenza died of a heart attack. The territories weren't given to Carmine and Tony because Clemenza's successor Frank Pentangeli hated them, thought they were running their businesses like a disgrace, were greedy over the territories, and were responsible for Clemenza's death. Carmine and his gang and Tony split from the Corleone family.

Carmine Rosato family begins: 1957[edit]

Tony went to form his family apart from Carmine's. Carmine made Norman his underboss. Norman made Franklin the caporegime. Carmine bought his compound from the money he made with his businesses and with the gambling money that Franklin won from playing craps. Carmine gave Franklin the nickname "Craps". One day when Carmine went to take over the rest of the businesses in the Bronx, a man tried to mug Carmine with a butterrfly knife, but Norman and Franklin saved Carmine. Then Carmine lets the mugger join his family as an enforcer. The man's name was Clyde Lando. Carmine gave him the nickname "Butterfly." On that same day, Clyde tells Carmine that he has to go find his associate because he's been on the run from the FBI and from the police ever since he was sixteen for robbing a bank. The four men go to Triboro Park to find Clyde's friend running from police cars. Carmine picks up Clyde's friend and drive away back to his compound. Carmine gave Jimmy the nickname "Rabbit". Carmine asked the two men if they wanted to be mademen in his family. The two men accepted the offer and became enforcers. Carmine's half of the family was complete. Tony finished his half of the family right after. The Rosato family was complete with one half stronger than the other.

The family divides: 1958[edit]

Carmine and Tony split the family in half. As Tony joins the Miami Organization, Carmine runs the family in New York. Carmine has his men take over the rest of Tony's businesses in New York City.

Carmine Rosato fights Dominic: 1959[edit]

Dominic takes over Sweet Life Bakery, which angers Carmine and is given the message that Dominic and the Corleones are trying to take over. Then when Dominic attacks the Appliance King, Carmine sends out Jimmy and his men to go stop Dominic from taking another business. When Jimmy arrives, Dominic already took over the Appliance King and kills Jimmy's guards. Then Jimmy hears sirens coming their way, and gets in his car and drives away, but Dominic chased after him. Jimmy went back to his hangout at Spicher Waterfront to see if he can kill Dominic, but Dominic ended fighting Jimmy and then Dominic threw Jimmy Guidalatto into the East River sending Carmine a message to not send more mademen to stop Domininc. Then Carmine sent Clyde out to the Empire Room to make sure Dominic is stopped, but Dominic wasn't stopped when he arrived there and ran over Clyde Lando with his car when he came from around the corner. Dominic took over the Empire Room and thought killing Clyde was another message to Carmine. Then Carmine's crime ring was broken when Dominic took over La Maison Rouge. Then Carmine sent Norman and his men to attack Sweet Life Bakery. After Dominic had taken over Carmine's drug businesses, he stopped Carmine's men from attacking, but Norman got away in his car and Dominic went to his safehouse. Then Dominic went and strangled the life out of Franklin Credi at his hangout to send Carmine a message.

The truce[edit]

Carmine then realized that he could kill Dominic and Frank Pentangeli if he could trick them into trying to make a truce. Carmine calls Tony that a hit will be made on Frank and Dominic's lives at Richie's Tavern. He tells Tony to kill Pentangeli and Norman will kill Dominic. So Carmine calls Dominic and Frank about making a truce. So Frank and Dominic go to Richie's Tavern and meet Carmine. Then after the truce was made, Tony and Norman begin strangling the two Corleone men with garrote wires. Then a policeman comes in to see Dominic being strangled. Then Carmine shooves the policeman to the ground and escapes. Tony and Norman come running out after him and also escape. Dominic takes over Richie's Tavern and narrowly escapes the police on the rooftops of the apartments.

Carmine Rosato's end[edit]

Carmine and Norman talk about putting out a hit on Dominic and Michael, but it's not long before Dominic and his men break into his compound. Carmine orders all of his guards to kill Dominic and to make sure he doesn't set foot into the mansion, but the guards outside of the mansion were all killed and Dominic and his men infiltrated the mansion and killed every soldier there. As Dominic is walking through Carmine's bedroom, Norman shoots Dominic in the shoulder and jumps out at Dominic and gets into a fist fight. Then Dominic shoots Norman is the thigh with a magnum. Norman then runs back into Carmine office through the hallway. Dominic ends up finding a .44 Magnum in the hallway and hides it. Dominic enters the office and sees Carmine Rosato and Norman Rossi standing their looking at Dominic. Dominic throws his magnum towards Carmine since Norman had his pistol pointed at Dominic and Carmine taunts Dominic. Then as Dominic sees that Norman was about to shoot him, Dominic pulls out his pistol and shoots Norman in the leg again and executes him Norman Rossi with a pistol. Then Dominic grabs Carmine and taunts him. Carmine says his last words to Dominic and the two men begin fist fighting. Carmine pushed Dominic away from him, he grabs Dominic's old magnum and turns to shoot Dominic, but Dominic took out his .44 Magnum and shot Carmine Rosato in between the eyes as a headshot. Then Dominic's men blew up the compound and Carmine Rosato and his half of the family was eliminated.


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